Mastery Empowerment Course: Seed the Feminine Grid on Earth with SanRa2024-05-04T10:52:05-06:00

With Lemurian High Priestess

Seed the Feminine Grid on Earth

A call to action from Betelgeuse. Men and women welcome

Seed the Feminine Grid on Earth


2 Payment Option Available

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Join SanRa as we continue our work with the cosmic feminine portal of Betelgeuse to allow more Feminine energy to come through to earth and humanity to further encode the feminine grid system on earth.

This encoding of the Feminine grid system on Earth is the action of planting seeds of Feminine love, empowerment and transformation. These seeds come from the great collective feminine cauldron of human earth women and the great fiery body of Betelgeuse.

We invite human earth men to support this sacred action with your Divine Masculine strength and steadfast devotion.

As women and men come together in sacred action for earth and humanity, the possibilities of peace, harmony and love on the planet are infinite.

  • Upgrade earth feminine grid system
  • Receive and integrate the great fiery feminine energy of Betelgeuse
  • Activate our inner feminine encodements for earth grid
  • Bridge the gap between Feminine and Masculine energies

Enjoy this Special Offer

Sacred Feminine Initiations Series + Latest MEC

Deep realization and activation of our Sacred Feminine empowerment
Prerecorded series of three. 60 minutes each.

In this series, we receive the initiations we need to activate and revel in our Feminine power. We increase our worthiness and courage to express our Feminine power, which we have been afraid of for far too long. We accept the sacredness of our power as women living from our Divine Feminine energy.

The Feminine transformational energies that we have within our bodies and psyches are needed now! Join us and come alive in your Feminine power!

Guided by Lemiurian Priestess Circle of 13, Lady Portia, Lady Venus, Sophia, the Seraphina, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Isis, Inanna, Brigid and more.

Session 1

  • Initiation of our Sacred Yoni.
  • Re-sanctification, re-vitalization, purification
  • Clearing and alchemical transmutation of feminine organs
  • Restoration of safety, empowerment, expression, worthiness
  • Honor sacred gateway of the Temple of the Feminine

Session 2

  • Initiation of Feminine cauldron of transformation
  • Receive Flame of Compassion and Inclusion
  • Alchemical cosmic process of holy fire for resurrection and transfiguration
  • Awaken spiritual creative power
  • Merge with womb of Sophia

Session 3

  • Initiation of Sacred Feminine Fire
  • Emergence of ecstatic, primordial Feminine
  • Receive silver pink flame of the Feminine
  • Re-activate ancient temples of Feminine energy
  • Encompass entire earth with powerful vortex of feminine energy

Sacred Feminine Initiations Series


2 Payment Option Available

Individual Session + Sacred Feminine Initiations Series + Latest MEC

All of Package A plus an individual session with SanRa to heal, uplift and clear insecurities, fears, blocks or traumas that exist within your body, chakras and psyche regarding your Feminine power and expression.

Individual session + Sacred Feminine Initiations Series


2 Payment Option Available

What People Have To Say About SanRa

A heartfelt THANK YOU for our session yesterday….It was a gift to walk the journey home with you. The magnitude of the session will be life changing and take time to embody. Love/light

Kevin, New York

The Lemurian priestesses are amazing - I feel so uplifted, and joyous. I love the songs too


Many thanks for the beautiful session. I don’t remember the last time I felt so connected and uplifted. I have had many positive shifts since this session, in particular I find the energy so much easier to process. All the healing issues seem to have abated.

S. H., Netherlands

About SanRa

SanRa is a Lemurian High Priestess and is part of the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13. She offers channeled group and individual sessions with this Lemurian Priestess Circle. She is a member of the Grand Teton Guiding Council, a cosmic council which guides earth and humanity on their evolutionary paths.

SanRa has recently stepped into her role as Lady of Betelguese, and is taking her initiations as a Star Lord Master and Cosmic Guardian. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and has been doing spiritual healing work with clients for 30 years. SanRa works with Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and Councils of Light throughout the cosmos. She is dedicated to helping us move forward on our spiritual paths and re-establishing paradise on earth in our new Golden Age.

Seed the Feminine Grid on Earth


Sacred Feminine Initiations Series + Latest MEC


Individual Session + Sacred Feminine Initiations Series + Latest MEC

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