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With Intuitive Energy Healer
Erica VanEaton

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Healing Relationships in the Energy Field

Two Classes

Calling in & Cleaning Up Relationships Class I

Creating New Relationships

Healing Relationships in the Energy Field

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Nov 8, 2022  & Nov 22, 2022
9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm

I think for many intuitive relationships can be difficult. It can be hard to separate from what you know about someone. You often know what they are feeling and what they want to hear from how you. This often determines who you are when you interact with them. I know before I set boundaries and trusted myself, I would often morph into the friend, girlfriend, employee, daughter, and sister that I knew the other person was wanting me to be. It created enmeshments and cords. Because I never was truly myself in the relationship, I didn’t fully trust the other person enough to let them see the real me. I didn’t trust myself because I didn’t know who I was.

In the classes held on November 8th & 22nd we will be focusing on developing deep meaningful relationships with Self and others. I will walk you through calling in new friends, partners, or others that are a vibrational match to who you are now. I will be guiding you to create healthy boundaries with the family & friends you currently have in your life now along with releasing enmeshments and cords. You will be energetically cleaning up your side of the street so you can step into relationships free of codependency. This will allow you to begin to express yourself in a more expansive way to others and form deep meaningful relationships!

In these two Master Classes you will learning how to:

  • Call your energy back to you free from enmeshments
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Understand where in your current reality you have created Codependency and let it go
  • Learn how to cleanly connect to those in your life that you are wanting to create more harmonic clean relationships with
  • Learn how to energetically call in New Friends, Partners, Work Environments Etc. that are a vibrational match to who you are now
  • Connect and heal your relationship with Source Energy, Christ Consciousness, and the Divine Mother.

In this course you will be:

  • Speaking directly to the Ego & showing it how to unprogram
  • Speaking directly to the Mind to access the Subconscious Programs
  • Speaking directly to the Body Consciousness to show it how to properly move emotions
  • Creating a unification of energetic flow & trust for your entire human container

What People Have To Say About Erica

I have just finally listened to your audio on Instinctive and Intuitive Communication
and I wanted to tell you how amazing it is. I have listened to a number of offerings from you, and really resonate with your teachings. I feel like this audio brought it all together for me, and really shifted things. I feel more open to joy, and more willing to move forward into a life that I will enjoy, by bringing the gut mind, brain mind, and intuitive mind into connection.

Even just the beginning of the audio where you ask us to tune into the sound of our breath – that opened up so much for me and brought up emotion and awe.

Thank you so much!


Yesterday, I took a great leap, actually, I’m still a bit up in the air, but I was able to let go of many false beliefs because of the many times I used/worked with your divine love and money meditations. I laid down with your divine love meditation, and this time, my heart cracked open and I saw a long scroll of paper unraveling itself. The paper was covered with all my misbeliefs: shame, self-loathing, original sin, you name it, I had it. Please know that your work is powerful and deeply appreciated. I listened, and continue to listen over and over again.

Julie, Florida

Erica, Thank you for the wonderful experience. I felt safe and empowered by the experience. My vibration has been high since this session and I felt heavy burdens release. The light codes are oddly familiar and I hope they continue to help me open up.

Brian , New Hampshire

About Erica VanEaton

Erica VanEaton is an Intuitive energy healer that uses sound, light, and quantum therapy techniques to access the entire matrix of the human for healing. The intention she holds is for Unification. She looks at healing and expansion of self-expression through the lens of wholeness, realizing that each aspect of the human was designed to work in flow with each other as Source Creator. She sees human containers as the bridge to Heaven on Earth and has a deep desire to help her clients feel and know themselves as Source Energy. Her intention is to help you become limitless.

Healing Relationships in the Energy Fieldl

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