Mastery Empowerment Course: Judgement Free Awakening Workshop with Christel Hughes, Sara Cornell + Kari Kiazyk2023-12-05T13:51:49-07:00

 Mastery Empowerment Course
With “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”
Christel Hughes + Sara Cornell + Kari Kiazyk

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Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Judgement Free Awakening Workshop


Featuring Metatron’s Cube

With Christel Hughes, Sara Cornell + Kari Kiazyk

Mastery Empowerment Course: Judgement Free Awakening Workshop

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This workshop is about Transcending the judgements that have long plagued our individual and collective human experience due to the inherent divisive nature of this World. It’s a transformative experience designed to help you find Unity, release judgments, and awaken to a deeper understanding of self and existence. Our journey begins by acknowledging the shock and trauma associated with the severance of the cord at birth. We’ll delve deeply into clearing this moment to free ourselves from the residual effects of “Severed Cord Syndrome.”

Embrace the quest for dimensional grounding, fortifying your faith and seeking new life purposes in the face of the unknown. We will work on clearing the past life timeline, releasing panic and vulnerability while embracing the unfamiliar with resolve and strength.

Discover the profound connections between your soul and past lives, understanding the timeless nature of the soul’s reach across time. Metatron’s Cube will aid in unveiling the true nature of the mind, disintegrating origins of judgments and divisions, promoting absolute inclusivity.

We’ll mend the toll of separateness and the impact of division on the human psyche, moving towards wholeness and unity of the high heart. In our journey, we’ll disintegrate multi-realm judgments, emphasizing the vital need to let go of societal tugs and instead embrace ‘SOULCIETY’.

You’ll experience a discernment attunement, upgrading your perception for deeper insights, clarity, and certainty, aligning with your soul’s perspective on seeking and reconnecting for graceful ascension.

Join us as we uncover the means to thrive beyond the shock, unravelling and reconnecting with the soul’s purpose. The goal isn’t merely to thrive, but to become whole and resonate with a meaningful dimensional existence of eternity.

Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, finding resilience, growth, and a deeper sense of purpose, as we reconnect with the profound essence of our being and existence.

In this Journey of Severance & Reconnection…Awakening from the pain of your Human Condition…

  • Moving Beyond the ‘Severed Cord Syndrome’…Clearing the Shock and Trauma, Delving Deep into clearing the Severance of the Cord moment at birth
  • Accept the Quest for Dimensional Grounding to fortify your Faith while Seeking New Life purpose amidst the Unknown
  • Clearing the Past lives Timeline of panic, anxiety & Vulnerability from entering a New World over & over again while Embracing the Scary and Unfamiliar with strengthened resolve
  • Understand your Soul’s ‘Reach Across Time’…Exploring Past Lives and Divine Connections — Embodying Timelessness
  • Unveiling the TRUE Nature of Mind, Metatron’s Cube disintegrates the Origins of Judgments & Divisions for ABSOLUTE Inclusivity
  • Mending the ‘Toll of Separateness’…The Impact of Division on the Human Psyche & your High Heart coming to Wholeness
  • Multi-Realm Disintegration of Judgments, recognizing the Vital need for Letting Go of the tug from human society and instead embracing SOULCIETY
  • Discernment Attunement…upgrading your 3rd eye orbital perspectivality for astute perception, deeper insights, clarity, specificity and certainty with your opinions
  • Embracing your Soul’s Perspective on Seeking & Reconnection in this Realm so you can Ascend with Grace

Let’s get you Thriving Beyond the Shock…Unraveling, Reconnecting and Embracing Soul’s Purpose

In a world where the shock of separation shapes our beginnings, the journey unfolds in finding resilience, growth and a deeper sense of purpose. Thriving becomes not just a goal, but a way of Being WHOLE as we delve into the process of unraveling the shock and reconnecting to a profound, meaningful Dimensional existence of Eternity.


Kari will tune into your Higher Self …reading the specific aspect of judgment you are ready to release and transform within yourself.

This will be done as an audio recording that will be sent to you so you can listen prior to the Workshop. Doing this, you’ll know exactly what to focus on clearing as you move through the Judgement Free Workshop.

Your judgement-free awakening will be enhanced with the ethereal sounds of Kari’s crystal bowls, adding a unique and harmonious dimension to your transformative experience.

About Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes is a Multi-dimensional Visionary, Medium and Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, known as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in energetic healing and rapid transformation for Celebrities and individuals throughout the World. We are always in Awe because of Christel’s lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings that go directly to the core of the issue – she pinpoints it immediately.

Christel’s work has broadened to include connecting with Archangel Metatron and mediating for Metatron’s cube to instantly shift a person’s consciousness… undoing mental, emotional and physical limitations…as well as opening up their Higher channels of communication.

The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to channel and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

About Sara Cornell

Sara, with the guidance of her Ancestor, is the Creator of Celestial Sol-Reiki & acts as a Master Truth Activator. With an authentic, heart-centered approach, she blends her background as a clinical therapist with energy work. As a Cosmic Soul Truth Activation Specialist, she’s an expert in identifying blockages in the body that create disharmony and disconnection from Highest Truth.

Sara’s passionate about helping you heal and embody your Soul Truth. She’s committed to aiding you in the dissolution of blockages in the human body to activate Cosmic Soul Truth for your increased internal harmony and connection.

This combined with her expertise as a Reiki Master, Certified Intuitive Strategist with Academy for the Soul, and Certified Akashic Trance Worker enables Sara to assist you in trusting your Intuition & opening up… your Natural Healing Master Abilities… igniting the Truth of your Soul!

After experiencing a healing crisis, Sara awakened spiritually and spent several years going through a deep healing and transformational process. She overcame a tremendous amount of childhood trauma, physical health challenges and emotional pain which give her additional ‘real world’ qualifications to gently guide you to attaining your Soulful goals.

About Kari Kiazyk

Kari Kiazyk, is a Heart Awakening Master with a special gift to connect with your heart’s voice, illuminating the core issue that is not in alignment with your highest good and dissolving the discordant energies so that you can awaken to your own magnificence.

She harnesses the energies and cosmic dance of the Aurora Borealis to aid you in fully reclaiming your heart’s natural state of health and wholeness, so it’s available to receive and transmit higher vibrations of love, light and joy… bringing your heart, your inner Sun, into its own luminous, rhythmic dance.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Judgement Free Awakening Workshop


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