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Chris Wilson

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The Akashic Records, the ancient library of the soul, is getting a twenty-first century make over. They are not just a repository of past life information but a portal to the quantum energy that is shaking up our planet.

With the power of intention, the Fifth Dimensional energy of the Akashic Records can be used for emotional and physical healing as well as manifestation. The quantum energy of the Records has special attributes that can create miracles in our lives.

A powerful ascension tool as we move from the Third to the Fifth Dimension, the Akashic Records can help us to:

  • See and understand the bigger picture of what is happening on our planet and to rise above the fear and uncertainty.
  • Assist us to release the imprints of fear, trauma, limiting beliefs and current and past life programming for ourselves and for our families.
  • Raise our vibration and unlock our non-coding DNA which holds glorious potentials for the future of humanity.
  • Connect us to the truth and integrity of our soul and to live a soul-centered life.

With the help of the Akashic Records we can move individually and collectively beyond suffering forever.

In this Mastery Empowerment Course, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize the Akashic Records so you can navigate these challenging times with ease, grace and joy.

  • Utilize the Akashic Records for clearing and releasing of all that no longer serves.

  • Connect with soul aspects of yourself that can help you now.

Akashic Magic #1 – Soul Magic

Digital Format:  Five audio recordings and an 18 page workbook.

Length of Program: 102.09 minutes. Takes from 3-5 hours to complete.

Akashic Magic #1 - Soul Magic


2 Payment Option Available

Soul Magic E Course

Step into your soul magnificence with the help of the magical energy of the Akashic Records!

This course will help you to:

  • Heal from current and past life trauma.
  • Merge with the beauty and magnificence of your soul.
  • Bring in higher aspects of your soul that can help you to transform your life and to fulfil your soul mission.
  • Gain clarity, find joy and step into your mastery.

Step into your Mastery with Chris Wilson, author, teacher and healer.

In this E Course you will:

  • Benefit from the healing, Fifth Dimensional energy of your Akashic Record which will be open as you listen to the audio recordings.
  • Form a partnership with your Higher Self who will take care of any challenges you face.
  • Integrate soul pieces that have split off through trauma in this life and in others.
  • Connect with a ‘dream team’ of past (and possibly) parallel and future life selves who will inspire you and help make your dreams a reality.
  • Be guided to connect with the majesty and power of your multidimensional self.

Session 1: Opening up to Your Soul self

Introduction to your Higher Self and the opportunity to make peace with your Lower Self. Identifying the ways your Higher Self can help you in your life right now.

Audio 1: Meeting your Soul self: In this powerful guided visualization you will be taken on a walk in the New Zealand bush so you can connect with the truth and magnificence of your soul self.

Audio 2: Becoming my Higher Self: In this audio you will connect with the majesty of your Higher Self and enlist its help with current issues in your life. You will be guided to make peace with your Lower Self and to create a partnership with your Higher Self so you can move forward rapidly and with confidence.

Session 2: Soul Integration

Integrating and reclaiming soul aspects that have been lost through trauma in this life and others.

Audio 3: Soul Integration: In this powerful audio you will reclaim lost soul pieces that have split off through trauma during your soul journey on Earth. You will welcome home your Inner Child and be guided through a soul retrieval process.

Session 3: Creating my Dream Team

With the help of your Higher Self you will gain clarity about your soul mission and identify qualities, abilities and other factors that will help you to fulfil it.

Audio 4: Creating my Dream Team: In this powerful audio you will meet the three past, parallel or future life selves who can most help you at this point in your life. Each will have qualities, abilities and wisdom that you can draw on to help you now. You will be guided to ask them for the help you need and to create a team of soul helpers who will assist you in fulfilling your mission.

Session 4: Soul Magic

You will be guided to connect with a benevolent and larger aspect of your soul that exists in other dimensions.

Audio 5: Anchoring a larger piece of your soul

In this powerful audio you will be able to connect with a larger piece of your multidimensional soul that is currently residing elsewhere in the universe or the multiverse. You will begin a process of connecting with and anchoring this soul piece into your physical and energy bodies. At the right time for you this will help you to recognize your true soul magnificence and mastery.

