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Kate Alexandra


Cosmic Bridge Kate Alexandra shares on the new energies and how this is accelerating a spiritual awakening and embodiment of the Higher Self. She shares on the new children arriving, and common visions and experiences from her hypnosis sessions: Quantum Bridging by Holographic Design QBHD.

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QBHD is a channeled regression technique, a continuation of Dolores’s Cannon’s QHHT for the next stage of humanity’s evolution. This is beyond healing and beyond stories, Kate works with multi-dimensional portals to assist in the Divine Embodiment and integration stage, bridging multi-dimensional gifts and consciousness into the Now. This is for the Lightworkers ready to step up. This technique also goes beyond the individual stories and helps bridge the synarchy of the fractal Soul groups, to assist the ascension process.

QBHD Service Via Zoom (3 Hours)


What People Have To Say About Kate

Kate has an innate and natural ability to (re) connect you with your true inner light, soul and multi-dimensional gifts. Her natural healing and channelling energy is strong, empathic and also very gentle, helping you to identify and work through blocks on your path. I highly recommend Kate’s quantum healing and energy work, it’s soul deep and working with her brings huge transformation and shifts. I have had the absolute pleasure of connecting and working with this lovely divine soul, who shares her gifts so lovingly and with a genuine kind heart. Thank you for shining so brightly


I have experienced Kate’s healing abilities through a number of avenues exploring her Multidimensional readings, and Quantum healing sessions.
I have been on a healing journey for almost two decades and nothing has had even a comparable effect to experience I have had with Kate’s abilities to heal. I am a well educated individual that has tried to be as open minded as possible to energy healing and had limited understanding or faith in the results, as I had always followed the traditional psychology and the counseling route to heal my traumas. Such traditional routes never had a positive impact on me, and I felt they missed crucial aspects of healing trauma. I resonated with Kate immediately upon initially meeting her in person as her energy was filled with pure intentions. As my healing journey has continued with her, I am amazed and am struggling to comprehend the shifts I am finally going through. I am at long last alleviating decades of inner anguish from previous life experiences through Kate’s healing and empowerment focus. I was energetically stuck, fatigued, emotionally traumatized and could not find the holistic approach I desperately sought. This was all changed upon meeting Kate, and I now have an increased connection with my higher self, way more energy and an indescribable shift in awareness. I feel alive again! Kate has given me tools which hold such strength and I have thorough trust in Kate which is so essential with a healer.


Kate has an incredible ability to guide you into deep Experience, I had the privilege of experiencing this during multiple guided journeys. One Experience in particular comes to mind. Kate guided me into a beautiful courtyard through to meet my Spirit Guides and this was the first time I have ever met with my Cosmic Family, Lyran aspects. I was taken to a beautiful crystal pyramid dripping with celestial light and glowing light language like hieroglyphs on the walls. The detail and surreal life like quality to this journey is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I felt like I touched into ancient aspects of myself that are still unravelling in my life. It seems like she has an ability to guide one into a very deep state with little effort. Her melodic tones and gentle yet steady suggestions bring you into visual and cognitive journeys that are powerful and impactful to the evolving soul. I highly recommend Kate to anyone I know who wants to journey deep within their own Self – she is a nurturing, compassionate and powerful skilled assistant and alchemist to be an integral part in anyone’s journeying process.

About Kate Alexandra

As a Cosmic Bridge, Embodied channel of the Original Founder consciousness, Kate is honoured to be assisting the Starseeds in Remembering who they are and integrate their Authentic Cosmic Essence of Self.

She works with a huge variety of different Star Lineages, as a Cosmic Embassy of Hunab Ku, the Cosmic Grandmother, her passion and purpose is to connect Starseeds and Starchildren to their Star Families, in a way that supports their sacred and unique mission.

In 2018 Kate was contacted by the unity OverSoul group of Dolores Cannon and told she would birth a new regression modality working with the newly activated Stargates in Age of Aquarius. In 2020 she officially launched her modality : Quantum Bridging.

QBHD Service Via Zoom (3 Hours)