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With Diamond Light Code Transmitter
Nora WalksInSpirit

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Offer 1: Audio Package of Accelerating Activations of Mastery

Offer 1: Audio Package of Accelerating Activations of Mastery


2 Payment Option Available

GATEWAYS are for you to begin moving into your own higher light intelligent Consciousness and begin operating in that Light Consciousness to empower your Soul Mind and Soul Being to be connecting Telepathically.

2:2 GATEWAY: This 2-2 GATEWAY will be expressing a Mirror Vibration of a Oneness Consciousness of all “Soul to Master Soul” Consciousness blending harmonically into Absolute Knowing, Absolute Being and Absolute Connections. During this 2:2 GATEWAY a Divine Word of Knowledge together with an Infinite Light Activation will be delivered taking All onto a Platform of Reality to explore their Oneness Connection

3:3 GATEWAY: This 3:3 GATEWAY is tapping into Honoring your Hidden Vibrations of Rainbow Frequencies within to begin Purifications into your Aura Fields and Telepathically Connecting into your elevating Hearts and Minds. You will receive a pouring in of Unfathomable Frequencies of Knowledge into your Aura Fields preparing you for Spring Equinox. You will begin FEELING within your Hearts/Minds of an All-Knowing Awareness and Honoring Sovereignly Who you are as a Soul Light Being.

SPRING EQUINOX: The Veil has been TORN, in the Ethers…. and we are now able to walk through Holy Temples of Light shimmering Above and Beyond, and within of Love. LISTEN to these Golden Rings and Spheres of the Masters asking us to Balance and Align within to the Truth of Who You Are? You are Awakening your heightened Conscious Minds to Reality of your Divine Souls of LIGHT. Infinite Master Activation shall weave all into Oneness Consciousness

4:4 GATEWAY: During this 4:4 GATEWAY we enter into a Portal of LIGHT that Renews, Reclaims and Re-Accesses Crystals of Light. We are letting go and Aligning into New Light Energies of Intelligences gently nudging us to LISTEN to what’s really going on, and what is that Infinite Light Strand of Energy tapping on our Inner Minds? Activation for Reuniting and Reclaiming your own Light Streams of Light Intelligences

EASTER RESURRECTION: We are all settling into these 5D Harmonic Beautifying Light Vibrations as we rebirth our original Masters of Multi-Dimensions into our expanding Quantum Aura Fields of Light. We are becoming the New Light Dimensional Energies that surrounds us.

How do you stay Focused on holding onto these Divine Light Consciousness Threads of Oneness that are building new Matrixes of Reality into our Fields? What is the next Level of Expanding our Hearts and Minds into this Reality to empower us within of our New Light Being?

This Package includes 5 Audios of Infinite Light Vibrations preparing you for the 5:5 Gateway Total Value $125.00 Special Offer $88.00

Each Audio Activation awakens your ability into a deeper Stillness of the Mind. As you begin relaxing, the Infinite Masters begin cleansing, and healing the subtle blocked areas of the Body this allows you to increase your Spiritual Awareness to a Higher Consciousness. Each Audio is approx. 40 minutes

ASK …IAM ready to make a Change and Transform into a Mastery Energy of LIGHT ?

Offer 2: JUSTBEME Introduction Course

Offer 2: JUSTBEME Introduction Course


2 Payment Option Available

NoraWalksInSpirit, invites in the Infinite Masters through STILLNESS, then speaks in Light Languages that clears and amplifies your Aura Fields; then clears the Mind, Heals the Body of any blocked Chakras.  Sessions will include answering your questions, releasing interrupting Blocks or Fears as well as Activating any Gifts that appear to be hidden ready to be revealed for your Divine Soul Light Journey. Divine LOVE LIGHT Vibrations will be poured and completely Sealed during a profound Activation.

Nora, you and your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, so Energetically, Spiraling Uplifting, Shifting my entire body, I simply can’t thank you enough!

***Thank You so much Nora….I have to say I have learned so much through this experience of your Divine Activations… you are absolute awesome!

About NoraWalksInSpirit

noraWalksInSpirit is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has been trained as a Algonquin Native Shaman and has been delivering Teachings and Healing Sessions for over 20 years.

Nora currently operates as a “Diamond Light Code Transmitter” to the Multi-Dimensions of Crystal Grid Systems as she Connects and Communicates to Higher levels of Infinite Consciousness.

In her own words: “My teachings and healings are SPOKEN in the Gift of Sacred Languages and Vibrations that form a Bridge from the Mind to the Heart to all Dimensions of Consciousness”

We can create this BRIDGE from one state of Consciousness to a Higher Consciousness, while focusing on the “Clarity” of Enlightenment through STILLNESS.

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