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With Powerful Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, and Sound Healer
Jen Cunnings


Each of us has the capacity to awaken and express our divine energies through what many refer to as Light Language. Allowing your own sound healing and light language to come through envokes a sense of empowerment by having a healing resource that is available anytime!

In this episode, Jen Cunnings shares how her light language came through and how she has been an activator in opening others to their light language. She combines all this with simple sound healing techniques that can easily implemented by anyone willing to play in these energies!

Opening to these gifts creates a greater sense of inner awareness to encourage self-trust. It enables us to stop looking outside of ourselves for validation and guidance. It helps to deepen your connection to your own divine gifts and be the powerful divine sovereign BEing you came here to be. When we allow these amazing gifts to come through, they assist in our ascension journey and supports the consciousness revolution that is happening across the planet.

We will share and play with:

– Awakening your light language so you can express this gift through sound, drawing codes, dancing hands, art or body movements.
– Easy yet powerful sound healing techniques
– Acknowledging your voice and your body as a powerful healing instrument and channel of higher frequencies.
– Receiving a light language activation to open up your healing gifts and clear blocks of fear and doubt.

We hope you will join us to receive an invitation and activation for you to open to your own unique gifts!

Special Offer

Option 1: Sound Healing Alchemy & Light Language Activations

A collection of options that will support you to awaken to your own light language and sound healing. You also have the option to just receive the benefits of sound healing and light language to support you in opening your heart and aligning with an abundance of love and prosperity.

We can use sound to bypass our minds and shift energy at the cellular and DNA level. We can use our voices for sound healing or even awaken our own language of light. We all have the capacity to open and express these beautiful gifts, whether through our voices, our bodies, or in drawing or art. Light language is a universal language of love that can be expressed in many forms. The first option of this package is to join a live and online interactive program for you to awaken and practice the many facets of sound healing and light language.

Item 1: A series of 10 light language meditations to open your heart.
(powerful pre-recorded audio tracks)

This is a special collection of 10 Light Language Meditations to open and awaken your Heart Light!

Activations include:

  1. Setting up your physical body to hold more light.
  2. Release your barriers to receiving love
  3. Open your heart by connecting with the consciousness of earth and the elementals
  4. Embody more of your higher self
  5. Connect and receive energies from the angelic realms
  6. Awaken your magical capacities
  7. Activate your own Light Language
  8. Awaken to your true heart’s desire
  9. Opening to receiving more
  10. Integration of all energies

Item 2: 9 Light Language Activations for Abundance Blessings

A series of 9 light language activations to activate your blessings of abundance. (pre-recorded)

A series of energy transmissions to clear your money blocks and open to the infinite abundant flow of prosperity.

I heard from spirit recently that money is as abundant as sunshine. There may be times we may not perceive it or allow it in (think cloud cover or nighttime). No matter what, the sun is always shining.

We will clear outdated programming and imprints from family to open up space for you to heal and receive all the love and support that is pouring in for you always! This series is to cultivate a loving relationship between you and money. Each recording is infused with powerful light language codes to align you with the true nature of abundance. Make money your best friend and repair any damage to your relationship with abundance.

After I completed the transmissions of these series, I receive in one lump sum $25,000.00! Let’s bring about abundance in all areas of our lives!

Tracks Include:

  1. Cleaning the Slate
  2. Clearing generations, karma, contracts, and more. Recoding Abundance
  3. Clearing clutter and being light
  4. Detaching from outcomes and upgrading manifestating DNA
  5. Harmonic intentions
  6. The gifts of receiving
  7. Gifting and Giving with Gratitude
  8. Flowing and Integration
  9. Bonus: Becoming One with Abundance. A Divine Union

Item 3: Personalized Recorded Light Language Activation
sent as an Audio and Light Encoded Mandala

A 30 minute personalized light language activation infused with an intention of your choosing. You will receive an audio recording along with a mandala that’s aligned to bring your intention to fruition.

Personalized light language activation infused with an intention of your choosing. Included sound recording and image file with light codes.

These customized and multi-layer light codes can be listened to and received visually over and over again to anchor in your intention or align you more fully to your divine aspects. These are created in the highest intention of your unity consciousness and in alignment with pure source love.

