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Merissa Indigo

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Welcome home to your sacred temple, your seat of the soul, your body! Stretch, release, & make space embody more light

Welcome to Lightbody Prana Yoga series 2! This is our revolutionary approach to yoga which includes energy healing, ancestral clearing, qi gong, body drumming/tapping, and conscious breath to raise our frequency combined with restorative yoga. This is where soul meets body! A gentle, expansive system of prana-directed movement to remove density from our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. By making space within the body through stretching, conscious breath, touch, and prana or energy circulation, we are also making space for more light within the physical body! This is a unique practice created for all those on the ascension journey to New Earth to innerstand how to release the old by going deep inside the body through the breath and mind’s eye or 3rd eye.

Through this practice, we witness where old information is stored in our tissues, organs, joints, bones, and muscles. We can consciously breathe new life force and light into these spaces to update our consciousness/operating system from the physical body and beyond!

Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2 is 100% restorative, so it is created for every body type, season of life, and energy level. Series 2 requires no previous yoga experience. The goal is to reintroduce ourselves to our avatar, body temple, Merkaba once again and unify with the divine through breathing into the body itself by focusing on one part or system at a time. This is not a flow yoga, meaning the sequences will ALL be done lying down on our back, side, or front of body too, supported on yoga props.

****Props are REQUIRED for this practice in order to allow for a deeper opening as we drape the body over these props and work with gravity to facilitate deep yet gentle openings in our tissue. Props include yoga straps, bolsters, blankets, yoga mat, and at least 6 blocks to make sure you are comfortable in the many supported poses we will be enjoying together.

****NOTE All who sign up will receive an email with resources to either purchase yoga props online or create your own from items at home.

This free mini-course will review the power of restorative yoga for our cutting-edge, organic Light body technology. The purpose of this practice is to discover new ways to move energy and release old programs even when in bed with physical light upgrades. This brand new series focuses on restorative yoga to completely re-boot our nervous systems with higher light and thus begin to build the light up through our nervous system to grow our lightbody too.

This series 2 practice is created by flowing organically with the energies pouring down from the cosmos, from the solar activity, the astrology, local seasonal weather, many stargates and frequent portals with their subsequent physical ascension sensations. The energies are intense for our nervous systems and thus kick up all kinds of old programs held deep within.

All is here to continually open us to an evolution of consciousness. While challenging us to the very Coeur, this journey of the Shift can become fun with the right tools.

It is important to nourish our physical nervous system now as a consistent practice to succeed in the new light from a physical perspective. This is the same as strengthening our lightbody as this is the lightbody. This is the system extension of subtle energy bodies/electromagnetic pulses of the nervous system itself. The physical shift experience is growing for many people globally with the consistent solar flares on the rise now, so this was shown to me as an easy and delicious system to restore ourselves as a practice. To show ourselves the Love.

Special Offer: Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2: Restorative

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Special Offer: Lightbody Prana Yoga for New Earth Entry Series 2:

Restorative Yoga

Option 1: 6-week Journey

Value of Special Offer $122 for 6-week series

Welcome home to your sacred temple, your seat of the soul, your body! Stretch, release, & make space to embody more light. Welcome to Lightbody Prana Yoga series 2!

Each class is 75 minutes long and ends with a guided meditation or sound healing to integrate the codes discovered in deep relaxation.

This is a 6-week course designed to open the body and deepen your connection to New Earth -and now with series 2 we are bringing in the entire Cosmos our of Galactic Quadrant too- through you.

Restorative yoga will be our vehicle through which we explore opening the body and creating a working partnership with our lightbody.

Laying for several minutes in different yoga postures on the floor we will use props to support our body and its needs to release.

We use the props to build the floor up to meet our body and fully allow a holographic cellular-level letting go, which has wonderful healing effects for our entire being. When the body is finally truly comfortable the bliss body becomes activated and we can begin to embody higher frequencies in our neural mainframes or building links.

Using the relaxation response somatic technology we will relax the body and breath to restore our souls, rest deeply and bathe in prana. Meditative pranic healing journey through the body as we lie on our props.

Each week we will explore a different theme and unlock the codes held within. We will breathe into the old information or “issues in the tissues” to then release them and re-code from the DNA and cellular levels, consciously making space for the higher light of New Earth to build a framework or new system within our body. This unique combination of lightbody technology, yoga and Lemurian energetic healing technology is the foundation to re-booting and upgrading our Vagus nerve/limbic brain complex, Endocrine system of pituitary/pineal/thymus. Once these hit a certain threshold we can really build a strong lightbody.

Yoga means to unify or embody the divine within us by yoking it, capturing it through our own consistent devotion to the process of being here and present with divine mind NOW.

$122 for 6-week series

Bonus material included: Includes Sacred Self-Care ebook with easy, practical self-care rituals, written with timing in mind for householders, professionals and modern, multi-dimensional people.

Option 2: Upgrade to own Series 1 and 2

Value of Special Offer $199


Intro to Lightbody Prana Yoga for New Earth Entry (series 1)

~6 weeks of class

~2 bonus Q&A community calls packed with streamed intel for self-discovery

~2 Bonus MEC Webinars ~Merissa’s Pranayama & Frequency of Immunity master-level courses to expand your connection to your breath and gain an Ayurvedic insight into building immunity through diet and digestion.


Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2: Restorative Yoga to build our Light

~6 weeks of class

~Includes Sacred Self-Care ebook with easy, practical self-care rituals, written with timing in mind for householders, professionals and modern, multi-dimensional people.

Special Offer 1: Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2


Special Offer 2: Intro to Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 1 plus Offer 1


About Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo is a mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower here to support humanity during the Shifts into the Golden Age. Her true joy is the discovery of ancient wisdom to heal, integrate and expand personally which she then shares with the world to support the full restoration of our Divine DNA. She has studied many ancient traditions from East to West, Occult and so forth to consolidate ascension technology into simple systems for personal alchemy to share with you all.

She is part of the Holy order of the Marys, she is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Holy Womb Chakra facilitator, a member of the Fellowship of Isis and a Sophia Christ minister.

Special Offer 1: Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2


Special Offer 2: Intro to Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 1 plus Offer 1