Mastery Empowerment Course: NoraWalksInSpirit and the Infinite Masters2022-12-12T14:32:00-07:00

With Diamond Light Code Transmitter
Nora WalksInSpirit

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Package A: Infinite Master Alignment & Activation 60 mins

Package A: Personal One Hour Infinite Master Session


2 Payment Option Available

NoraWalksInSpirit begins all her Sessions with the Highest Vibrations of STILLNESS

The Light Languages spoken will be delivered during the Healing/Teachings.

To begin each Session Nora and the Infinite Masters will scan the Body and actively cleanse/clear/purify all Outer Aura Fields and Inner Chakras of the body.

A Teaching and understanding of Clearing low Vibrations trapped in the body and mind will be expressed and released. The Masters will then deliver what the client requests in Healing or Activating of Spiritual Gifts. A beautiful LOVE Essence Vibration will be poured into the Activation to completely Seal the profound Knowledge that will be delivered.

Nora, you and your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, so Energetically, Spiraling Uplifting, Shifting my entire body, I simply can’t thank you enough!

Package B: ‘4’ Infinite Master Gateways of 2022

Package B: ‘4’ Infinite Master Gateways of 2022


2 Payment Option Available

You will FEEL the STILLNESS of the Infinite Masters of Light pouring their empowering Light Frequencies upon you as you elevate within of Peaceful Energies to balance and align into a ONENESS of Divine Light Consciousness on every Gateway Activation.

4:4 GATEWAY 2022

During the 4-4 GATEWAY we enter into Light Portals to Renew, Reclaim and Access Crystals of Light to pour as Light Streams into our Bodies, not just our Minds.

Our entire Human Anatomy, Human Being, Human Soul is Listening to Telepathic Intelligences that we are hearing and feeling as a new sense of Guidance/Direction for our Souls to follow.

I will be transmitting a Master Message on this 4-4 GATEWAY with a Renewing Activation for all Souls to be Reuniting and Reclaiming their own Light.

Audio Recording 1 hour:


This 8:8 Gateway a Infinite LIGHT, Infinite LOVE shall flow “Within, Below and Beyond” all who are all Accepting, Adapting and uniformly shifting into a blended ONENESS Consciousness of a Beautiful Peaceful Equation of the Flower of Light.

We are entering into a New Crystalline Birthing of Light Consciousness in waveforms of Intelligences on to this Planet in a Flower of Light.                       

Audio Recording 1 hour

11-11 GATEWAY Activates Purest Love Light Realities

This 11:11 Gateway is what we have all be long awaiting a Gateway of Reality😊

The Gateway of Pristine Master Consciousness that is going to reveal our ONENESS to all!

It is for you to Transition, through Listening, for you to Transform through Activating, for you to Transcend through Realities of this 11:11GATEWAY that IS here in this very NOW!

Audio Recording 1 hour

12:12 GATEWAY Adorned by the Masters ‘12’ RINGS of LIGHT         

12:12 Gateway is Aligning you closer into your Soul Light Journeys of Divinity and Purpose. We are beginning to shift into more Reality states of KNOWING; that we are transitioning into Supra Conscious Minds that is Connecting us back into Soul’s Divinity.  These Divine Infinite Masters in Sacred Geometries transmitting Golden Dust Particles in Strands of Light and empowering ‘12’ Rings of Master Light Frequencies to Divinely guide our Souls to Crystal Coded Soul Light Connection for us to once more Rebirth, Transform and Become ONENESS of Light.          

Audio Recording 1 hour

Nora, your Teachings are Amazing, the marvel to discover the direct connection of the Soul to the Masters through simplicity and unity!

Thank You so much Nora….I have to say I have learned so much through this experience of your Divine Activations tonight… you are absolute awesome!

About NoraWalksInSpirit

noraWalksInSpirit is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has been trained as a Algonquin Native Shaman and has been delivering Teachings and Healing Sessions for over 20 years.

Nora currently operates as a “Diamond Light Code Transmitter” to the Multi-Dimensions of Crystal Grid Systems as she Connects and Communicates to Higher levels of Infinite Consciousness.

In her own words: “My teachings and healings are SPOKEN in the Gift of Sacred Languages and Vibrations that form a Bridge from the Mind to the Heart to all Dimensions of Consciousness”

We can create this BRIDGE from one state of Consciousness to a Higher Consciousness, while focusing on the “Clarity” of Enlightenment through STILLNESS.

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