Option  2: Name Sound Healing Alchemy: A 5-week online course – Plus Option 1

Sound Healing Alchemy: A 5-week online course – Starts 6/14/21


One of the most powerful healing instruments is your voice! This course is live and interactive, as well as supported by resources and content in an online learning platform. You will be connected in a supportive community and led by Jen Cunnings through various activations and exercises to awaken your voice, your sound, and your light language. We will also explore and practice the other ways light language can be expressed, such as through the body, hands, symbols, drawings, and art. There are so many ways in which divine energy can express itself through you!

Become your own best friend as you can powerfully conduct sound healing and light language sessions on yourself and others!

Connect To The Your Most Powerful Healing Instrument… Your Voice!


Most of us underestimate the power of our voice. We significantly underutilize the gift of sound that can resonate from your body. Your voice can be a magical healing instrument. When you transmit sound (humming, singing, toning, etc.) with an intention, the frequency of that thought is infused and then amplified. You can magnify energy healing, manifesting, and creating with the sound of your voice. We will also be assisting you in opening up to channel light language which allows you to bring through pure divine energies.


What You Get:

  • 5 Weekly live and interactive webinars via Zoom.
  • Weekly live energy-infused Facebook videos within a private FB group with a supportive community.
  • One Year access to Thinkific, an online learning platform with all the content, videos, exercises, meditations, and light language activations. You can access this content at your own pace.
  • A Surprise Guest Speaker!
  • Group support with opportunity to connect and practice with your classmates.

When: We Start June 14th 4:15PM PACIFIC / 5:15PM MOUNTAIN / 6:15PM CENTRAL / 7:15PM EASTERN / 11:15PM GMT

What We’ll Be Doing:

  • Activating and applying the power of your voice.
  • Exploring and practicing the many benefits of sound healing.
  • Opening you up as a conscious channel to bring high vibration healing frequencies through with sound.
  • Learning how to do Full chakra body healing with sound.
  • Receiving many Light language activations to assist you with opening this gift.

Through Light Language we will play with:

  • Sounding: Humming, chanting, and signing.
  • Verbal expression of light language also called the language of love.
  • Body movement and how energy can be expressed through movement and dance.
  • Hands movements that act as a way to channel energy.
  • Writing light language symbols which can also include art in any form.
  • Sound healing with instruments

Learn how to manifest with sound.



Option 1: Sound Healing Alchemy & Light Language Activations


Option 2: Sound Healing Alchemy: 5 week online course, Plus Option 1

  • Plus Offer 1

What People Have To Say About Jen

“You have no idea. Jen has opened so many gifts that I feel have been waiting for me. Now I feel I have a lot of options. I gained more confidence in myself, my anxiety has melted away, and I feel I show up in the world much differently than before.” ~ Shelley Saluzzo

Jennifer is an amazing, intuitive woman who taps into exactly what you are in need of and helps shift your energy around it.  She is compassionate, positive, and easy to talk to.  After my initial session, I was so enamored I took her courses to become a Reiki Master myself.  As a teacher, she is patient, informative and gives you a passion for what you’re learning.  I recommend Jen for energy healings and certifications.  She’s awesome! ~ Toni L.

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express the gratitude I have for Jen and her amazing gift.  She has opened my ability to give zero f’s when I need to and be fully open and engaged when it’s necessary. If your looking for energy balance and healing look no further. – Alicia N.

“It is absolutely amazing to work with Jennifer! She gets right to the heart of the issue and works with you to release all the junk that’s holding you back. She does it with compassion and love. She has helped me make remarkable changes in my life and I will forever be grateful.” AMY GRAHAM

About Jen Cunnings

Jen Cunnings is a powerful energy healer, spiritual guide, and sound healer who has coached and facilitated thousands of client sessions supporting transformation and opening awareness to higher levels of consciousness. She specializes in working with empaths in areas of empowerment, self-love, and emotional healing.

In recent more years, she has awakened to her gifts as a channel of light language and has activated her voice to bring through powerful sound healing sessions combined with crystal singing bowls. She also shares and teaches many different facets of energy and sound healing to students in her 6 course Energy Alchemy Academy program.

Jen also facilitates spiritual retreats in sacred places such as Mt. Shasta, Sedona, and Hot Springs. Additional retreats in Hawaii, Mexico, and Glastonbury are on the horizon as everything opens up!

Option 1: Sound Healing Alchemy & Light Language Activations


Option 2: Sound Healing Alchemy: 5 week online course PLUS Option 1

  • Plus Offer 1