With Guardian/Gridkeeper and Language of Light Activator & Catalyst
Yukia Azorah Sandara 

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11 Codes of Activations & Four Webinars

Activated key Light tuning encodements with Sonic Harmonic Quantum geomancy, and Light Language Mantras, messages and updates to assist you to Remember YOUR magnificence.

We are inviting you peruse this new body of work “holographic frequencies Light Codes” to awaken substantial shifts in the structure of your Quantum field and assist you to shift into the Magma Universal Holographic Self. There you are but one Tonal expression of consciousness – the universe, the structure, and the Quantum field itself, activated into our new Earth.

This work contains Light Language STAR LIGHT codes from Source consciousness through the Council of 9 of Arcturus as well as from the 22 galaxies revealed beyond the veil; these tuning frequencies activate the  Re-Genesis architecture of our Dormant DNA to assist us on the path of raising and sustaining our vibration to access our highest potential; reclaiming the knowingness and understanding of the mind, body, spirit complex layers that are returning to Unity Consciousness grounded in the new Human Template in this physical Reality.

Each holographic Light Code was activated and conceived by a team of Co –Creators through the expanded perception and the vibration of Love Wave beyond time /space to assist with the entry into the New Earth Consciousness at this time and it has taken 4 years to anchor this work and its embodiment; Yukia Sandara & George Vibra , a magnificent Energy Healer, Light code architect.

This quantum process occurs daily in every exchange and this may take some time or not to integrate and embody into action depending if the human form holds density that also needs to be cleared, cleansed and purified or still holds distortions, entrapments from within and outside the Self.

These Quantum Activated Light & Sound Frequencies with algorithms have a specific vibration creating a plasma gravitational magnetic field, another reality of manifestation.

Once you are activated with these codes and you project your consciousness you have the potential to shift into another parallel Reality and to create a time line of choice for yourself as the Hologram that you Are and merge with the Cosmic Mastery Hologram of the Quantum field entirely.

This is accompanied all the time with Emotion+Thought +Action, as you are the very structure of the God particle so these quantum Light codes need to crystalize this into action as you shift from this moment to another.

The Embodiment stage will be the return to purity, pristine innocence consciousness through the qualities of the highest integrity, compassion, respect, truth, loving kindness and Love.

Human beings are re-aligning, re-entering, re-facing, re-shaping and re-forming their own new physical reality to quantum leap into a new alignment, a new map of the Creator through a higher state of Consciousness within.

These Light Codes have been activated with many layers of different Sonic frequencies, geomancy patterns, algorism shapes, colors light language that repattern the Quantum electromagnetic field, shift the gravitational plasma one and re align the energetic centers of the lightbody to source perfection, restoring its missing and damaged memory circuitries upgrading them and restoring it to Unity.

Using the Light codes daily by placing your left hand in the code itself and the right hand in your heart using a sonic breath  frequency and Light Language or bringing them into your third eye and higher heart is a very powerful and direct way to tap into the Universal morphogenetic field of each frequency, attracting and embodying its corresponding reality on Earth at every single moment of exchange.

In many ways, these are activated from the Cosmic, inter galactic movement of the Stars, galaxies, Universes and brought into being within the Earth’s hologram and within our own DNA encodements previously dormant.

These higher Mind collective realities as they integrate in the Quantum Field are presented to us with the dynamic of ownership and responsibility in every choice, every action, every though form relayed and transmitted across our multi-dimensional scope that is grounded into the physical as a vibrational experience in the body of grounded consciousness.

Our multi dimensionality experience is energetic in our New Earth so it matters.

These holographic frequencies through the Light codes, will assist to tune our Consciousness to a much higher holographic dimensional timeline allowing the faster and anchoring into matter and into the physical form.

It will perhaps bring to the surface in an accelerated pace the increase of the human ego challenges in an intense way and the old inner ego programs to be dissolved and broken down, traumas and conditioning entering into a field of powerful transformation and wound release at the level of the human template as you fluctuate in and out of the holographic realities in the beginning.

These Light Tuning frequencies have been specifically co- created from an empty space, a vacuum place of space time memory and brought to remembrance in this new Harmonic Universe as we navigate fully into our multi dimensionality, having entered the New Earth.

All holographic skeleton and cell structure light encodements are being infused with photonic light from the Solar system and already within our DNA and this is just to assist to ignite them and integrate it fully so the full return to pristine sovereign innocence, universal Love and Truth is finally a work in progress.

This body of work is one of the many Light Code tool box’s being activated within all of us to propel in a loving way our return to Cosmic Mastery as fully Conscious Beings.

Each Human Being is navigating at their own pace in their inscension, ascension to ground tonal consciousness in the Human Form on our magnificent Gaia.

This activated program will run for 4 weeks and 44 Light codes and frequencies will be included.

You will get the following:

  • 11 light encoded Codes a week be given to you in a video with 432 hz music and Light tuning frequencies.
  • The 11 codes to print or use in your tablet and phones
  • A pdf summary of each Coded fractal piece sequence of 11 codes a week
  • An integration and embodied group practice on Zoom a week as these frequencies are activated with a QA.

