With Founder of Soul Mastery™
Susann Taylor Shier

Enjoy a Quantum Conversation with Susann


I understand that as someone from Parallel Universes you do not feel seen or understood here. You feel deep down like a stranger in a strange world that is far from the field of unity and oneness that your soul has lived in for way more time and space than you have done earth incarnations. A person from a Parallel Universe may also feel as you have one Lightfoot in the other realms and a reluctant Lightfoot in this world because it doesn’t feel safe to bring the gold of your higher frequencies into this unconscious and constrictive earth plane.

I have been honored to assist you very high level, expansive souls for over 30 years to bring your amazing gifts into your energy field, heart, and body and into the creation of the new earth. In this Quantum Conversation you will discover how to access your natural ability to transmute energies and live from the limitless resource you hold in your Parallel Universal nature.

This is this your chance to get reconnected and reunited with the incredible nature of your vast, abundant and universally powerful creator.This is not only the opportunity to discover your soul gifts and purposes within the Universe Self that you bring here, but the means to experientially access those frequencies and bring them into your body and life.

In truth, the only wound is the wound of separation from Universal Love and infinite creation.
Let’s release that wound and return you home to your soul’s unique universal power source.

Enjoy this Special Offer

2023 is a gateway for our soul’s emergence in a way we have never seen before.

It is heralded to be the year that our soul’s calling will come forth as we only dreamed was possible.

I am excited to bring heart and soul filled gifts to you to inspire and uplift your soul, and its vital place in your life, to its greatest height and deepest depth of enlightened life flow.

Certainly, in this year there will be many truths uncovered, major discord felt, and personal challenges surfacing.

With increased communion with your multiuniversal guidance collective in your heart, the infinite can be created here and now in your very life in profound and magical ways.

The energies of miracle laden existence are fully available as never before to discover the high road of your soul’s purpose unfolding. 

It’s a real time for dreams to become realities!

The stars are aligned for your intuitive superpower to explode into perceptive wisdom that will guide you with ease and grace of joyful connection.

I have created this special gift which contains key elements to accelerate your ability to take full advantage of these luminous lights streaming through now.

These keys will allow your universe to have full reign in your beloved life, and divine Love to guide you in the purest way possible.

You will know that you are loved, on purpose, and part of a guided, unified collective of clear contribution for your soul’s blueprint and destiny.

To shine from the wealth of our heart and soul.

Ah, that is the bliss we hunger to know.

There is nothing outside of Love!!!

Special Offer #1 Includes:

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self 21-Day Immersion

(Mp3s. Instant Download.)

Offer 1: Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self 21-Day Immersion


2 Payment Option Available

Bring your natural connection to infinite oneness and the vastness of creation fully into manifestation.

Feel safe, confident and heart centered while bringing the fullness of your multidimensional self into the world.

You are a remarkable multidimensional soul, aware of the influx of the higher energies in many ways, while also being very sensitive to the energies continually ‘ping-ponging” around you here in this dimension. 

You long to feel seen and understood, maybe for the first time here.

You would love to feel at home in your heart and unique self while on this planet.

You would like to confidently contribute your gifts without being bombarded by all that is transforming and seems to be coming at you over and over.

Know that there is a glorious place here for your astounding soul, while honoring your sensitivity, your intuitive abilities, and your empathic nature.

You sense that you are a very expanded soul, trying your best to contribute in ways that are true to your unique gift.

This is a wildly successful and carefully crafted program for sensitive beings, empaths, healers, and multidimensional souls who have difficulty here; know you give too much or take on others’ energies unwittingly.

This is the year to know how to expand and deepen your intuitive abilities, without the fear of taking on the energies of those around you.

This is the time to:

  • Find true reliable source connection
  • Assured confidence in who you are
  • Feel a solid anchor within yourself that you can absolutely trust

Master your ability to thrive, with an open heart, 

in ALL ways on Earth 

as you expand your capacity to bring 

your unique and beautiful gifts.

***Be embraced, transformed and enlivened as you feel at home on earth in your universal skin.

Do any of these feelings ring true for you?

  • You have the tendency to go up and out of your body when you’re stressed.
  • You’re overwhelmed by other people’s energies and resign that there is nothing you can do because you’re an empath.
  • You hesitate to reveal a bigger presence in your world because you fear that you won’t be understood, you’ll be rejected, or you’ll be harmed by others who seem to have more power than you.
  • You feel the only way to handle suffering in the world is to shut off and isolate, with the feeling there is no place for you here.
  • You have become a people pleaser to feel connected to someone or something in your unanchored heart that longs to know Love.
  • You long to feel truly at home on earth, while you hold your infinite universal nature sacred.

If so, expect to transform:

  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply LOVED.
  • Contracted in fear to feeling radiantly BRAVE.
  • Feeling you have nothing to offer, to knowing the value of your joyful CONTRIBUTION.
  • Feeling emotionally drained, to feeling you can handle ANYTHING.

