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Option 1: Online Retreat: Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ

‘’Live Your Dharma Now!’’

Option 1: Online Retreat: Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ


2 Payment Option Available

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Ready to explore your Christ-Buddha Nature?

We have created this special event to nurture the Universal Buddha-Christ in all of us!

2023 is the year of The Christ in Action, but before we can share our light with the world, we need to re-awaken our Christ Codes. Your Inner Buddha-Christ contains your divine potential and is the gateway to God! It dwells in your heart, the centre of Love-Truth, and represents the foundation for authentic transformation. When you are in your heart space, you are in pure alignment with Heaven and Earth, and you become your own Temple of Light!

Your Inner Christ will always protect you and show you the way forward. It is your most reliable guide and friend. Divine Power, Love, and Wisdom will re-animate your body and consciousness!

You may have denied the importance of your physical-energy body, tried to take care of it superficially, or forgotten about its soul and spirit. YHVH, your Inner Christ, is ready to guide you as you embrace ”all that you are” and will encourage you to reclaim your natural beauty and radiance in a compassionate way. The only way in which you can truly resurrect all your inner aspects is by embodying Universal Love. Its frequency cancels all forms of pain and suffering and dissolves the matrix of illusion.

During this online event, we will (re) activate The Seal of Integration and the Inner Master Mantra to make it easier for you to trust your soul wisdom and to stay aligned with your Ascension Timeline. You will notice a big shift as you open your Humanitarian Heart and let go of all (self)judgment. You are meant to enjoy Life as you love yourself unconditionally!

Let’s turn The Wheel of Service, which represents the setting in motion of new teachings! We will invoke the Buddha-Christ Lineage to receive all that we require to expand in harmony with the Cosmic Law and to attract the souls who have ”eyes to see” and ”ears to hear”. Live your Dharma now!

We invite you to:

  • connect with The Christ Grid
  • activate the Dharmachakra Mudra
  • re-awaken your Buddha-Christ Codes
  • reveal the creative desires of your Inner Buddha-Christ
  • step into ”emptiness” to dissolve individual-collective suffering
  • implement the 3Ds to shift your reality: discipline, dedication, and devotion
  • revisit The Eightfold Path of the Buddha and turn it into your daily experience!
  • and much, much more!

Option 2: (Recorded Event) Equinox Retreat 2023 + Option 1

Trust your Master

Option 2: (Recorded Event) Equinox Retreat 2023 + Option 1


2 Payment Option Available

3-hour transmission (recorded video)

This Virtual Retreat has been dedicated to heal (activate the full template of) our Inner Master. As you watch this transmission, you will be inspired to smash the Mirror of the Matrix so that you can clear your perception (stop trusting your conditioned senses as a way to interpret reality), free yourself from mental projections, and perceive all the delusion-based appearances so that you can clear your mental-emotional imprints and return to Primordial Awareness.

Have access to the guided meditations, energy activations and the transmissions that we have received from the Ascended Masters so that you can claim your divine gifts and embody (more of) your Christ Light. As we opened the Gates to Love Truth, we called in and re-awakened:

  • The Love that accomplishes All
  • Divine Opulence
  • The power to materialize Heaven on Earth
  • The Righteous Path
  • The Path of Immortality

Remember the Sacred Practices that will help you reconcile with your Inner Master and embrace your soul wisdom!

Get ready to:

  • upgrade your Ascension Technology.
  • free yourself from the ‘’debt mindset’’.
  • taste the Medicine of your Inner Master.
  • find joy in being accountable for your life choices.
  • awaken the creative potential of your Inner Master.
  • claim your right to move forward as you let go of ancestral attachments.
  • understand that Divine Healing is not logical – it follows a ”quantum sequence”.
  • welcome new relationships and say ‘farewell’ to those that are no longer aligned.
  • and much, much more!

Enjoy this Special Offer

Mastery Empowerment Course: Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 1)

8 Week Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 1)


2 Payment Option Available

Are you ready to Serve the Light?

We are honoured to offer a high-vibrational training program to all those who are ready to step into their Service Roles and that require practical tools and guidance to get started.

As a Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 1), you will receive all that you need to help friends, family, and community to connect with their Inner Power, Love and Wisdom and to guide them in a journey of self-healing and self-awakening. We intend to create a safe container for you to develop your innate gifts and to meet other way-showers & New Earth Leaders as you awaken your Divine Potential. We will share the foundational Technology that will encourage you to offer your own sessions, group events or retreats to help raise the collective consciousness.

