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With Partners in love, life and creation
Olivier and Megan Maxted and Selby

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Offer 1: Held in Love – A Sacred Sound Journey

Expanding into greater love through divine frequencies

Offer 1: Held in Love - A Sacred Sound Journey


2 Payment Option Available

Course Starts December 12, 13, 15, 16 (NO Class on December 14)

10 am PT / 11 am MT / 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT

Held in Love.

Olivier and Megan lovingly invite you to a magical few days of easeful expansion and embodied human – soul connection.

This is an intuitive co-created journey and you will likely experience beautiful energy that allows you to drop the mental chatter and travel through portals and dimensions. To bring you ever more to wholeness, greater expansion and consciousness.

They intuitively guide you with Love Frequency Sound Transmissions. So safe, so loved, so held and here we have the capacity to reveal the magnificence of our being.

As you soften, become receptive you will receive intuitive insights and deep healing. Many feel they travel into other dimensions and meet with divine beings.

You may even receive light codes to unlock the path of living in truth, living in abundance, living your true nature.

There is really nothing for you to do.

You will have the opportunity to speak from your heart with particular focus. This special focus has proved to be deeply touching and resonant, benefiting those speaking and those hearing.

Not teaching you to be a particular way, we’re facilitating you to come to your own essence, beyond all the conditions and learnt ways of being.

We meet 4 consecutive days for 90 minutes and it’s advised to leave space to ‘be’ without obligation for a minimum of 30 minutes following.

Be comfortable, uninterrupted and you may want to come into quiet 5-10 minutes before the meetings begin.

Offer 2: Sound Practice & Meditation + Offer 1

Be entered in a drawing for a Free 1:1 Session with this Purchase

Offer 2: Sound Practice & Meditation + Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Essentially Love Sound Practice

A nourishing sound practice with Megan: This is the first session in our programme, ‘Essentially Love’. Here Megan invites you deeper into your vibrational being-ness and softening into love.

Item 2: Sound Healing Meditation : Your Soul’s Homecoming

Be entered in a drawing for a Free 1:1 Session with this Purchase

In this powerful training, you will discover:

  • Slowing down and allowing the right things to drop in easily as your frequency is lining up

  • Self and Soul connection brings greater trust and profound calm which opens us to greater joy, greater fulfilment and fearlessness

  • Easeful natural release of that which does not feel in alignment with your true joyful being

  • Loving community where great resonance and compassion grow our own sense of fullness, wholeness

What People Have To Say About Olivier and Megan

Olivier and Megan are creating a new template.

Lee Harris, globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Teacher

You are a conduit of true beauty! Thank you my love – Our dreams now will be filled with the energy of these transmissions!  Rekindled in love of self and one another! Blessings to Divine Soul and conduit of such beauty!

Adam Chamberlain, Creator of My Soul Star Healing

I felt adored, understood, loved and a deep soothing which allows things to move and settle in magical ways, allowing the really complete sensation of All is well

Gina Mallison, Founder of the Mallison Method

(Megan and Olivier’s music is ) either soothing or energizing (whichever I need in the moment). So sometimes it feels like a hug and sometimes it feels like a shot of caffeine. I usually feel it in my solar plexus and my third eye. It also feels like a blending. A blending of the physical and spiritual worlds.


Julie Wainer, Spiritual Teacher

About Olivier and Megan Maxted

Partners in love, life and creation, Olivier and Megan have been described as being the whole package. They bring such a space of love that people invariably experience an other-worldliness,  allowing for realisation of oneness and being blessed with  sacred energies. This supports deep joy, elevated states of consciousness, internal resolutions.

Offer 1: Held in Love - A Sacred Sound Journey


Offer 2: Sound Practice & Meditation + Offer 1

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