With Sound and Spiritual Scientist
Dr. Sujata Singhi


Introduction of basics of Swaras and sounds, importance of Sound for living, Know the Vedic science of each sound of the mantras, breathwork with sound, science of mantras, science of meditation.

Special Offer: Foundation of Vedic Sound Meditation for Self Healing

Heal Yourself with the Power of Himalayan Bowls and Vedic Chants

Live Online Training Program

1. What is Sound-Naad-origin
2. Types of sounds
3. Importance of sound in living
4. Vedic science of each sound
5. Science of mantras
6. Correlation of breath and sound
7. Science of meditation with sound

You will learn how to chant effectively in the right way from the basic OM to intermediary Vedic chants with the vibrations of the Himalayan bowls to heal you at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

This is the foundation course and hence no prior training of sound or chant is required. This course is focused on Vedic sounds and its correlation to the vibrations of the 5 metal bowls. It is an experiential workshop and hence, one needs to be ready to allocate the specific time for the training and not be distracted/disturbed during the processes which are intense.

Heal Yourself


About Dr. Sujata Singhi

Dr. Sujata Singhi is a best seller author, trainer, speaker, Sound and Spiritual Scientist. She has been trained in over 30+ healing modalities like Reiki, Pranik, Shamanism, Past Life regression, Bach Flowers, Number frequencies, Access bars, Mahavastu graduate, Hypnosis, sound and music therapy, Vedic mantra chanting, havan and Yagya, intuitive healing to name a few. She is also an intuitive healer, card reader, crystal gazer, LE expert, and is a licensed NLP master trainer, apart from being a spiritual scientist. Conferred with 5 doctorates and a D.Litt in Musical Arts, she is a chief facilitator for sound, spiritual and shamanic retreats in India and abroad.

With over 20+ years of experience in the world of metaphysical research and Sound as the future of medicine, she has trained and transformed over 300,000 lives globally. She was also a visiting expert in hospitals in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, been a facilitator at elite wellness resorts, healing and research centers and spiritual retreats. Author of the books, Power of Sound, Cut the Crap, and launching soon, Reclaim your Riches.

Heal Yourself