Akashic Magic #2 – The New Me

Digital Format: Three audio recordings and a 19 page workbook.

Length of Program: Recordings 89.05 minutes. Takes 3 -4 ½ hours to complete.

Akashic Magic #2 - The New Me


2 Payment Option Available

The New Me E Course

‘The New Me’ will heal and transform you in Mind, Body and Spirit.

This course will help you to:

  • Let go of emotional baggage for yourself and your family.
  • Make peace with your body and to anchor a new template of health and perfection.
  • Co-create a ‘new you’ by erasing akashic imprints of suffering and connecting with soul gifts and abilities.

In this course you will be guided to:

 Let go of emotional baggage

  • Release the energetic imprints of beliefs, feelings, habits, emotional afflictions and memories that are holding you back.
  • Release the energetic imprints of unhealthy intergenerational family patterns for yourself and your family.

Love and listen to your body

  • Make peace with and to heal your body.
  • Reconnect with the past life origins of your physical conditions.
  • Anchor a new energetic template of health and perfection.

Co-create a ‘New You’

  • Reconnect with past lives where you had gifts and abilities that can help you now.
  • Erase all Akashic imprints of pain and suffering.
  • Meet with the ‘Council of Elders’ to review your life plan and make adjustments you feel are necessary to make your dream a reality and to fulfill your soul mission.


Session 1: Letting Go: Emotional

Identification of beliefs, feelings, habits, emotional blocks and memories that are holding you back and of unhealthy patterns in your family line.

Audio 1: Letting Go: Emotional: This powerful audio will help you to release beliefs, feelings, emotional blocks and memories that are limiting you. You will also be guided to clear the imprints of unhealthy patterns in your family.

Session 2: Letting Go: Physical

  • Understanding of the potentials for physical healing that are being activated in our bodies by the incoming Quantum Energy.
  • Identification of personal physical ailments and conditions and any past life causes.
  • Communicating with and healing the body with words through letter writing and affirmations and in a guided visualization.

Audio 2: Loving and Listening to your body: This powerful audio will assist you to make peace with your body, understand the past life origins of physical conditions and anchor in a new energetic template of health and perfection.

Session 3: The New Me: Transformation

  • Identification of gifts and abilities from this life and past lives that you want to retain.
  • Identification and expression of your dream and highest plan for your life.

Audio 3: The New Me: Transformation: This powerful audio will help you to: reconnect with past lives where you had qualities and abilities that can help you now, erase all Akashic imprints of pain and suffering, connect with the energy of your dream so you can move forward rapidly with your mission in this lifetime, review your life plan with the Council of Elders and make adjustments so your dream can become a reality

Akashic Magic #3 – Manifestation Magic

Digital Format : Four audio recordings and a 15 page workbook.

Length of Program: Recordings 55.27 minutes. Takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Akashic Magic #3 - Manifestation Magic


2 Payment Option Available

Manifestation Magic: E Course

‘Manifestation Magic’ will assist you to utilize the powerful energy of the Akashic Records to fulfil your dreams and to manifest your deepest desires.

      This course will help you to:

  • Remove any current and past life blocks to creating abundance.
  • Connect with past life gifts, attributes and experiences that can help you to manifest abundance.
  • Focus on what you want to create and manifest.
  • Access your soul potential.

Manifestation Magic:

Fulfil your dreams and manifest your deepest desires with Chris Wilson author, teacher and healer.

When we are in the energy of the Akashic Records or in any Fifth Dimensional energy it:

  • Raises our vibration.
  • Strengthens our quantum field.
  • Activates the formation of lines of light which come out from the acupressure points in our bodies and form a vortex of energy which is ‘a hothouse for creation and manifestation.’

The Akashic Records give us easy access to this powerful energy which can be used as a tool for transformation.


Session 1: Clearing and Releasing:

Audio 1: Introduction audio.

Identification of personal blocks: Feelings, limiting beliefs, fears and patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck.

Audio 2: Clearing and Releasing: A powerful audio to assist in clearing and releasing the energetic residue of beliefs and fears stored on a sub-conscious level from this life and from others.

Session 2: Mining the Akash

Identification of personal gifts and attributes you would like to have now.