During this 2-month training programme you will be able to attune to Source Energy to facilitate your human-divine journey and to light a path forward for all those who are ready to step up as they align with their highest purpose! We will offer you 8 group sessions to integrate the Divine Frequencies that will prepare you to start or to up-level your Service: Awareness, Responsibility, Service, Evolution, Neutrality and Health. We will share Advanced Practices that will help you awaken your own creativity as well as your unique form of contribution. You can make a difference!

As you remain in your Heart Temple you will start trusting Unity Consciousness, you will receive clear guidance and you will feel empowered to support others from your own Direct Experience. Also, we will share 6 Light Attunements that will provide you with the foundational practices that will help hold the state of consciousness that you need to guide yourself and others towards the Light.

Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements

Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements eBook Included

  • Trust your Inner Guidance and your Team of Light.
  • Discover and cultivate your inner gifts and divine virtues.
  • Allow Source Frequencies to upgrade your Heart Matrix.
  • Access your Inner Temple to create in the Higher Realms.
  • Discover Quantum Tools to start / up-level your Service.
  • Join other New Earth Leaders to expand in Unity.
  • Support Individual-Collective Ascension!
  • And much, much more!

What People Have To Say About Gaitana & Yantal

I cannot recommend Gaitana and Yantal enough. The wisdom that flows through them in every encounter I have had with them is exquisite. I feel they are talking to my Soul with such precision, and yet I know each person listening must feel the same. Their teachings are timeless and profound. Each time I listen to a transmission I find new layers of meaning. The codes and activations they share are so powerful and I am truly grateful to have found such authentic and inspiring guides in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fiona S., Fiji

Gaitana Yantal truly embody the Light frequencies and codes of inner mastery they transmit through their teachings. I have been experiencing upgrades in awakened consciousness and lightbody activation from the moment I began listening to and receiving their transmissions of Light. My higher heart instantly recognizes and aligns with the vibration of Love-Truth they are emanating. Though I have actively been on the path of ascension for many decades and worked with many teachers I have never experienced such an open and honest expression of the Love-Truth frequencies that Gaitana Yantal are sharing. For the first time in 20 + years I am again actively embracing the realization of my soul’s liberation and conscious participation in the co-creation of a New Earth.

Patrick R., USA

I have not been working with GaitanaYantal very long and yet I am feeling a deep shift in my consciousness that is transferring to my way of being and doing in my daily life. Their message is simple and seems to be a reprogramming of my conscious mind. In this reprogramming a deep level of commitment is anchored into my being that is really clear about my purpose and mission while I am here – simply stated BE LOVE and allow the ease of the universe to move through me and direct me. This can seem hard to do because there is an unlearning that has to happen and yet with their support and teachings it makes it easier and more effortless.  I would recommend exploring their work and take the opportunity to expand your consciousness and life

Katie S., USA

I’ve been integrating all the downloads and activations received since my first session with Gaitana Yantal. I AM in a new phase of my journey; and bow in gratitude. They say the teacher/s appear when the student is ready, so true! The Divine Initiations and the Light Codes are a miracle in my life and answer to prayer.

Marianne K, USA

About Gaitana & Yantal

We are Spiritual Guides devoted to serving Human-Planetary Enlightenment. Our Mission includes You, your family, your community, humanity, our planet … and beyond!

Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to embrace Higher Consciousness so that we can co-create The New Earth: a human civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth.

Our Service is mainly focused on guiding the spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace their Divinity, to align with their authentic life purpose and to develop Faith in their highest vision. We feel inspired to help you reveal your divine origin, your essence, your purpose, your destiny, and your mission so that we can ALL experience Self-realization as we trust the natural flow of Health-Abundance that leads us towards Liberation … and beyond!

Our vision brings together those who are ready to restore their Original Consciousness and to explore their own magnificence. We are eager to support the awakening and the training of new spiritual Leaders & Masters who are willing to devote their lives to Self-Realization and, eventually, to engage in an innovative kind of Humanitarian Service.

We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we have been called to help raise the individual-collective consciousness as we ALL reveal / fulfill our Soul’s Purpose. We are fully committed to our Humanitarian Mission! 

Option 1: Online Retreat ‘’Resurrect your Inner Buddha-Christ


2 Payment Option Available

Option 2: (Recorded Event) Equinox Retreat 2023 + Option 1


2 Payment Option Available

Mastery Empowerment Course: Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 1)


2 Payment Option Available

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