Infinite Love,
Yukia  Azorah Sandara

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Sacred Worlds Game

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Sacred Worlds Game

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Sacred Worlds, the cooperative adventure game for all ages, is a path that opens the doors to Spirit, Creativity, Nature and, most importantly the discovery of Self.

Game is being released on April/May of 2023!


Find your inner golden child and learn more about your gifts each time you play Sacred Worlds.

As you progress on the journey, your voice, imagination and emotions help in making decisions that benefit all the realms and return the world to harmony.

Every time you play, the game is different! The random combinations of Character, Tool, and Adventure cards assures you learn, experience and feel something new each time.

As children become familiar with the game through repeated play, they continue to open their hearts and develop their emotional intelligence. Each game helps build the skills of critical thinking, decision-making and cooperation, encouraging self-esteem and respect for the gifts and challenges of others.

What People Have To Say About Yukia

Yukia comes from a place of clarity, purity, into the higher realms accessing her Higher Aspects to assist you in accessing your highest expression for this lifetime. She brings laughter, joy, generosity to each class, session, time spent with her. If you feel called to work with her, be willing put in the effort whether be dissolving dismantling collapsing all fields beliefs contracts that will not serve you in moving forward or in allowing surrendering to all you can Be.

Having worked with Yukia, for over a year, each project brought me more dismantling while bringing in my higher Gifts and abilities. I am in a place where I now sign, speak, write Light Language for Self and for others to assist the Collective. I have gone the full spectrum in releases with ease and grace and many tears shed, while the collecting of my Higher Gifts has been all ease, grace, wonder & delight ~ forever Grateful for Yukia standing in her Mastery to then share with us all for the betterment, enlightenment of All ~ love flowing ~

Irene, USA

The journey of Integration of the Sovereign Self of the “individual” begins at the same place where the Selves of Absolute Source begins.  It all begins from when Absolute Source moved and it was a movement of Sound.

Yukia Sandara brings forth as a facilitator through Quantum, Sonic and Source Seed Syllable Light Language Sound in co-creatorship the reawakening of the Soul Circuitry of the participants.  The participants unearth within themselves through cues of Soul code that arise within the container supported by Yukia, themselves and the group into Remembrance and Embodiment within.

The codes are in sound through creations of light language song, artwork, Sun photos, light language in writing, music, numbered and patterned algorithms, fire letters, images, colors, geometrics, inner hearing, aware dreamstate, meditation, zero pointing neutral, mudras, and movement.

In this exploratory journey with Yukia on New Earth, Yukia guides the individual and group within the whole Cosmos of creation in humanity and through intergalactic one’s own Soul Circuitry make up.  Once True Self is met in layers that appear reawakened by the codes to be let go of or embraced into the new Human light vessel of Earth.  A course or session with Yukia is fully supported in co-creatorship. This is where the individual locates their gifts, new purpose and aligned energy signature.

The participant supported learns to stand fully sovereign and to be their own inner authority.  In this Standing, the inner true self purpose now appears in clarity as anchored and in the living of sweetness of life here of the earth we are a part of as Cosmic Citizens.

The inner direct knowing is that we are energetic light beings of divine will and of self-creating lifeforce as part of the Absolute Origin Source.  The inner life aligns then ever more closely with what is seen in the living and doing.  Balance, Joy, Purpose, and Sweetness become part of the living Chalice of the Participant.  The Journey with Yukia is Life Changing in the best of ways.

Sunshine Houlihan, Quantum Practitioner Daithi

Yukia is a Master Coder and Visionary Artist who will penetrate your inner quantum field with high frequencies of sound, light language, and visual images activating ancient and galactic soul memories. Multidimensional frequencies and codes, co-created in the moment with YOU as an active participant, will surely accelerate your ascension process and open multiple portals and pathways to Heaven on Earth! In this work, your own brilliant essence will activate your highest purpose with all the gifts and talents you will need to fulfill your divine mission here on Earth. You will find yourself integrated, embodied and aligned with your galactic family, your own highest Self and Gaia.

Ana Estrada, Quantum Light Practice, USA

About Yukia Azorah Sandara

Yukia Azorah Sandara is an Ascension Multidimensional empowerment mentor who has dedicated her life for the past 35 years to assist humanity in this great planetary shift. She is a harmonic sound catalyst, a Guardian, Grid keeper, and Gatekeeper working with the Planetary Soul of the Planet globally, and the evolution of consciousness, a Divine voice alchemist, a Light language master coder, and a Visionary Light code artist.

She assists humanity with her combined skillset and tools in awakening, expanding, and amplifying higher states of consciousness, catalysing their own Remembrance and knowingness, connecting to their family of Light, to their highest ascended versions of themselves, their Truth, gifts, skillsets, path, Essence and own Light, integrating/embodying their multidimensionality into an earthed, grounded Human experience within the Unified Quantum Field, that she calls “The radiance of the Eagle.” In this place of full harmonic Resonance, there is Communion, Unity, and a coherent Heart pulse – a beautiful wave of Love – unique to the Human collective expression in our Planet. Learn more about Yukia Azorah Sandara at yukiasandara.com

Sacred Worlds Game