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Dr. Sujata Singhi

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Special Offer #1: Reclaim Your Riches Workshop Part 1
Previously Recorded

Reclaim Your Riches Workshop Part 1


How Raising Vibrations of Your Body-Mind-Spirit can Awaken the Money Manifestor in You

Recorded Training Program

How often have you dreaded the days when you receive the bills?

Have you envied the rich and thought of life being rough on you?

Cut the Crap! Luck, uncertainty, hard work, challenges, global economic fluctuations!!!!!

Are these thoughts weighing you down?

In Reclaim Your Riches, Dr. Sujata Singhi will seed you with secrets to transcend to the state of being a “manifestor” and leading a magnetic life forever with full freedom to live joyously.

This is one of those rare courses which will transform your whole life. To living an exceptional life various ancient, time-tested, scientifically proven and holistic processes that are easy to follow and will truly astonish you.

Be ready to join an exhilarating journey to the core of the material manifestation. No more effort and gnawing uncertainties! This course  will guide you “how to be” as you create a “Beingness,” a vibration, that you are with the flow of creating your ideal life as a natural consequence of what you truly are. Learn the secrets of “Spirituality that leads to Prosperity.”

Spiritual empowerment will help you dive deep into your potentials and enjoy the pearls of “Wisdom” to see your “Identity” with clarity, strength, power, courage, intellect, and raise your vibrations to become a money magnet.

Dr Sujata Singhi, the creator of this course,  is an International Spiritual and Business Leadership Coach, and is also the author of the international Amazon no.1 bestseller book, “Power of Sound” which was honored with the title, “Boon to Mankind” by the Hon. President of India in May 2017 during his tenure, has shared her in-depth knowledge with inspiring interviews of highly successful international and national corporate heads, entrepreneurs, women leaders, celebrities, wellness ambassadors, authors, along with internationally acclaimed spiritual leaders.

Bonus: 3 special guided meditations with frequencies to help Reclaim your Riches personally recorded by the author.

In this 4 Hour Online Training Course, you’ll discover:

  • Your identity and its connectedness to your purpose
  • Behaviors and attitudes which make/break you
  • Skills and knowledge—How they help and build you.
  • The environment you create in and around you
  • Thoughts and patterns which help/block you
  • Ways, you can and are managing your intellect
  • Focus and level of faith
  • The belief that has made you
  • Level of connectedness to self
  • How much internal or external approval you need?

Special Offer #2: Reclaim Your Riches Workshop Part 2

Download Now Available – Three 90-minute classes

Reclaim Your Riches Workshop Part 2


Congratulations as you embark on the journey to, “Reclaim your Riches”.

Live Online Training Program

Have you ever felt that your work was somehow done as if the universe wanted it to happen? Universal consciousness helps you in different mysterious ways.

Consciousness is not just keeping your eyes open and responding to stimuli. Consciousness is staying true to your thought, analyzing the environment, and responding accordingly. It also makes you responsible for your every action and opinion.

Realizing consciousness is a bit of a task. It may sound routine and easy, but it isn’t what it may seem. Consciousness might help you stay awake to the stimuli, but the thoughts on the treadmill won’t calm. This is why you should have that urge to connect with the universe.

Learn to connect to the Universe in this special Reclaim your Riches- workshop.

The heavenly and godly powers of the universe help you get all the answers to your thoughts disturbing your tranquility.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Seed the secrets to knowing your true Beingness through processes guided by Dr. Sujata Singhi
  2. Cut the Crap which does not resonate with your Beingness
  3. Learn the tools and strategies to setup your life goals
  4. Vedic chants and meditations for awakening yourself to wake up to a new life
  5. Raising vibrations to Reclaim your Riches through simple Vedic techniques


  1. The recording of the session will be shared with the participants.
  2. All participants will be added to the social media community of DSS members
  3. Free entry to the special meditations conducted during the Vedic festivals. All participants will be added to the telegram/whatsapp group to receive the schedules. (Regular membership $250/- annual)
  4. 3 special chants recorded in Dr. Sujata Singhi’s voice will be shared for regular practise. (Regular cost-$97/-)
  5. 10% discount on upcoming spiritual retreat (November 2022) in India. This discount is available only for the participants of the Reclaim your Riches participants.

In these powerful trainings with Dr. Singhi, you will learn:

  • To understand vibrations and the money energy

  • To re-wire the mind-set, the spiritual way of “Minding the Intellect”

  • The 3 A’s of life-Awareness, Acceptance, and Action

  • Importance of faith and focus

  • To bend reality and spiritually—“Remain rich”

  • To awaken the warrior within You

  • To be the phoenix — “Rise from ashes

  • To re-kindle connections

  • To align to conscious living

  • To understand the Heart-Mind matrix

  • To manage the environment

  • 10 steps to greater Success — “Be limitless

  • Ancient, time-tested, and scientifically proven methods of manifestation as used in the eastern and western world

  • Your spiritual relationship with money and how to evolve and heal it

Reclaim Your Riches Workshop Bundle: Parts 1 and 2


About Dr. Sujata Singhi

Dr. Sujata Singhi is a best seller author, trainer, speaker, Sound and Spiritual Scientist. She has been trained in over 30+ healing modalities like Reiki, Pranik, Shamanism, Past Life regression, Bach Flowers, Number frequencies, Access bars, Mahavastu graduate, Hypnosis, sound and music therapy, Vedic mantra chanting, havan and Yagya, intuitive healing to name a few. She is also an intuitive healer, card reader, crystal gazer, LE expert, and is a licensed NLP master trainer, apart from being a spiritual scientist. Conferred with 5 doctorates and a D.Litt in Musical Arts, she is a chief facilitator for sound, spiritual and shamanic retreats in India and abroad.

With over 20+ years of experience in the world of metaphysical research and Sound as the future of medicine, she has trained and transformed over 300,000 lives globally. She was also a visiting expert in hospitals in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, been a facilitator at elite wellness resorts, healing and research centers and spiritual retreats. Author of the books, Power of Sound, Cut the Crap, and launching soon, Reclaim your Riches.