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With Certified Sound Therapist Medium, Consciousness Facilitator and Internationally Best Selling Author
Susan Reis

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Get Ready to Create Your Abundance of Health, Wealth & Happiness !

What are you ready to call into your life right Now?

Have you been asking for more Abundance in your life by doing what gives you your greatest joy?

Are you wondering about the purpose of your life ​and know you came here for an important reason?

Are you afraid to share your intuitive gifts with the world, yet know they would contribute a positive energy ​to many people and our world?

Now is YOUR time to Create An Abundance Of Money, Health, Ease And Joy While Doing What You Love!

Are you asking to Create unlimited Abundance so you can help many people and create a Positive change in our World?

Check in with your higher Self right now…

Ask if this year is YOUR YEAR…
The year to FINALLY take a BIG LEAP into the most abundant version of YOU…

The version of you that you were called here to be!

If you get a Big YES then you are READY to be a World Changing Warrior!


This is what happens with Susan clients….

“I was offered a new mortgage that will save me nearly $1,000 per month!”

“I had money showing up in my checking account from 2 different places that I had not expected.”

“I went from tears and confusion to opening my own Wellness, Dance, and Art Center in a major city after working with Susan.”

“Susan brought in Sound Therapy and the healings from the Angelic Realm to bring to me a flow with my painting again.”

“I am much less judgmental, accept and appreciate other people for who they are, Many things that I used to get upset over or worry about no longer rob my energy.”

“Susan made my dream real. It is now tangible, palpable and completely realizable.”

“I feel a renewed sense of peace and purpose all folded in together.”

“Immediately felt better in my body and was able to relax and regenerate.”

“After 1 session with Susan I could do a full yoga session the next day.”

“My stomach problems went away, I could run again, I lost 10 pounds the first week and I feel much more relaxed and calm.”

What is true abundance?

​When you look back at your life will you be grateful and joyful knowing that you have contributed positive energy to your life and our world and smile with satisfaction?

That is true Joyful Abundance!

Maybe this sounds familiar…

I feel like I am so close to creating a life where I can share my gifts and create lots of income doing it…

If only I could clear that last unknown energy that’s stopping me!

I feel stuck and disappointed because I know so much more is possible…​

​Susan knows where you are…

She’s been there and done that- for a long time!

And she got through it and can help you get through it too!

“I got back the money I invested in your program two times already!!!”
“I just wanted to check in and say happy joyful manifesting! Susan I got back the money I invested in your program two times already!!! It’s an awesome feeling. I just let it all flow in with ease and grace. Now I just gotta get out the way and let it continue indefinitely! Infinite gratitude”
~ Donna

“I made $1,000 two weeks in a row”
“I made $1000 two weeks in a row which I have never done before! Thanks!
Words cannot express my gratitude to Susan and her wonderful team of Angels. Six years ago I went through a very traumatic experience and have been stuck since then and living on the bare minimum.
After my first session with Susan, all the accumulated muck evaporated in less than an hour. Within a week I magnetized opportunities which have the potential to generate six figure income over the next 6 months. Susan’s happy and bubbly personality is contagious and inspires me to take the necessary action to achieve my goals. Thank you so much Susan”
~ Alexandra

“I was able to land 2 appts that will qualify me for $7,500 bonus”
“Susan, I was stressing out about hitting my quota and after our healing session at 11am I was able to land 2 appts that will qualify me for a $7500 bonus for my quota in July. Thank you so so much.”
~ Carolyn

“Went from 40 hrs a week to doing what I love and making $10,000/month!”
“I went from working at an office job I hated 40 hrs a week to working when I want where I want doing what I love to do and making $10,000 a month doing it! I am so thankful for the tools and all I learned in Susan’s classes that allow me to live a life that is Amazing! I love my life and I am healthier than I have ever been too! Thank you Susan for helping me live a life I Love! Thank You Thank You Thank You!”
~ Mary Carlson, Chicago

​When you are living life on purpose and creating abundance in all areas of your life, EVERYTHING can shift with ease and joy…

Even your health!

“I lost 100lbs after working with Susan”
“My Body was stopping me from living my life the way I knew I could be- I lost 100lbs after working with Susan – my life has changed completely I now am happy and healthy and loving my life!”
~ Bonnie Jacobson Milwaukee WI

“My stomach problems went away, I could run again, I lost 10 pounds the first week and I feel much more relaxed and calm”
“After working with Susan my stomach problems went away I could go for a run again and my body was so happy- I lost 10 pounds the first week and I feel much more relaxed and calm. She introduced me to Essential Oils and they have really made a wonder difference in my life and I am so grateful to have met and worked with Susan”
~ Sharon, Sedona Arizona

“After 1 session with Susan I could do a full yoga session the next day”
“I had a back injury for 3 years and could only do a child pose in yoga – After 1 session with Susan I could do a full yoga session the next day. My yoga teacher could not believe the changes and said it was a miracle!”
~ Mandy Jonas- LA

Susan creates changes that are Fast, Effective and Fun!

