Mastery Empowerment Course: Move closer to Source (to enhance your creative power!) with Gaitana & Yantal2022-05-02T08:21:11-06:00

Mastery Empowerment Course: Move closer to Source (to enhance your creative power!)

With Spiritual Guides and Code Keepers
Gaitana & Yantal

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During this webinar we will share a few insights about Divine Alchemy that can inspire you to step into your soul power and purpose. Advanced alchemical tools and practices will help you focus on the Light rather than on your seeming limitations and to actualize the way that you perceive yourSelf and others.

Embracing your Inner Alchemist is not an end in itself, but a gateway to liberation. Your transition into 5D consciousness and beyond requires that you let go of old structures and paradigms and that you attune yourSelf to the frequencies of the Enlightened Age. As you move closer to Source (which is what Ascension really means) you will realize that there is nothing to ‘’fix’’ or to ‘’heal’’ and that you are free to create your own Universe.

As you align with your Divine Plan and embrace DIVINE VALUE and DIVINE ORDER as the foundation of your new reality, your whole life experience will shift. Ready to let go of mental projections, emotional separation, and physical resistance and to bring everything into the field of Unity Consciousness so that you can restore your Creator-Creatrix Consciousness?

We invite you to:

  • Choose loving habits to create your own set of ascension practices.
  • Strengthen your 3Ds: discipline, dedication, and devotion.
  • Transmute your CLAN energy into the frequency of COMMUNITY.
  • Become a Code ‘Transmitter’’ instead of being a Code ‘’Carrier’’.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Become a New Earth Leader

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Online Retreat: Become a New Earth Leader


2 Payment Option Available

Ready to awaken your Inner Leader and to focus on divine solutions? Discover the main tools and practices that will help you access your Higher Consciousness to fully empower yourSelf. No external circumstances can ever define you; only your divine blueprint can determine your destiny.

We will open the Enlightenment Portal so that you can receive the Light Codes that will inspire you to welcome Divine Guidance and to have faith in your highest potential. Enjoy this Initiation into soul empowerment!

An Initiation is both a challenge and an opportunity for growth. If you understand its purpose, you will awaken the Love, the Power and the Wisdom required to embrace it with enthusiasm! Becoming a New Earth Leader requires igniting your Inner Light and, therefore, clearing limiting beliefs, ancestral fear and the habits that are holding you back. Are you willing to accept Divine Intervention to step up and thrive?

As a New Earth Leader, you will be required to embody certain virtues and values that will allow you to live with purpose and to trust your Ascension Journey.

Divine Health (Vitality) & Abundance are the foundation of a fulfilling life. We invite you to master your energy to master your reality. What are you worthy of creating? You are now ready to let go of disempowering thoughts and emotions and to find inner validation to upgrade your consciousness and your life!

Your inner transformation always precedes your material expansion since true abundance is generated through inner growth. If you are trying to expand professionally, financially or in your relationships, remember that you cannot magnetize and stabilize what you don’t believe you deserve. Let’s clear our energy fields to anchor the light! Remember that your reality is vibrational and that your inner state will determine what you will experience in your external reality. As you shift your vibration, you will embrace prosperity and organically step into your highest timeline reality.

During our Online Retreat we will share Energy Activations, Light Transmissions, and some private space to clear the attachment to old forms of leadership and to explore Enlightened Ways of Living and of Serving.

We invite you to discover what Higher Consciousness invites you to create and to experience as you move forward on your evolutionary journey. Explore 4 Divine Virtues that will help you thrive in this Golden Age: Service, Selflessness, Sacrifice (heartfelt offering) & Surrender.

We invite you to:

  • Remember how to thrive as a New Earth Leader.

  • Connect to Source Energy.

  • Become your own Source of well-being.

  • Find inner peace.

  • Practice self-inquiry to accelerate your transformation.

  • Live in a continuous flow of expansion.

  • Commit to your highest vision.

  • Embrace Service as a doorway to liberation.

  • Have Faith in your divine potential.

Private Session with the Latest MEC

Private Session with the Latest MEC


2 Payment Option Available

During these sessions you will be able to access high-vibe frequencies to re-activate more of your Light Codes and to harmonize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

They are a perfect space for you to co-create with your Higher Self. We will provide you with your Creation Decree 2022, which is a unique tool that will align you with your creative potential so that you can step into your highest timeline reality. You will also have the opportunity to discover more of your energy signature (essence), to reveal your Authentic Life Plan, and to let go of all the excuses that are holding you back and that are not allowing you to expand with enthusiasm. If you want to connect with a field of Universal Love-Truth, to make wise decisions and to find accelerated resolution to your daily challenges, these sessions are for you!

About Gaitana & Yantal

We are Spiritual Guides and Code Keepers (Transmitters of Divine Codes) devoted to serving Human-Planetary Enlightenment. Our Mission includes You, your family, your community, humanity, our planet … and beyond!

Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to embrace Higher Consciousness so that we can co-create The New Earth: a human civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth.

Our Service is mainly focused on guiding the spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace their Divinity, to align with their authentic life purpose and to develop Faith in their highest vision. We feel inspired to help you reveal your divine origin, your essence, your purpose, your destiny, and your mission so that we can ALL experience Self-realization as we trust the natural flow of Health-Abundance that leads us towards Liberation.

Our vision brings together those who are ready to restore their Creator Consciousness and to explore their own magnificence. We are eager to support the awakening and the training of new spiritual leaders who are willing to devote their lives to Self-Realization and, eventually, engage in an innovative kind of Humanitarian Service.

We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we have been called to help raise the individual-collective consciousness as we ALL reveal / fulfill our Soul’s Purpose. We are fully committed to our Humanitarian Mission! 

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