With Co-Founders of Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE)
Jeffrey Stegman & Clayten Stedmann


What if You Could Raise the Consciousness of Your Environment?

Imagine having the focused prayer of 1,000 monks at the same time.

Imagine attuning your home space to the vibration of a sacred temple.

Imagine creating a bubble of positivity around you that you can take anywhere you go.

That is the power of a high-consciousness field.

If you’ve ever walked into a room and said, “Wow, the energy is really good in here!” then you already know what this feels like.

A lighter, higher vibrational area of subtle energy flow with qualities like love, joy, and peace that uplifts and expands anyone who enters them.

It’s why we often feel energized after visiting a sacred site, being in the presence of a spiritual master, or even at a holiday gathering where love was strong and clear.


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Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) or “Fluffy,” as some affectionately call it, is a leading-edge technology that activates high-consciousness energy fields.

FLFE operates on the principle that there is an electrical grid of subtle energy running through everyone and everything – including our homes, workplaces, and objects like our phones.

The FLFE Field is generated by the FLFE System, which includes multiple devices using five different technologies which many believe makes it the most effective generated high-consciousness field of its kind available at this time.



Once you join the FLFE service, FLFE activates a high-consciousness field through quantum association.

This high-consciousness field measures at least 560 LOC (level of consciousness) on the Hawkins Map.

What is quantum association?

Ever had a moment where you think of someone and they immediately call you?

There’s a reason why.

When you focus your intention on someone, you create a quantum association between your field and theirs.

When you sign up for the FLFE service, your high-consciousness field is activated instantly through quantum association with your unique identifier, such as your address or mobile phone number.

There’s nothing to download or listen to, and the field remains active until the free experience ends unless you choose to turn it off from your control panel.

The FLFE service creates a high-consciousness environm

ent giving you more energy for all areas of your life – plants and animals as well!

Here to raise the consciousness of the planet?

We are too.

That’s why every FLFE membership comes with a free “pay it forward” membership for you to gift to any person or location on the planet.

Our mission is global.

Throughout the history of FLFE, the company has donated over 90% of the energy of the technology to service projects that support higher consciousness on different parts of the planet.

When you subscribe to FLFE, you contribute to the intention to raise the global consciousness.

Curious about FLFE?

What People Have To Say About FLFE

“The moment I turned FLFE on I could feel a tingle through my body… FLFE offers a clear, grounded energy that is even and balanced. In my work with clients, it’s important to have an energetically clean space. FLFE clears my space so that I don’t have to. Instead, I can use that time and resources on supporting my clients.”

– Melissa Feick, Intuitive, Author, and Spiritual Teacher

“Focused Life-Force Energy offers my family a more calm, peaceful energy. There is a consistency and flow available in my home and when guests come over, they comment on how good the energy feels.”

– Anita Adrain, Author and Feng Shui Practitioner

“The trials were so beneficial to me, my teenagers, my cat, my plants, my neighbors, that I just had to pursue. I am hooked! And I had never heard my kids laugh so freely nor so often. Pure pleasure so thank you, thank you!”

– Marie, Phone Subscriber

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About Clayten Stedmann & Jeffrey Stegman

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman began their work together in 2008 and became co-founders of Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE).

Clayten has over 25-years’ experience as a consciousness coach specializing in Business as a Spiritual Path. He is a student of Dr. David Hawkins’ Kinesiology body of work and has a complete set of Kinesiology protocols. Clayten has completed more than 7.5 million kinesiology calibrations as of early 2021 in the exploration of consciousness and non-linear healing technologies, including the development of FLFE with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey’s spiritual path includes focusing on creating a high consciousness culture in his businesses, an important aspect of his spiritual journey. In addition to being the co-founder of FLFE, Jeffrey is the co-owner of two manufacturing businesses, including one that has been in business since 1835. FLFE is a confluence of Jeffrey’s manufacturing, engineering, business, and spiritual evolution.

Focused Life Force Energy 15 Day Free Trial