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Media Production Lab - Live!

Media Production Lab - Live


2 Payment Option Available

LIVE MEDIA LAB - Tuesday June 25

12PM PT / 1PM MT / 2PM CT / 3PM ET / 8PM GMT


Or this event is included when you purchase the Media Production 101 course for  $144.

This topic is All about ZOOM -- How to Use Zoom as Your Own Personal Recording Studio.   We'll go into detail on how you can create media content and edit the programs like a pro!

Join us for a LIVE Media Lab to learn valuable Media Production skills.  This event is for everyone: students already in the Media Production 101 program, or new students who simply have questions about current media projects underway. Come with your questions and learn from a media expert!

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Media Production 101 - Online Course Only + Media Lab Live


2 Payment Option Available

3 Hour VIDEO TRAINING to learn basic media production skills with a library of 20+ hours of Media Labs learning special tactics for social media, YouTube, webinars and online courses. 

This is Everything a Lightworker Needs to Know to Use Media in a Powerful and Effective Way! 

This course is for ANYONE working on ZOOM or Recording Meditations, Classes and Online Programs!

With the recent advancement into online learning, instruction, connection and engagement, this class is for those who need guidance and assistance with all things MEDIA PRODUCTION.

This is  really an important workshop for professionals who desire to learn the vital and essential tools to record, edit and produce audio and video files. This is a must-have course for anyone who is doing online courses, group calls, or recording anything yet wishes to make simple and basic edits of the event recordings to produce professional-quality audios and videos.

This program teaches you how to record, edit and publish digital content. It’s a video and then a dozen media labs that teach even more based on participant questions.  Today’s technology supports abundant media creation, and this will guide you to creating professional quality audios and videos.

Learn the easy way to edit out mistakes, add cool title slides to videos, take out buzz on recordings and produce digital content like a Pro! 

You will learn how to use free software Audacity and inexpensive, high quality software Adobe Audition to edit your audio recordings.  You’ll learn tips the pros use in Audio Production! Plus we’ll cover a little bit about how to make simple edits to your video recordings.

How to Create:
Your Own Professional-quality recording studio using your computer
Online Events, Webinars, Radio Shows, Group Calls
Recorded Meditations & Activations with or without background music

How to Edit:
Recorded audio or video programs
Musical backgrounds into your programs
& Get Rid of Unwanted hums/buzzes and beeps

How to Produce:
Video and Audio programs for digital delivery
& Learn about online platforms for webinars, on-demand and pay-per-view

This is the class you’ve been waiting for! If you’re ready to launch yourself huge into the digital world of today’s new media communication of podcasts, webinars, youTube channels and on-demand videos and more, then start here and learn the basics of how you can give your recordings a professional feel and sound by learning a few powerful tricks of the trade.

Whether you are seasoned at online and live events, or if you desire to step up into hosting your own events, this course gives you with missing tips and techniques to show you how to make simple edits on your recordings, what the best recording online platforms are and how to create a revenue stream from on-demand or digital downloadable events.

Most of the time, you just need a quick edit to the front or back end of your event recordings. Or perhaps to edit out an interruption or unrelevant information. You’ll learn how to make these edits and produce a buttoned-up and professional digital product!You can also use this edit time to add your own show graphics or product pitches or website plugs.

PLUS! You’ll get Access to the following recorded Media Labs:

  • How to Use Zoom as a Recording Studio
  • Free Audio Editing Software, Royalty Free Music and Easy Video Applications for Social Media
  • Creating a Video with Sound Files
  • Making Videos from podcasts, cleaning background Noise
  • Audio Cleanup, Subliminal Echo Technique, Creating Video Intros on Zoom Video
  • Making Edits in Video Editing Software, Adding Video Intros to your Zoom Recordings
  • Review of Zoom Recording Tips, Video Editing and Audio Cleanup
  • How to Create Videos without Picking up a Camera
  • Overview of Essential Tools and Software
  • Livestreaming Technology


I love how the walls have literally come down on media controls, and now each one of us have the ability to create using the powerful tools of audio and video. As a media professional working in television and radio in the early ’90s, I was in a world where one could not touch a television camera unless you were in the Radio and Television Union. Today, not only do we have high-quality video cameras on most, if not all, smart phones, we also have a FREE service that allows us to post videos AND earn money off those who view them. Not to mention the huge niche market of followers available to see your YouTube channel!It’s amazing and yet, overwhelming, because as simple as it may sound to record and produce our dreams, teachings, insights and more into video and audio, it’s not so easy. And there are a few tricks of the trade that will be highly beneficial in coming across in a professional quality for your teachings and offerings.

That’s why I’ve created this course especially for you: the one who wants to record or is currently recording your own teachings, online events and group calls. I’ve met so many who are talented in singing, toning, meditations, and who are following the call of their hearts to step up and teach, or be a wayshower to others.

The biggest challenge I see them all having is the ability to edit out minor mistakes, buzzes or maybe they want to insert a beautiful title slide or graphic in their video. Sometimes, they have questionson how to create live online events, or simiply where and how to post videos online. And this is where I am following the call of my heart to step up and help you.

I am sharing this knowledge with you so we can bring forth a beautiful world, using all of our skills, talents and passions as we do so. We will be supported when we do this and I AM here to support you NOW.

This course is called Media Production 101 — and it will give you the confidence and professional edge you need to build your library of digital offerings. You’ll learn about the variuos platforms to use for your group calls, online teachings, gathering, or even how to pre-record events and audio or video programs for on-demand or pay-per-view.

I look forward to assisting you in bringing forth your New Earth Creations with a classy, professional touch on a shoestring budget!

Blessings and love,

Option 1: Purchase the Online Course only and immediately access the online viewing portal with a library of Media Production Training videos, including 20+ hours of recorded Media Labs that detail advanced strategies such as how to setup a YouTube Channel, use social media for lead magnets, create intro videos for your zoom recordings, and more!   You’ll have lifetime access to this video library – it never expires so you can learn at your own pace.   $144 – one time fee.

What People Have To Say

I’ve been finding your whole course to be invaluable!!! I’ve completed 2 mp3s and have 2 others I am in the process of producing. I’m sure I’ll be reviewing how to set up a sales and delivery page as I’m expecting to launch them for sale later this week. That’s not even going into video production. I am still learning and so far the feedback has been great! Thank you again for such a wonderful course! –


You’ve helped me so much to launch my YouTube Channel! After taking your media 101 class, I was able to co create a YouTube channel called The Ascension Playground. Your Lowell Johnson conversation sparked several friends idea that I should meet Haruko… so, one of the first chats on my new channel is also because of you!!!

Ursula O’Farrell

About Lauren Galey

Creator of New Earth One Network – Acoustic Health and the Lemurian Heart Temple. Spiritual Journalist, New Earth Business Intuitive Founder & Media Host: Quantum Conversations, Healing Conversations, Online Healing Retreats. Lauren Ellis Galey is creator of the Passion Matrix, which she used in her own life as she moved out of radio & television news and into a journey of creating with the Heart.  She learned first-hand how the universe supports heart-aligned, (aka soulaligned) efforts and coaches lightworker, healers and New Earth leaders on developing sustainable income from regenerative, heart-based businesses, services, organizations & systems for New Earth.

Media Production Lab - Live


2 Payment Option Available

Media Production 101 - Online Course Only + Media Lab Live


2 Payment Option Available