Mastery Empowerment Course: Quantum Transformation Through Your Sacred Heart with Peter Hansen2023-02-09T13:02:06-07:00

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Peter Hansen

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Peter Hansen’s Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Opening The Doorway For Your Quantum Transformation Through Your Sacred Heart

With Archangel Gabriel, channeled through Peter Hansen

Mastery Empowerment Course: Opening The Doorway For Your Quantum Transformation Through Your Sacred Heart


2 Payment Option Available

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11 am PT/ 12 pm MT/ 1 pm CT/ 2 pm ET/ 7 pm GMT

We’re turning a corner and being guided in a new, exciting direction this year, 2023. In this interactive Workshop, we will elaborate on “What’s the Sacred Heart” and how you can access and start remembering to think through the Heart vs. the Mind—allowing your Heart to do the thinking and align you seamlessly with the most desirable, light-filled, expansive timelines, flowing with the Divine.

“Everything in your outer Reality (seen through our physical eyes) is a direct projection of what’s believed to be true on the inside. Your consciousness at any given moment transmits a vibration that creates a reality in a vibrational match. Your physical Reality won’t change until you shift from the previously limited beliefs and your consciousness changes.”

Our souls are awakening, and a mass ascension is underway as higher and higher dimensional light frequencies fill our world. While this beautiful transition is happening, we reach a point where very little makes sense anymore. We struggle profoundly with navigating and thriving with no clear sense of direction, having difficulty finding happiness and overall purpose in our daily lives. As the multidimensional higher realms come into our experience, the questions become many, and the answers you’re looking for can’t be comprehended or accessed by the human Mind. The physical eyes can only see what the Mind believes is possible.

That’s where divine trust, present moment awareness, and going inwards become essential tools to master.

Lauren and Peter, who channel Archangel Gabriel, are excited to do another organic, fun, and interactive Workshop with you all. They share divine consciousness and guidance on communicating and living in a higher dimensional new world of zero-point Reality and delivering channeled frequencies and wisdom straight to the hearts of all participants.

We share and create in a unified, unique way, encouraging LIVE Questions with Channeled Answers to the group as we explore the topics together. As always, we strive to make it a playful and powerful experience that will activate and challenge the status quo.

This intensive Workshop with Archangel Gabriel includes a Guided LIVE Angelic Diamond Light Meditation and calibration to align you with your Sacred Heart Frequency.

  • Everything you need is within you, through your consciousness and connection with your source: or your soul self, the same thing.
  • Going within you, not your partner or someone else, can create problems and emotional triggers; it can feel shameful to do that or selfish to the traditionally thinking human Mind.
  • The Reality you get will be what you believe at any given moment: reorient yourself, focus on yourself first, and learn the importance of staying in your lane.
  • The energy you’re transmitting is bringing forth a matching reality.
  • Shifting from the Mind to the Sacred Heart and Entering New Earth.

Peter Hansen’s Special Offer

 60 Minute Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session

Which includes Peter’s Latest Mastery Empowerment Course

60 Minute Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session

  • Regular Price $255 Save $70

2 Payment Option Available

60 min Psychic Angelic Session with Peter for $185.00 (Reg $222+$33=$255 Value) and access to this Workshop Save $70.00

During your psychic angelic readings & healing session, I will be answering any questions you have in complete alignment with the intentions you had expressed with me before your session started.

I will give you answers, bridge connections, and offer spiritual alignment with what you want to experience and create in your life. Followed by cord-cutting from old programming clears any out-of-tune energies and attachments with an angelic frequency tune-up that will align and sync your entire energy body.

What People Have To Say About Peter

Peter is a living Christ incarnate. He fully embodies Divine frequencies and radiates them out 24/7 in such a way that is a constant blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to receive his services. Because we are all One, he is constantly blessing the entirety of humanity, the whole world, and even the cosmos! I am so inspired by his complete devotion to the Divine in himself, his clients, and all life.

He blesses his clients with a beautiful variety of gifts and abilities uniquely applied to each according to their needs and desires at any given moment.

His most powerful and healing attribute is pure unconditional Divine Love, which infuses all he gives. There is also a Divine Power in his Presence, which always guides one back to their most fundamental Truth that we are all expressions of God; we are already whole, complete, and perfect; we are One with All Life, and in Essence, we are Love. There is a beautiful Graciousness in how Peter shares his Presence; he always listens deeply and responds accordingly.

I love Peter’s clear, multidimensional connections with ArchAngels, Angels, Masters, and other Divine Beings in other realms. They all bring countless Blessings, Guidance, and Support to his clients. On a practical note, Peter is very professional in handling his business and the most punctual person I have ever had sessions with.

Peter’s sessions have been profoundly clearing, healing, enlightening, inspiring, empowering, uplifting, loving, and transforming.

Infinite Gratitude, Love, and Blessings!

Tempril , Mentorship Client

About Peter Hansen

Peter is an amazing embodiment of the divine masculine and divine feminine, intelligent and humble, kind and supportive. He is an Ascension Guide and Mentor of the highest caliber, and he truly wants to help you shine your light nice and bright. Well known for his abilities as an accomplished Psychic Angelic Channeler. Utilizing his unique connection with Archangel Gabriel, Jesus and other Ascended Masters.

As we grow into our multidimensional selves, we are called to rely so much on what we cannot see, on feelings that are just in their infancy, and on a sense of trust in our spiritual intuition that is continuously challenged by societal projections. Peter possesses the extremely rare gift to soothe and comfort during the most challenging internal storms of our spiritual growth. This sense of protection is invaluable and a vital element of this journey.

Utilizing his ability to protect, nurture, and empower, Peter provides one-on-one services ranging from isolated sessions to in-depth mentorship programs. Peter is able to meet each individual exactly where they are and offer exactly what is needed, whether that be occasional sessions to move through energetic plateaus and help elevate one’s perspective or regular healing work and the steady cultivation of a customized, continuous spiritual practice.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Opening The Doorway For Your Quantum Transformation Through Your Sacred Heart


2 Payment Option Available

60 Minute Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session


2 Payment Option Available

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