The Calling in Abundance with Ease and Joy Program is a 12 Month Program to Help You Learn How To:

Right now, during this time on Earth –
We are being called to gather together and support each other to create
New Possibilities on our planet that have never existed before!
Together we can do this with Joy and Fun!

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Do you know how much you are loved and needed now on our planet?

Do you feel that you came to shift the limiting negative energy of our world
and to participate in a great shift in consciousness during this time on Earth?

RIGHT NOW is the time for you to step into the highest version of YOU!

We all need to show up and share our gifts with the world now!

What would it take for you to Be Joyful and Abundant
​contributing more positive energy to our world with ease?
Are you choosing this now?

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Five Sacred Minutes to Your JOYFUL ABUNDANT SELF

Audio & Video Download Available

90 Minutes

Mastery Empowerment Course: Five Sacred Minutes to Your JOYFUL ABUNDANT SELF


This masterclass is for you if you are (or know you are going to be) an enlightened entrepreneur looking to create a career sharing your gifts with the world with calm and Joy. You are ready to become the energetic match for your next level of joyful abundance with calm trust and certainty.

There are a few main things that hold powerful enlightened entrepreneurs back from creating their legacy lives and generational wealth.

KNOWN — Clarity — then choosing it and acting on it!

When we have too many ideas, we can easily be distracted and forget to slow down — stop and choose, then act without judging it or waiting to be perfect.

UNKNOWN — This is what stops most from moving into the next level

the stuck energies, interference energies, procrastinating energies and trickster energies that are not known by the conscious mind. (Light language bypasses the conscious mind and gets right to the problem, clearing it!)

When you are ready to create with a new powerful multidimensional energy of love aligned to the Divine Oneness Energy, you will feel the Joy of celebrating and creating what you desire — including helping your clients and tribe create what they desire.

You will experience quantum shifts physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually as you create the 3D/5D body and 3D/5D body of work — the business you desire that lights you up with great Joy and excitement!

When you learn to clear away all energy that isn’t for you and connect deeply to everything that is, living Joyfully as your abundant self becomes easy, fulfilling, & fun.

This is what you will experience and walk away with
  • You will meet with your Highest Guides and Angels (your soul team), experience the highest consciousness that you are ready to receive, and experience Light Language that takes you beyond what your mind can conceive. With Sound Therapy Activations you will enter into the Quantum Field to activate your business to a Joyful Abundance Level of Wealth in ways that you have never even imagined. You will enter the realm of New Joyful Possibilities!
  • You will learn the 3-step process you need to create your Joyful Enlightened Self in 5 Sacred Minutes to impact thousands and create income doing what you love.
  • You will begin to create a career you love from your heart, and as you share it, that joyful love you feel expands and lights the world!
  • You will know as a love being and light being that what you choose is already choosing you. What you desire also desires you! You can have a career you love knowing you are doing what you came here to do, knowing you will be creating your greatest Joy and leaving your mark here on the planet. You came here at this time for a very important reason that only you can bring that forth!
  • You will experience yourself as a Multidimensional Creator. Once you know this power of you and feel the impact you can have, your whole life changes and you will experience the energy of Divine Love from Source Energy moving through you showing you what is the next divine step to take.

Enjoy this Special Offer

Package A: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations + 1 Group Healing Session

Includes her latest Mastery Empowerment Course

Audio and Video Download Available

Package A: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations + 1 Group Healing Session


Item 1: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations

Create a Life of Joyful Abundance!

These powerful activations assist in transforming your life allowing you to create more health, wealth and a Joyful Abundant Life. You will experience Light Language which will bypass the thinking mind and is Fast and Effective to bring you the change that you are asking for.

You can use them over and over again as needed as a daily shift to help you create what you choose that lights you up and gives you joy!


You will:

Item 2: 1 Group Healing Session

You will be Experiencing the Current Energy downloads that are just right for what you are willing to receive and that will assist you in creating what gives you your greatest Joy!

There will be Sound Therapy Activations, Angel Songs for those attending live and those that listen to the recording will have an even more powerful activation due to the group Activation at the time! All will have Access to the Recordings and Sound Therapy Activations!

You will have an opportunity to receive an Angel Song Reading as well as Light Language Activations if you attend live!

Bonus: 5 Medititations

Bonus 1: Releasing Limitations Meditation

Release the energy in your body where you are holding a limitation – all sickness And PAIN!
You will Be Empowered and know how to heal yourself with this meditation!
​Would you like to feel in charge of your health and feel good being here on the planet?

Bonus 2: Be Empowered Meditation

This mediation will Activate and Empower you to receive from Your Higher Guides and Angels
to spread your Wings and share your gifts and shine!