During this potent and life-changing 21-day immersion designed specifically for multidimensional souls like you, expect to transform:

  • Showing up as a “hot mess” to being an abiding, peaceful presence.
  • Being overly-giving to feeling deeply loved.
  • Contracted in fear to feeling radiantly alive.
  • Feeling you have nothing to offer, to knowing the value of your joyful contribution.
  • Feeling emotionally drained, to feeling you can handle anything.
  • Feeling “homeless” here on earth, to feeling at home in your beautiful universal skin

During our 21-day immersive event:

  • This is your great opportunity to reset your tendencies to be too sensitive, empathic and afraid of engaging in and with the world.
  • You will heighten your beautiful capacity to share your gifts as the amazing soul that you are. 
  • Together we will deepen your natural transformational abilities and your unique ability to bring in dimensions beyond this world to your world – for the benefit of ALL.
  • Experience the visceral embodiment of divine Love.
  • Welcome home to your multidimensional self having the freedom to be all that you are, even now and even here.

AND, expect to gain:  

  • The ability to listen to your soul and your heart to guide you ALWAYS.
  • An immense vitality and healing energy to contribute your gifts with EASE and CONFIDENCE.
  • The means to have co-creative relationships that UNDERSTAND you.
  • A buoyant heart and deep reverence for your life and all you CAN ACCOMPLISH.

THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to reset the way you live life on planet earth, for both yourself and for the planet, for they go together hand and glove.

THIS IS THE MEANS to create a heart-centered focus for your world, and thus the world you draw to you.

THIS IS THE WAY to gain personal power from the divine to charge your mastery of being fully alive in the world – just as it is.

This is the key to knowing you are an ESSENTIAL ingredient in bringing the new world into form.

This is your opportunity to fully engage the beautiful 

foundation of your remarkable soul connection to the

 vastness of all creation.

During this unparalleled 4-session class, move from being a helpless empath, to receiving the “Empaths’ Guide to Thriving!” 

Class 1 Focus:
How to move past the feeling that you don’t “fit” or belong here.
How to feel truly seen and understood
How to rise out of powerlessness to activate the changes you want and deserve.

Class 2 Focus:
How to allow your empathic nature to be a strength, not a weakness.
How to drop your propensity to be overly emotionally drawn into everything going on in your world.
How to feel genuine joy, even while others suffer.
How to safely develop your natural intuitive abilities, without fear of picking up all the energies around you.

Class 3 Focus:
How to navigate taking necessary alone time, while prospering from the connection and communion you crave.
How to release perfectionism and control to have what you need.
How to recognize and reunite with your universal home world and base as an anchor for life on planet earth.

Class 4 Focus:
How to generate and maintain immense vitality and healing energy at the level that truly serves your galactic beingness.
How to move beyond your physical and emotional challenges that link to your highly sensitive nature.

Special Offer #2 Includes:

Soul Origin & Purpose & Soul Clearing Reading &

Psychic Soul Wisdom for Your Life Path &

Soul Level Medical Intuition for Your Health Challenges

(45-minute private session with Susann + Offer 1)

All sessions must be booked within 3 months of purchase please.

Offer 2: 45-minute private session with Susann + Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available

Welcome to the land of your connection to your beloved star worlds and soul family. 

Receive channeled messages from your guidance team and the Universal Creation Field of all universal masters and teachers for this earth plane to access and liberate your soul gifts, strengths and purposes, your soul codes and destiny, and your creative path moving forward.

We will go into the Akashic Records of your soul to get to the true root cause of your core traumas, chronic physical limitations, and lack of ability to live your soul purpose. It’s time to release these core patterns where they originated once and for all!

This reading includes a guided meditation journey to experience full embodiment of your multidimensional mastery and unique sovereign divine soul brilliance.

Our soul reading answers the vital question – What am I here for at this time and how can I bring my gifts of contribution into reality?

  • Know Your Universal Purpose & Embody Your Divine Origin
  • Strengthen your Divine Channel as you connect to your cosmic heritage and soul family
  • Reunite with your soul’s true blueprint and purpose for coming to the earth plane and being here NOW!
  • Strengthen your Divine Channel as you connect to your cosmic heritage and soul family
  • Uncover the emotional trauma and patterns behind your physical issues
  • Resolve your health challenges at a core soul level
  • Expect a spiritual homecoming of the most profound nature possible.

In this session you will reclaim and experientially embody the amazing nature of your soul and its strengths and your deep restorative place of HOME.

Did you know?

These soul level wounds have been with you even before you did earth incarnations and can now be released once and for all.

 These deeply held soul challenges:

  • Hold you in lock down from living from your soul gifts and strengths.
  • Make up the very core limitation of what keeps you from feeling your intuitive wisdom, your ability to stay connected, and to actually feel aligned with your soul purpose.
  • Are the invisible barriers that keep you feeling unable to find your place within the world. 
  • Make you feel that you are too sensitive and empathic to feel safe in the world.

