With  Founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Upgrade
Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

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Philipp founded and is the CEO of Quantum Upgrade, a groundbreaking pure quantum energy streaming service designed to help users boost their energy levels, health and well-being and neutralize harmful EMF frequencies in their space.

Thousands of health enthusiasts from around the world have subscribed to Quantum Upgrade, and it has been commonly reported to have helped them feel more energized, improve their level of consciousness, reduce stress, boost productivity and performance, and more.

Quantum energy or frequency medicine is scientifically proven to have incredible cell rejuvenation power, making it ideal for treating many health conditions. There are various randomized, double-blind studies backing up the Quantum Upgrade claims, which are frankly mind-boggling.

Quantum energy, also known as “frequency medicine”, is scientifically proven to have incredible cell rejuvenation power, making it ideal for treating many health conditions.

Leela Quantum Tech devices are portable, non-invasive, easy to use, and can be used anytime, anywhere, with no side effects

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Balance your energy, boost performance and shield yourself from EMF nasties. LeelaQ Tech is leading the way in natural health innovation, combining science and quantum energy healing into an elegant and simple-to-use collection of products optimized for everyday us

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About Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Philipp is the Founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech, a pioneer in frequency medicine providing quantum energy devices designed to accelerate your body’s recovery and optimize health.

Today, they’ve sold 10K+ devices to health enthusiasts who are using them to boost their performance, ease pain, lower stress levels, block and neutralize damaging effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and much more.

Philipp is trained in energy healing, shamanic practices, and past life regression. Before founding Leela Quantum Tech, he worked as an executive for several Fortune 500 companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US, where he served as Vice President.