With Light Language – you will feel the NEW Emerald Green Energy of growing and Being comfortable Being here !

You will receive the Energy that will allow you to attract: Health Money and Joy for yourself and to share with others!

​You will Experience the NEW Golden Light Energy to Create More Joyful Abundance than you can even imagine!

Bonus 3: Unplugging Meditation

Enjoy Unplugging from all that does not give You Joyful Abundance!

​This will assist you in unplugging from the problems of the world!

Bonus 4: Rainbow Ribbon Meditation

Experience the White light New Energy of Rainbow light to allow new opportunities and new possibilities
and new health and to learn all lessons moving forward from the path of Joy!

​You will learn how to take the pain out of your body and share the gift of you without distractions.

Bonus 5: Just for This Moment Meditation

Just for the moment feel what it would feel like without and worry or fear?

In this meditation the light language will empower you to choose Joyful Abundance in all areas of your life!

​Learn which Oil helps release helplessness to be Empowered and hear a message from the Angels who remind us they are available to help with feeling calm and peace!

Our world is created with Joy today because of you and I am so grateful!

Package B: 30 Minute Session with Susan + Package A

Includes her latest Mastery Empowerment Course

Package B: 30 Minute Session with Susan + Package A


​In an Angel Blueprint Session you will connect with your Angels and other high dimensional guides and experience a shift to your Joyful Abundant Self! With Sound Therapy Activations, Angels Songs Light Language, Crystal Bowl and Sound Therapy Frequencies you will clear what you are ready to clear and create what you are choosing to create.

Sound Therapy and Light Language bypasses the thinking mind and creates a rapid shift in vibration for the individual.

​As a result, you begin to create more calm and Joy and Fun!

Many experience life changing shifts after an Angel Session, Many clearing things they have been stuck with for years and begin seeing Joyful Abundance of improved health, increased income, money and clients, and greater states of peace, joy and fun!

Creating with Sound Therapy and the Angels is fast, effective and fun and is a Joyful way to bring abundance in all areas of your life.

Susan opens each session with Angels Song asking the highest Guides for the most Joyful Contribution to the session! You may have questions ready or just know that the Angels will give you the information you require to set you on your path to Joyful Abundance! You will have a Sound Therapy Activation/Meditation created just for you to bring you to all the Joyful Abundance you choose and Ask for! These are recorded and you can listen to them again and again.

What People Have To Say About Susan

“The info I’ve received is amazingly accurate and feels like “home.””
“Susan is so fun, enthusiastic, generous, joyous, so knowing and a wonderful human being. I’ve had about 5 readings with Susan and have given some as gifts to friends as it’s a transformational experience and I think that is a fabulous gift to give a friend. I gift myself!! Always an uplifting experience. Not only that day but days and weeks later it’s the gift that keeps giving. I suggest listening to the recording often just to hear the song and feel it’s vibration again and again. The info I’ve received is amazingly accurate and feels like “home.””
Jennifer Anderson, Utah
“Susan’s class was life changing”
“I feel like a whole new person! I feel whole, complete and at peace with who I am. It was simply amazing.”
Mary J. Fields, WI
“It is just amazing how she tunes in at such a higher soul energy place to give such positive, beautiful and helpful messages”
“She is extremely accurate, extremely helpful and true!!!!! Susan has a way of tuning into a person’s energies. Her songs take on whatever tone or energy is needed to relay the message more fully, and they are always right on track! It is just amazing how she tunes in at such a higher soul energy place to give such positive, beautiful and helpful messages. She has helped me with some very difficult decisions, for that I am truly grateful. I would gladly recommend Susan to anyone! It is a wonderful experience!!!”
Mireille Fournier, Massage Therapist LA, CA

About Susan Reis

Susan Reis is a Certified Sound Therapist Medium, Consciousness Facilitator and Internationally Best Selling Author and who channels Angles and light language to bring Joyful Abundance into your life and our World so we can all create a World to Love . Connecting to Angels and Higher Beings of Light and Love she shares her gifts, holding space for many to create Joyful Abundance of Health, Wealth, Love and Careers they Love, teaching Enlightened Millionaire and Joyful Abundance Creation Programs worldwide. 

Helping 1000s of clients create Joyful Abundance some over $1million Dollars in less than 6 months  Susan has been featured on  the well-known global telesummits, and is acknowledged as one of the top 43 Healers in the world. She has been doing Tele-summits and teaching classes around the world for over 30 years. She has been featured on National TV giving readings to people on the Streets of Sedona.  She says- “I love to share my gifts and help others share theirs, that is my greatest joy!”

Mastery Empowerment Course


Package A: 21 Days of Joyful Transformation Activations + 1 Group Healing Session


Package B: 30 Minute Session with Susan + Package A

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