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Alana Aviel

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Manifesting is about 50% of the action of creating your reality. The remaining 50% is the ability to read the subtle cues around you as they are a conversation with your highest self and the divine to actualize your creation.

All of life is pure potential.

To activate and return to the sea of pure potential we have to clean the glass through which we see the world. By learning to read your reality you bring awareness to the muck on the glass that is limiting you from accessing the magic of that pure potential.

Learn to see the meaning of Challenge before things get rough.

Learning to read your reality is meant to bring the insight before the “lesson”. Life is not designed to test us but rather inform us what our subconscious is creating reality from.

Each person in your life is a mirror to show you who you are.

Sometimes we live with that mirror and other times we are less enthralled by what it has to say. Why is that? It is exactly that the things we want to see are affirmations of the qualities we have aligned about ourselves and the cloudy reflections are simply reminders that there are things we are destined to shift. When you learn to read the mirrors without having to dive into the reflection you can shift into a new reality right away.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Learn to Manipulate the Matrix

Mastery Empowerment Course: Learn to Manipulate the Matrix


2 Payment Option Available

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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your mind and tap into your infinite self? The Mirror Dimension is the ultimate framework for self-discovery and embodiment, designed for those who are eager to transform into living an accelerated life of pure joy, ease, and creation. It’s like a gym for your mind, activated with childlike wonder and ancient mastery, giving you the key code to computer learning within the operating system of yourself. This isn’t just another program or class teaching you one system, it’s a place where you can witness yourself and others embody a depth of self-awareness that breaks the ceiling between the now you and your infinite self. And the best part? The Mirror Dimension is not limited to implementing just one practice, it’s a framework for discovery that stretches past the trauma work and dances in the place of pure creation. So if you’re hungry to uncover and activate your soul message and legacy, and become a creator God inside of reality, then this is the place for you. Don’t let waves of feeling “stuck” hold you back, in the Mirror Dimension we mine the stuck experience as data in the field of the creation of your reality. Join us now and experience the magic of living an accelerated life of pure joy, ease, and creation!

Item 2: 4 Class Course Access via Kajabi

As an embodied being of the divine, you hold immense power as both the player and creator of the game of life and the Matrix. Imagine unlocking the secrets of each challenge, adventure, and relationship, and listening to your reality as it speaks back to you with the reflection of your deepest desires. The Matrix, once misunderstood as a place of challenge and adversity, is actually a reflection of your own thoughts and beliefs, and by realizing this, you can liberate yourself from its challenges. In this Masterclass series, you will learn how to master your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and create new relationships with life that align with your heart’s desires. You’ll gain insight into the patterns and beliefs that shape your life, empowering you to live life to the fullest. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery and unlock your full potential as a divine creator.

What People Have To Say About Alana

Alana has a beautiful approach of taking relevant and specific facets of life situations, then combining her knowledge and actual experience into a fresh and vital way of viewing this world and our place in it and within ourselves. She never dictates the path, but mindfully guides me to find the answers within. I leave her sessions feeling completely upgraded and invigorated. I carry multiple lessons and phrases from her sessions around with me, using them confidently in various life situations. As a reminder, I use this mantra in moments of challenge, “what would Alana say”, to help me center and navigate. Alana is the Queen of spiritual mic drops. She often pauses after or repeats her words slowly, so the meaning and impact truly sets in. Alana’s teachings don’t need to be written down and studied, they need to be embraced, practiced, and embodied. Thank you, Alana!

Chris Campbell

I have a win! After Monday’s Q&A with Alana I’ve been trusting the universe in bringing me a perfect client that would be in my field and would help give me consistent work for the next few months. I’ve been just loosening my grip and having faith that all will come together. Feeling it in my heart how that would feel. Through this I realized that my existing clients actually have more work for me than usual towards the end of the month and I am so grateful for that! But then I helped a friend get connected for some work and he ended up giving me a huge referral that I am meeting on Friday! I’m so blessed. The more we are grateful the more we receive. Also the law of giving and receiving helped align all of this. Thank you universe.

Anne Louise

What I mostly appreciate about Alana is her very respectful, open-heartedand fearless way toward all beings which is greatly inspiring.Her gift is undeniably in clear seeing/hearing. Through the meeting with her (in classes) are on one side  freely appearing the limitations of our lives (mental, bodily, emotional, prosperity etc. issues) and consequently the way how to overcome these limitations by unveiling the self-trust in what we truly are.  There are many details, many sharings, and many insights that Alana is displaying, leaving on people to experience or verify them by living their own life. Simply to say : to meet Alana is the way to meet your own greatness, your unlimited self. And there I see  the heart of joy in whatever Alana is doing or even not doing anything at all.


About Alana Aviel

Alana Aviel is a renowned channel, guide and strategist with who developed and teaches profound practice for creative genius, life mastery, and autonomy. Her primary objective as an Objective Observer in the Quantum Field is to shine a light within the individual to become an absolute embodiment of their true self as the divine and to become witness to their own mastery and continued evolution. Alana is also an Intra-Dimensional Emissary, utilizing many lifetimes of learning to inform and recode earth paradigms and outdated programs that have lost their purpose for the evolution of spirit. She is committed to the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns and limitations to being and has developed her deep and clear channel to the higher self of the individual. Her clients have described her methods as wildly empowering and rapidly transformational, magnifying their experience into the life they dream of.

Prior to her guided interventions from the divine, Alana Aviel had been on an in-depth tour of the earth paradigm, dancing across many disciplines, earning a Doctorate of Architecture, working near impossible gigs in Film and Advertising, often making game-shifting observations from behind the desk of many CEOs, and had even left her mark as an emerging artist in New York and global festivals. Former clients include Apple, Art Directors Guild, Anomaly, Converse, Motorola, and many more.

As a Visionary Strategist for Intradimensional Leaders, Alana can now be found teaching mind blowing, soul activating classes in The MIRROR DIMENSION, as well as working One-on-One with spirit driven Intradimensional Leaders to create their Legacy level impact. She also leads twice yearly retreats to Egypt where those who feel called can embark on a journey of ancient soul-remembering, activation and meditations at powerful sites and temples.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Learn to Manipulate the Matrix


2 Payment Option Available