Mastery Empowerment Course: Tara Mystery School Teachings/Tara Breathwork with Taya Raine2024-03-31T10:20:32-06:00

With Emotional/Trauma Release and Healing Specialist
Taya Raine



Enjoy this Gateway of Resurrection Energies and the coming Wesak Frequencies.  This is a potent time to anchor more light, spiritual energy and consciousness onto the planet.  So enjoy this lesson on Breathwork with Taya Raine, who shares mystery school teachings on Breath for you to learn and experience!

Enjoy this Introduction video with Taya Raine and learn about the power of Tara Breathwork. It's simple and highly effective as it will ignite your light and have you feeling better and better! The practices are powerful, we start out gently and build from there. Also included are many deep spiritual teachings, meditations, tools, and techniques for enlightening expansion! The origin of this breathwork goes back to Lemurian times and we are excited to share with you! We go back to connect with the Family of Light, and how this breathwork has been taught and handed down thru the lineage. This connects us to Oneness, Unity Consciousness.

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Tara Mystery School Teachings/Tara Breathwork

This course leads to teacher training for those interested

Tara Mystery School Teachings/Tara Breathwork


2 Payment Option Available

Starting April 1 – May 15

Every Monday

5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET / 12 am GMT

This transformational course includes weekly live classes with Taya on zoom. We start with a group share, offering participants the opportunity to share a bit of their journey along with Q&A. Taya then speaks about the the coursework, followed by live practice. We utilize the powerful practices of Tara Breath-work, derived from ancient Tibet, Egypt, India, and ultimately Lemuria. We use Buddhist meditation, along with powerful sound work, deeply effective visualization, prayer, sacred earth practices derived from Hawaiian spirituality and Native American practices. such as working with altars, nature,
The combination of all will have you receiving a very holistic practice to carry forward.

  • High Energy
  • Emotional Healing
  • Mental Clarity
  • Spiritual Connectedness


Weekly classes over the six week course
Additional videos from Taya
Email check-ins
Whatsapp group
Opportunity to advance to other levels of Tara Mystery School courses with Taya of which there are a a total of eight
Opportunity for teacher training

About Taya Raine

Taya Raine is the founder of the Tara Mystery School Teachings. She has been a spiritual growth facilitator since 1998. She is the former founder/owner of the Tara Retreat Center on the Big Island. She is also the founder/creator of Maui Journeys, offering extensive retreats on Maui. She is also the owner of the Thrive Healing Center on Maui.

Tara Mystery School Teachings/Tara Breathwork

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