Mastery Empowerment Course: Light Body Activation with Adrienn Light2022-04-11T15:03:09-06:00

With Pranic Living Chaneller
Adrienn Light


Join us as Adrienn introduces Light Body Activation. The Light Body vibrates on the frequency level of pure love. You become love itself and you will see it everywhere around you. Physical hunger is highly diminished since you can start relying your nourishment on the energies flowing in and out of your heart chakra.

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2022 Light Body Activation Retreats

  • 9-15th of May (*Sold Out*)

  • 14-20th of November (Available)

BONUS: Receive a free 1-1 channeling session with Adrienn when you sign up!

Light Body Activation Retreat

  • The total price of the retreat is 2322 euros and the reservation is 500 euros (approx. $555). You will pay 500 euros (approx. $555) now, upon registration, and the rest when you arrive to the retreat.

What you will experience:

  • Detoxification
  • Download the newest updates for the body
  • Learn how to heal Yourself and others
  • Open Your channels to connect with the Source, experiencing the God energy anytime
  • Learn how to live on light and love
  • Learn how to speed up your manifestation
  • Liberate yourself from old patterns, set free from your old emotional body
  • Renew your DNA

7 day Light body activation retreat

The preparation has already begun, because if you read these lines, your soul is open to make this change happen. The birth itself takes seconds. However, when the change happens, like with any new-born, this body is weak and needs time to integrate. Your entire being and energy system must adapt to this new Light body. That’s why the seven days are needed. We will then prepare for further life and return to society with sufficient strength.
After the process, your life is likely to change as you go through a new birth. New abilities can surface, you will find fulfilment, you will shine inside and out and wherever you go, you will shine light that will bring change for your family as well.

The program:

From Monday 9:00 until Sunday 16:00
● Light Body “birth ceremony” with the help of Adrienn
● Every day, we do some workout, exercise, controlled integration of the new Light Body. We learn about conscious movement. There will be 3 hours of yoga in 7 days, also excursion, fast walking, running and jogging. Except on Day 3, when we spend the whole day in silence, on this day there will be no training.
● Every day meditation
● Integration of the new light body, workshops on the subject
● Possibility for individual conversations with Adrienn
● Align the mind with the new body.

We will fast during the program, preparing for the arrival of the new Light body. The third day will be a day of silence.
Day 1: Water
Day 2-3-4: Water or Dry
Day 5-7: It’s varied for everybody, Adrienn determines the food and drink consumption in these two days, depending on what the person’s spirit’s message is. (It can be water, juice, smoothie, some solid food)

If possible, avoid using your phone, ipad or notebook during the Program.
If you feel the need, you could only eat vegan meals a week before you join the program.


Back to la Tierra

La Alcaparra II 5D,
29650 Mijas
Malaga – Spain


We will have tranfers from the airport, bus station. It will be 50 euros/ way/ person. You can pay it when You arrive. Please let us know if you need any transport. Send us your ticket and the person will wait for you at the arrival with your name.

2322 Euro Price includes:

● Accommodation in double rooms for 6 nights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) if you need extra accommodation please let us know.
● Food and drink consumption according to the specified regimen. (Fresh fruit will always be in stock and can be consumed as needed)
● Light body birth ceremony with Adrienn
● Workouts, exercise and other programs
● Workshops
Detoxification Program
Download the newest updates for the body
Learn how to heal Yourself and others
Open Your channels to can get in contact with the Source, God energy anytime
Learn how to live on light and love
Learn how to alter the speed of your manifestation
Liberate yourself from the old patterns, leave your old emotional body and get a new one
Renew your DNA
And many more….

Video Testimonials

Mediation to Connect

Adrienn: “When I channelled this meditation I was in a deep transmission with Source. I ask you to hear with eyes closed and connected the whole time.”
Deep meditation to tap into your true heart essence. Meet with your own energies. Coded meditation to take you to the heart.”

Meditation to Connect


2 Payment Option Available

About Adrienn Light

Light body Experience* Pranic living* Chaneller* Starseed kids specialist*
Certificated Naturopath* Practitioner of German New Medicine

I have two different memories in one lifetime here on the Planet Earth. One is my life with the 3 dimensional vessel and the spirit who was connected that body….
The other is when I manifest myself here on this realm through a Light Body.

The break happened in 2016 when I experienced a life changing transformation, where my 3 D body spontaneously was changed to a Light Body. At that moment my spirit who was connected to that body liberated and other spirit from a higher consciousness connected to this new body. Then I needed two years to settled down this new energy space. In 2018 I received the message to share, give talks, lectures on the topics that I am channeling and be a facilitator of light body activation in other persons as well. This is how the 7-day process was born, “Light Body Activation Process”, where I hold the space and frequency to activate the light body in the participants, meanwhile they are in a kind of galactic school also as I share all the information what comes through me.

Apart from that service, I am a medium, energetic healer, bridge between Source and other Dimensions.

I live with my husband and my dear daughters and in my daily life I am a mother of a family.

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