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 Mastery Empowerment Course
With “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”
Christel Hughes

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Parasites & Portals Relief Workshop

Set Your Soul Free! Ignite Your Soul’s Intelligence! Live Your Soul Truth!

Mastery Empowerment Course: Parasites & Portals Relief Workshop

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  • Value: $350

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Clear and banish the Parasites, bacteria and tissues of the body using Metatron’s cube. Heal the weak areas of the aura, create substantial boundaries and close the portals wreaking havoc in your body, aura and environment.

In order for parasites to invade you and portals to be created that allow them in, the conditions must exist within you that enable this entry.

This usually is driven by a sense of unworthiness at the subtle levels of your Being. Many factors can cause this perception of not being worthy in relationship to your body consciousness, so we’ll address those in this Workshop.

During the Session:

  • Brain subconscious patterning, blueprint and neurological pathways
  • 7 layers of Auric Electromagnetic Energy Field
  • 12 Chakras including Transpersonal, front and back
  • 12 Major Meridians of the body (Yin/Yang adjustments)
    • Lung
    • Spleen
    • Bladder
    • Triple Warmer
    • Large intestine
    • Heart
    • Kidney
    • Gallbladder
    • Stomach
    • Small intestine
    • Pericardium
    • Liver
  • 72,000 Nadis and All Other Energetic Systems
  • Genetic/Ancestral Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms (Maternal & Paternal)
  • Mental and Emotional patterns and programming
  • Energetic anomalies in Aura
  • Past Life Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms
  • Light Body essence structure
  • Overwhelm that overloads your Energetic System
  • Cellular Memory
  • DNA-RNA-Genetic Codes clearing messengers of disease
  • Random Inner Dialog/Negative Self Talk

After the deep clearing, we will do an Infusion with the Golden Grid of Grace to ignite your Soul Intelligence within you. This will influence your behavior and future LifeLine to support you becoming a holographic expression of your Soul Truth — Sacred Divinity expressed as You.

When parasitic entities infiltrate and attach to you, it can be difficult to figure out what’s happening and how to fully release them because it’s NOT your energy!

But you don’t have to go it alone ~ allow the power of Metatron’s Cube to support you through the extraction so you can be held and nourished in the process. You must follow the Parasites & Portals Protocol for Significant FREEDOM!

Metatron’s Cube is called forth from the Higher Dimensions to increase your vitality, stamina and vibrancy. There is an intimacy that occurs between you and Metatron’s Cube as you become familiar with this Extraordinary force of restorative light.

Metatron’s Cube is made up of Sacred Geometric shapes that are the building blocks of Creation. These geometric configurations are Potent energetic symbols that have the Universal Power to Transform and Transmute your energy from an unfavorable condition to one that ignites Wholeness

Once intrusive parasites and portals are cleared you’ll experience…..

  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Complete freedom… body, mind and Soul
  • Enhanced Inner Awareness
  • Restorative light in your body tissues
  • Heightened Trust of Self and your Intuition
  • Much more ease and flow in you day to day life
  • Greater clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Balanced right brain ~ left brain function
  • Whole body harmony
  • Total and complete Self-Love and Self-Worth
  • Enhanced confidence, inner-strength and power
  • Greater determination and persistence to create desired outcomes
  • More consistent energy and vitality

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Value: $210

Access the Power of Metatron’s Cube to support you upgrading the vibrational frequency of the molecular structures in your body and Aura. You’ll receive the Divine Template of operation restoring your Nervous System, Adrenals and Aura to their optimal design and flow of light.

This is vital preparation for your ‘Parasites & Portals Relief’ Workshop. When your body and Aura have been susceptible to intrusive, parasitic organisms and entities, this indicates that your Aura has weak points and requires strengthening to prevent further invasions.

Foreign organisms in your body scramble Nervous System communications and inappropriately trigger the fight or flight mechanism of your adrenals. These parasites can have you feeling like your own body’s a threat or unable to distinguish real threats from benevolent energies.

So resetting and revitalizing your adrenals and Nervous System allows your tissues to be balanced and receptive to the deep, dynamic and profound shifts that will occur during your Parasite and Portal Removal Protocol.

What People Have To Say

This workshop is powerful!! Parasites and Portals was the first program I ever did with you Christel! I highly recommend, especially for anyone who has trouble with entity attachments- this is a game changer!!

Sara Cornell

What People Have To Say about Christel

“Thank you Beautiful Christel I feel honored and blessed to be a part of your wonderful healing work with Archangel Metatron’s Reiki. I found this work so profound and deep.

I feel I am getting to know my true authentic self now and it’s a beautiful experience.

Much Love and blessings.”


“Dear Christel,

Thank you so much!!! I am speechless. I am lost for words for what you are doing for so many of us. Thank you so much for holding the space for my 11D mind and healing of connective tissue. I feel so blessed to know people like you who are helping others to ascend and find my inner peace, joy, and overall well-being. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

With love”


“Hi Christel this is so powerful for me. My body has been releasing so much pain. And then last day I was able to complete with a narcissist friendship and feel safe supported to do so. I feel so free and Alive right now. I love your work with AA Metatron’s Cube.

Much Love. Thank you so much


About Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes is a Multi-dimensional Visionary, Medium and Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in energetic healing and rapid transformation for Celebrities and individuals throughout the World. We are always in Awe because of Christel’s lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings that go directly to the core of the issue – she pinpoints it immediately.

Christel’s work has broadened to include connecting with Archangel Metatron and mediating for Metatron’s cube to instantly shift a person’s consciousness… undoing mental, emotional and physical limitations…as well as opening up their Higher channels of communication.

The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to channel and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Parasites & Portals Relief Workshop


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