The wound of the soul keeps you from being able to access the field of abundance, where your soul rightly lives. This translates directly to money, health, love and success issues.

The Akashic Record Soul Purpose and Soul Clearing Session brings forth the confidence that you can now live from your sense of soul purpose and be guided by Love itself.

By clearing these ancient soul wounds, you can feel the freedom to make choices in your life in co-creation with spirit’s abundance.


You will welcome your sense of health and well-being back again – remembered wellness.

You will feel ready to engage in your life and know you are a tremendous contribution.

What People Have To Say About Susann

“Susann is a teacher’s teacher, a healer’s healer, a fully realized Soul. Together with her team of Beloveds, I experienced an exquisite multidimensional space that allowed me to totally and completely come HOME to myself…on every level of my being…throughout all time and space. The quantum space that Susann holds is unlike anything I’ve experienced in this lifetime. My homecoming was tender, gentle, transformational…and in an instant, a knowing that there was nothing more to search for in this lifetime ~ I literally felt born-again. The reunion to my HOME planet brought eons of soul searching to an end…or rather to a renewed connection with the Universal Power of Oneness. Understanding my particular Soul Wound was life changing. At 75 years of age, I’ve spent the past 27 years feeling that my estranged relationship with my beautiful adult daughter was somehow my fault. I now have a new sense of peace and joy in every cell of my being. Take a look at Susann’s photo! Sense the purity and radiance of her fully realized Soul. She is the real deal.”

Doris, Healer and Soul Mentor

I can now Consciously Bring in my Multi-Dimensional Self

“I do a meditation every day and consciously bring in my multi-dimensional self as you taught me. I can now go in public or even deal with what I call “energy vampires” without any trouble. I am so grateful to you! Much thanks and blessings.” 


My Faith in the Power of Heart Returned — The Heaviness Lifted

“Thank you for your generosity. I was feeling like I had reached my limit. Thinking about the distinction between giving up and surrender, decided that I just couldn’t keep on. I’ve been living in hope and it just felt like even hope was useless. Somehow, I found myself in front of my computer, at the perfect time to attend your class and boy oh boy it turned me around. I remembered who I was. My faith in the power of heart returned — the heaviness lifted. Through you I witnessed certainty.” 


No Longer Overwhelmed by a Mysterious Illness

“Last July, my body was completely overwhelmed by a mysterious illness. My personal history was free of illness, so it was all a huge shock. I contacted Susann and we had a session. and the next day, I woke to find myself energetic, clear-minded, and much more hopeful. I was myself again, even strong enough to be a bit grumpy, after having lost all my strength and my hope.”


The Realization That I am Not Alone

What I took away from it is that I can take Eternal Life (and all it is comprised of) with me and create my life from this holy and powerful place instead of thinking I am all alone and “doing” life by myself.  This way puts way too much strain on the will, although the will is very important, but it shouldn’t be expected to do all the work. This is coming from a belief in separation. This is a huge difference in how I have lived my life, although I have prayed and meditated for many years.  Although prayer and meditation has been exceedingly helpful in how I live my life, what you teach is a more intimate, more exact, more specific way to live in connection with the Divine and create from this space.  WOW! Thank you, Susann.” 

Sarah H

The Gift of Inherent Value

“I do feel more relaxed, open, & confident to keep leaning in to the unknown, & limitless possibilities. The greatest gift to me in the class was the attention given to our inherent value…choosing to know that I am valuable. I think our success in all areas of life is reflected in this knowing. It gives us that extra strength, courage, & power to create anything we desire.” 


About Susann Tayler Shier

Susann Taylor Shier is the founder of Soul Mastery™ and a highly established, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, medium, and conscious channel.

She has helped tens of thousands for over thirty years, combining her exquisite connection to the divine with her training as a psychotherapist, inspiring the revelation of each person’s inherent spiritual wealth to flourish and thrive.

Susann has a rare gift of catalyzing the luminous bridge between your soul and your current reality to foster a life of joy in an easy, practical way.

She is here to bring the Blueprint, based on Love, back into our world and hearts. She’s devoted to using her abilities to inspire and uplift every life she touches.

Using the Akashic Records and her intuitive wisdom, she empowers you to live authentically, and access your true power, passion and purpose to create meaningful contributions in your life and the lives of others.

Through private sessions, trainings and rejuvenating retreat adventures in glorious vortexes around the globe, Susann brings you into the potent, magical connection with your soul gifts, strengths and purposes, while assisting to dissolve your soul challenges that keep you from your true fulfillment.

Her four books: Soul Mastery – Accessing the Gifts of your Soul, Soul Radiance – Bring Your Soul Riches to Life and Soul Reunion – The Return Home From Separation –and A Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love serve as the foundation for her unique, profound work.

Offer 1: Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self 21-Day Immersion


2 Payment Option Available

Offer 2: 45-minute private session with Susann + Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available