With International Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Channel, Healing Facilitator, Inventor, Presenter, and Bestselling Author
Eddie BenAbraham

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” We are The Seven Founders, we represent the Original Whales from the Galaxy of Water.”
” We are the guardians of the water. We are the bridge between all life in every galaxy.”
We all know how important water is to life on Earth in this conversation we will reveal additional knowledge given by the Original Whales and Seven Founders.
Dive with us into a new experience.

You’ll Learn How To:

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Channeled Healing Sessions

A Private Session with Eddie BenAbraham

Special Offer: Channeled Healing Sessions


2 Payment Option Available

Are you facing challenges with your partner, children, or extended family?
Do you feel lost and in need of guidance with your career, business, or passion in life?
Are you seeking clarity and tools to help facilitate balanced health?
Are you stuck in your childhood or past life events seeking a solution?
The experience awaits.
You are invited.

Common Questions

Q. Do I need to prepare coffee or see Eddie in person? 
A. No. Eddie prepares the cup for you. Scroll down to watch Eddie’s short video.

Q. What type of healing modality is Eddie using and what to expect?
A. Eddie utilizes the Entourage Healing Modality. It is a powerful method that includes the assistance of a large support group from the quantum or spirit realm. This group, or Entourage as Eddie calls them, are your ancestors, angels, spirit guides, higher self, innate body, benevolent entities, elementals, and more. They kick into action the minute you choose to work with Eddie and more so during and after your session.

Q. What type of questions can I ask?
A. Any question you have on your mind and heart. Have a list ready prior to your session.

Q. How far to the future or past in time will my session cover?
A. Eddie’s channeled information can cover as far as past lives and future life potentials. The most common aspects of time are childhood, womb, and young adulthood. The more you are open the “deeper” your session will lead to. 

Q. I can’t find a convenient time to schedule my session on your calendar. What can I do?
A. Contact Eddie directly to and share your time zone so Eddie can accommodate you in the best possible way.

Q. Will my session be recorded? 
A. No. Eddie asks that you take notes instead because it is important that you are attentive during the session and not rely on a recording. It is important that you understand the value of writing during the session.

Q. Can I see what my cup looks like?
A. Yes, by request during or prior to your session only, Eddie will send you pictures of your cup.

Q. Can I cancel my session?
A. No cancellations or refunds are available. You can, however, reschedule with at least 48-hours prior notice using the Contact form below. There is no refund if you are late or miss your session. Please be on time.

About Eddie BenAbraham

Eddie BenAbraham is an International Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Channel, Healing Facilitator, Inventor, Presenter, and Bestselling Author.

In 2019, Eddie built Vort8x.com (Vortex) with a mission to assist fellow humans during the shift into Earth’s new Golden Age.

Through his teachings of basic and advanced esoterics, Eddie offers his tribe the awareness and the means to consciously create a life of joy, balanced health, and abundance.

Together with The Original Whales, Gaia, and the Seven Founders, Eddie channels their loving messages and powerful Healing Journeys to help humanity during these biblical times.

Special Offer: Channeled Healing Sessions


2 Payment Option Available