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Lauren Galey interviews Emile Janse on the importance of being in our own truth in relationships, of honoring another’s truth, and holding a field of unconditional love.

There is sound vibrating inside of all of us. My calling is to support your unique musical imprint. ~ Emile Janse

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Relationship, Truth, and Unconditional Love in Relationship

Embody Truth and Unconditional Love in Relationship

There will be 4, 90-minute group sessions. Each participant will also receive a 60 minute 1 on 1 call as part of the series. Group sessions will be recorded for registrants, private sessions may be recorded as well for the individual. Private sessions are to be coordinated individually.

Relationship, Truth, and Unconditional Love


This course explores the practice of being in our truth, in relationships. We will go over the importance of accepting our own truth, and accepting another’s truth. A part of living in truth is about not trying to change, or make anyone different than they are.

In each group session, I will share very directly why this is important and why it is the best (and ultimately only) way to be in relationship with others. I will speak to any and all thoughts or questions individuals have about this subject.

There will be lots of open discussion. There will be no obligation to speak any more than you want to.

Communication is only beneficial if it comes from a space of truth and alignment with our soul. We will discuss the importance of validating how we feel, and not trying to make ourselves feel something different than what we do.

A lot of times it is most beneficial to not communicate, for the sake of having boundaries or because we haven’t tuned in to our own truth yet.

We learn to accept what we feel, no matter what that may be. From this place of accepting what we feel, we attune to our truth. When we are attuned to our truth, we can actually communicate things that benefit everyone.

We will discuss the importance of finding relationships from our space of truth. And, letting go of connections or dynamics with others, which don’t feel like they are cultivating truth and genuine expression. And, doing all of this without judgment towards yourself or others – without making yourself or anyone else ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

To live in your truth, and let go of dynamics that aren’t in your truth, is not only of the highest benefit to you but of the highest benefit to others.

Learn how to accept when others may not love us the way we want to be loved, and love them unconditionally regardless. The act of loving someone unconditionally does not mean to give up our sense of self or to give inordinate amounts of time, energy, or resource to another being. It just means to accept and love someone – with no expectation on them changing themselves, or being in any way towards you.

To accept and love someone unconditionally is the most liberating thing that can be done for any interpersonal relationship, and opens space for the most beautiful and aligned things to happen naturally.

In this powerful training with Emile, you will discover:

  • Love and accept yourself more deeply

  • Love and accept what you feel

  • Love and accept others, even when they don’t want what you want

  • Tune to what your soul wants in relationship, over what the ego may want

  • Observe when a relationship is mutually supportive or not

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Item 1: Overtone and Throatsinging Workshop

In this two-hour workshop, Emile will give an overview of some of the history of overtone singing and throatsinging. He will also explain some of the basic physics of how overtones are produced and isolated within your voice.

There is sound vibrating inside of all of us. My calling is to support your unique musical imprint. ~ Emile Janse

Overtone singing and Tuvan Throatsinging is actually much simpler to begin practicing and doing than most people believe, and in the span of this workshop, you will be able to start doing this yourself and then continue practicing on your own.

The two styles which will be covered are how to produce high overtones (also known as harmonics) by singing a drone and then isolating an overtone or overtones. This style is sometimes referred to as polyphonic, multi-pitch, or two-tone singing. In Tuva and Siberia, it is most akin to what they call Sygyt.

The other style will be deep chest or body throatsinging. This style sounds a lot like certain kinds of Tibetan chants, employing similar vocal cords. In Tuva and other parts of Siberia, it is usually referred to as Khargyraa

Item 2: Voice Empowerment Workshop

Whenever we speak, sing, or produce any kind of sound we are moving energy through our bodies and nervous system. In this class, we will connect the way we use sound to our intuition, thus getting out of our “heads” and into the soul-space.

Sound can be used to activate and develop energetics within oneself to evolve your expression of divinity. There is no right or wrong here, just an accessing and allowing of the unique vibrations to come forth which correlate with your next level of empowered being.

You will be guided in specific practices to get you started with using your voice to experience and work with sound somatically – through internal feeling.

This class is intended for people who want to begin working with or learning to work with sound and their own voice. Those who have worked with sound or toning before will also greatly benefit. All participants will be muted while we are working with the sound.

There will be many opportunities for questions, and 15 minutes at the end solely for Q&A. The class will be recorded and everyone who purchases a spot will receive the recording, whether or not you attend.

Headphones recommended, but not required.

Item 3: Extraordinary Sound Healing MP3

Flute, Handpan, Didgeridoo, Throatsinging. One after the next for a sound healing blend to help you relax your way into greater health, ease, and peace Now.

What People Have To Say About Emile

“Emile is a gentle, gold glowing soul who’s beautiful presence is nurturing and healing. Our one-on-one calls and his group gatherings are held by his intuitive ability to tune in and bring awareness to key points of reflection, helping me strengthen my connection to others and to myself. He offers wonderful and practical advice when it comes to relationships, all of it infused with pure love. His welcoming energy holds a comfortable space to engage in deep, transformative work. I trust him immensely and am grateful for his insight to grounded, loving connections. Thank you with my heart, Emile!”

Jenny M
I participated in Emile’s Vocal Empowerment Series” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Emile holds very compassionate, grounded, intuitive, and playful space, and embodies true leadership. In each session, he shared his knowledge with grace, and always welcomed participation and dialogue in the group. I left the course feeling more freedom and expansion in my body, more awakened and raw, and more alive! I highly recommend learning from him.
The Online Voice Empowerment Series was truly transformative. Toning has helped me move emotions through my body and get in touch with my uniqueness. Sharing this journey with others brought depth and vulnerability that always felt safe. Thank you to Emile for creating this space, bringing wisdom and presence to our experiences, and for the gift of healing through sound!
Marisa C.

About Emile Janse

Emile Janse is a sound healer who specializes in throat singing, overtone singing, and opening the unique qualities of the voice. Also an accomplished player-performer-facilitator with didgeridoo, mouth harp, flute, and handpan.

Emile is a mentor, guide, healer, musician, and teacher. He works to support individuals in bringing their truest selves into the world through expression and living in alignment with their inherent divinity.

Emile is fascinated by the multi-layered resonance of sound and its ability to bring us into profound healing states. He is a teacher, guide, and activator for individuals to connect to the unique and powerful frequencies of their incomparable voice – which he believes to be the most formidable and beautiful instrument there is.

Relationship, Truth, and Unconditional Love


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