Audio 3: Mining the Akash: A powerful audio to help you to connect and bring in past life gifts, talents and attributes to help you to manifest your dreams.

Session 3: Manifestation Magic

Identification of specific things you would like to experience or create in the next 12 months.

Audio 4: Manifestation Magic: A powerful audio where, within the energy of your Akashic Record and using a stated intention, affirmations and a manifestation mantra, you are guided to co-create with your Higher Self to make your wishes for the coming year a reality.

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What People Have To Say About Chris

I have had the great honour of receiving a reading from Chris Wilson. Chris accesses the Akashic Records and brings through all the right information to support, heal, comfort and uplift you in this lifetime. I gained so much insight, wisdom and reassurance as Chris very lovingly delivered the knowledge I required to better understand the journey of my soul. A reading with Chris is a priceless experience. She revealed to me so many truths, showed me my wings and reminded me how high I can fly. Chris is a pure and clear Channel and I recommend her to all who wish to better understand their life and their soul.


Chris Wilson’s second book continues the theme of her personal journey of mastery of the Akashic Records and its potential in all of our lives. As a reader it catapulted me into a whole new depth of understanding of the Fifth Dimension and the shifts currently taking place on our planet and beyond. The Akashic Records present a doorway to self-love and healing that goes far beyond the individual. Chris Wilson has a beautiful ability to demonstrate its potential from our smallest personal moments to global transitions represented in Fifth Dimensional shifts.

I have a background in Akashic Record study and alongside that I have been searching for in-depth information on humanity’s move from the Third to the Fifth Dimension. If ever there was a book that presents both subjects in perfect collaboration, then this is it. The depth of understanding you gain of both topics was accelerated by Chris’ up-to-date research and immensely enjoyable writing style.

It is clear that Chris is a rare combination of an Akashic Records master, a superb writer, a loving practitioner, refined healer and a damn good mother. May you read this book to absorb the magic of the akashic records in the knowledge you have come to the right place. –


Chris’s course has opened up a space in me that was dormant and longing to be explored. Chris’s teachings, her joy and knowledge from The Akashic Records helped me to remember who I truly am as a soul and essence, in many forms.

Thank you, Chris for sharing your knowledge with the world and beyond. – Love and blessings


I first met Chris Wilson at a Spiritual weekend. The information she told me about myself that day was amazing, I came away on cloud nine, finding it hard to take in, as I have always been told I am no good, and not gifted spiritually.  I enrolled for her course ” How to read your Akashic Records. What a fantastic day! It was very enjoyable and relaxing, given that there was heaps of information. Once again I was amazed. To be told where I came from, why I came back, what special things I can achieve and do, blew me away.

I left the course with a job to do to heal a faulty DNA in my family which I have had the pleasure of doing. About half way through the 7 day healing a young niece was really improving, I hope the rest of the family will follow suit.


About Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband Martin. She is the mother of three adult children. Chris is the author of two books about the Akashic Records, ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records, Understanding our Soul Journey,’ (2015) and ‘Tragic to Magic: Beyond Suffering with the Akashic Records, (2021). Chris has a teaching diploma and coaching qualifications as well as a Master of Arts (Hons) degree in History. Her career has taken her from mainstream secondary schools to prisons, social work, alternative education, public speaking and writing and presenting parenting and spiritual workshops.

Since 2011 she has been working in the Akashic Records, the energetic record of every experience we have ever had as souls on Earth. In client sessions she passes on soul information which:

  • helps them to see the bigger picture of their lives and to understand their soul mission and journey.
  • facilitates soul healing to remove energetic imprints and residue of past and current life trauma which is causing emotional and /or physical pain and holding her clients back.
  • Connects them with their soul and ‘future’ potentials.

Chris has taught many others her simple method for accessing the Records and how to facilitate soul healing with clients in the Level 1, 2 and 3 workshops she holds online and in Australasia.

A common thread in Chris’s working life has been the empowerment of others by promoting self-awareness and acceptance and facilitating healing from within. Since she learned to access the Akashic Records she has been able to take her service work to a new level by helping others to understand their lives from a soul perspective.

Akashic Magic #1 - Soul Magic


Akashic Magic #2 - The New Me


Akashic Magic #3 - Manifestation Magic


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