With Personal Assistant of Omnec Onec. Light Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Venusian Spirituality
Anja Schaefer


From Venus with Love – Unconditional Love and the Transformation of the Earth

Enjoy this video with Anja Shaefer, personal assistant to Omnec Onec, the woman from Venus.  She shares on the mission of Love and the importance of holding your vision of New Earth.
The Woman from Venus ~ Bearer of Love
Omnec Onec is the only recorded person who was born on a higher level of density and came to Earth with her own physical body In the Ninetees, she became publicly known with her autobiography FROM VENUS I CAME. In these books she portrays life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles here on earth. The information is timeless, true and fascinating and we hope you enjoy this encore!

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“Keep an open mind. Be aware that we are all Souls, that we are in different bodies, we are at different levels of understanding, but our goal is the same: To be the best human beings that we can be and to return to the pure existence of soul that we once were. I would like to give you a Venusian Greeting: Amual Abaktu Baraka Bashad (May the Universal Love and Blessings Be)
Omnec Onec, Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey, 2011

From Venus With Love with Omnec Onec

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About Anja Schaefer

Personal Assistant and long-time friend of Omnec Onec

“Anja is my German daughter and my voice. If it wasn’t for Anja, people would not know about me anymore. She keeps me alive in people’s hearts and minds. I am eternally grateful.”

Omnec Onec about Anja Schaefer, Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey, 2011

In the beginning of the Nineties, Omnec Onec’s autobiography From Venus I Came (today part I of  The Venusian Trilogy) was published. At that time, Omnec was very present in the German media. She gave lots of TV interviews and numerous articles were published in magazines.

Anja Schaefer became aware of Omnec Onec in 1994 when she gave a TV interview to promote her autobiography From Venus I Came in German. Anja was directly touched in her heart by Omnec’s presence, beauty, calmness, and especially by the words “Imagination is the Key to Creation.” In 1998, both met for the first time physically, when Anja owned an esoteric bookstore in Bavaria/Germany. Accompanied by her previous manager and music producer, Omnec came to Landshut and gave a lecture and a workshop.

A close friendship and intense cooperation developed between Omnec and Anja. Omnec’s unconditional love, her presence, and her teachings triggered consciousness-expanding experiences in Anja. The intensity of their encounter showed that this encounter was pre-planned from their Souls.

It has been Anja’s mission to support Omnec in spreading her spiritual message and to help humans awaken so they remember to see each other from a heart center perspective which equals God’s perspective.

In November 2009, Omnec had a stroke in Germany. Since then, the left half of her body remained partially paralyzed. Since her last visit in Europe 2016, Omnec feels “retired”. Only on special occasions and with personal assistance, Omnec is still traveling or publicly present. Omnec’s mission is mostly complete. All her information is available.

Special Offer: From Venus With Love with Omnec Onec