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With Healer and Medicine Woman
Réyel Byrd

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Awakening into our personal gifts and entering the resonance of higher vibrational power, stepping into newer forms of authenticity, empathic love and higher Truth.  Enjoy this shamanic perspective on spirituality and understanding our true heritage.

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Special Offer: Year 2023 (6 Month Life Professional Astrology Birth Chart Reading) and eBook

Special Offer: Year 2023 (6 Month Life Professional Astrology Birth Chart Reading)


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Personal Session

During this 1 hour video session, this session will deeply be based in astrology and channeling.

In practice of our ancestral ways of practice, we will find that our ancestors, in all different cultures and bloodlines, had a strong connection to reading the stars in order to understand what is coming next for our people and for the world at large. When we really tune in to this, we will remember that astrology is our ancestral medicine and is part of our birthright to understand it and work with it in order to navigate our lives and our humanity.

Cosmic events always indicate major revolutions and upheaval that will take place in our society and it marks important changes in our history. Eclipses are one of the top major cosmic moon events that drastically changes people’s lives and the planetary energy field. These are sacred and rare events that can happen twice or at most five times within a single year!

Eclipses usher in radicalized new beginnings and deep endings.

On October 25, 2022 the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will officially arrive to change all of our lives permanently.

New Moon Solar Eclipses are powerful events when certain parts of people’s lives are completely taken away from them, if it was toxic, depressing and harmful to their growth, mental health, emotional well being, relationships and true life calling, the Eclipse will destroy that area of life that has been falsely-built in order for true integrity, reconstruction and correct energy is rebuilt back into place.

With billions of people around the world stepping into their spiritual awakening, the other caveat of the truth is that there are still millions of people who have not and refusing too, and so, we will see some of the closest people in our lives have their life completely changed, and if we are also in that group, so will ours.

On November 8, 2022 the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will officially arrive and we will see more changes happening in our human history, as it relates to money, the economy, food and produce, the music and entertainment industries, media and reporting, celebrity exposure, new developments in medicine and more updates with health, more world revolutions that are about to take place, and the next level we are going towards too with: healing.

Due to Eclipses changing people’s lives for 6 months ahead straight, this reading will detail month by month, focusing on November 2022 through May 2023, on the powerful life events and transformations that you will go through based on your birth chart (natal chart), planetary aspects, with Indigenous astrology techniques that are joined with Tropical predictive techniques in astrology.

Eclipses can be positive experiences or negative experiences depending on the person and how they are living out their life.

Eclipses can bring pregnancy, marriage, meeting powerful soul mates, relocation to a new home, a career change and it can also bring family passings, health decline, financial challenges, divorces, relationship break ups, anxiety and mental health battles. So it is so important to be mindful about Eclipses and know how to navigate them in the highest ways.

In this 1 hour. Year 2023  Eclipses & 6 Months Ahead Life Astrology Reading:

  • An astrology reading focusing on reading your natal chart (birth chart) on how your life will be changed, in positive or challenging difficult ways, in regards to finances, family, romance, career, health, relationships, friendships, and spiritual journey depending on where the Eclipses will be “eclipsing out” of your life through the chart reading.
  • This reading includes planetary predictions and important key months to remember that will stand out within the 6 month period
  • You will know EVERYTHING that will be happening in your personal life for each month of November 2022, December 2022, January 2023, February 2023, March 2023, April 2023 & May 2023
  • This reading will talk about the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, in addition to other planetary focuses that are happening currently in your birth chart
  • This reading requires you knowing your exact birth time, correct birthday and place of birth
  • This reading will be recorded during the live session and the Life Astrology Reading will be emailed afterwards to your email address that we have communicated and have contacted on.
  • This reading is going to be provided only on Zoom or Skype

Year 2022 – Year 2023 Eclipses & 6 Months Life Astrology Reading Needed Requirements:

  1. You (MUST) know your birth time
    Provide your birthday (mm//dd//year)
  2. Provide the city or town of your birth
  3. Provide the province, territory, sector or state you your birth place
  4. Provide the county or division
  5. Provide your birth nation or country
  6. Provide exact birth time

Item 2: eBook Healing Your Shadows & Wounds: Clearing Karma From the Inner Child & Your Ancestral History Guide Workbook

This ebook includes plant medicine remedies, techniques, shamanic wisdom and more!

About Réyel Byrd

Réyel Byrd is an Afro-Indigenous woman, healer and medicine woman that comes from a deep spiritual family lineage of the Afro-Taíno Arawak people, North American Cherokee people, and African American. She comes from a strong ancestral bloodline of women and men who were gifted in healing the sick and taking care of others in suffering through prayer-work, curanderismo, faith rituals, plant medicine and clairvoyance. She has been immersed in the spiritual world and trained in knowing how to walk the Path.

Réyel, prefers to be called Réy for short, is gifted with the abilities of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance, intercessory prayer, and precognition.

She has worked with the best wellness and spiritual retreats, workshops, private events and podcasts. She has also established a strong online presence and community on social media, where she is known for her spiritual writing, astrology predictions, indigenous activism and channeling.

Réyel is here to “awaken powerful masters who went asleep to now wake up again.” She is here to offer extraordinary medicine, shamanic perspective, and profound channeling with our community in special courses and interviews!

Special Offer: Year 2023 (6 Month Life Professional Astrology Birth Chart Reading)

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