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With  Energy Guide,
Alissa Jane

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Foundation for Alchemical Union – Sacred Relationship – Path of Love

– Sacred Sexuality & Sex Magic
– Developing the Relationship with Self & Partner more Fully
– Divine Alignment for Perfect Partnership
– Calling in New Relationship
– Heart, High Heart & Sacral Womb Activations
– Heart Breath & Ancient Egyptian Fire Breath
– Ascension & Healing
– Manifestation
– Sacred Pleasure Tool Support – Crystal Egg & Wand Practice

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course + 1-1 Activation Session

Mastery Empowerment Course + 1-1 Activation Session


MISSION BLUEPRINT BUNDLE = 1 Live Mastery Empowerment Course + 1-1 Activation Session:
– 1 Live Class Session = 2-Hours.
– Live + Replays Available.
– 1-1 Activation SESSION: 90 Minutes.
– Online Portal, Diagrams, Support & Questions Answered.
– Open for Everyone.

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Remembering & Activating the Mission Blueprint

 Heart-Portal Technologies Expanse

Mastery Empowerment Course: Remembering & Activating the Mission Blueprint


Downloadable Replay Now Available

Harness the Power of Your Light Love Technologies & Blueprints for Success!

The Brilliant Heart-Space is Home for Powerful, Portal Technologies. The Central Chakra = is the Central Sun of each One. The Place for Beginning, Aligning, Creating, Receiving, Radiating, Journeying, Quantum Leaping, and so much more.

As One Utilizes the Heart-Portal Technologies, One become the Alchemist, Conscious Creator & Ascended Mater Self!

Within the Heart-Space, Resides the Access to the Divine Mission Blueprint. This Signature Vibratory Key-Note; Aligns each One to their Original Frequency.

As You Awaken & Access the Information Encoded within the Blueprint, Life will Flow with Greater Ease.

The Structure of the Blueprint holds Unity Consciousness. It Partners & Co-Creates with Spirit Family & New Earth. Beautiful Orchestrations will Guide & Support Your Unique Path. It will Provide the Access to the Resources & Energies for Accomplishing & Fulfilling Your Mission.

As each One Remembers, Aligns & Activates their Unique Signature, Blueprint Frequencies – The New Earth will Light up.

Part of Each Ones Blueprint, is to Assist the Mission of Mother Gaia Sophia. Her Blueprint is Heaven on Earth, the New Earth Heaven, the Garden of Eden for all!

Each One’s Mission Blueprint Holds the Keys & Maps for the Emerald City of Chrysta, Avalon, Camelot, Eden, Telos… Balancing, Healing & Activating the Golden Ages of Lemuria & Atlantis. Partnering with Angel, Dragon & Unicorn Frequencies. And so much more!

Aligning & Activating Your Unique Signature Blueprint Codes – will be the Spring board that Rockets Your Mission to the Next Level! Again & again…

In this Mastery Empowerment Course, we will Activate the Remembrances & Codes of Your Divine Mission Blueprint. We will Journey into the Heart-Space & High-Heart Temple. We will Activate Your Christed Self. We will Activate the Unique Signature Frequency Codes & Portal Points within Your Heart:

  • Access Multidimensional Light Points.
  • Activate the Crystalline Light Body.
  • Ignite the Mission Blueprint Codes & Access Points.
  • Learn to Access Deep & Powerful States of Consciousness.

Working within the Heart-Space is an Easy & Fun Practice. It is the Foundation for Manifestation, Healing, Creation & Alchemical Work. It Supports all Energy Practitioners & Light Workers on their Path of Ascension.

Alignment is KEY!

The Spark of Divinity, that Connects Each One to their Divine God / Goddess Self; Resides within the Heart-Center. Here, the 3-Fold Heart Flame Blazes Pink, Blue & Golden Flames. The Christed, Crystalline Heart of Divine Mother, Father & Child – Dance in Union.

The Mission Blueprint holds the Framework of God / Goddess Consciousness, Divine Synchronicities & Enlightened Genius. When Aligning with the Mission Frequencies & Utilizing Higher Consciousness Energy Practices = Life Flows!

The Beloved Over-Lights will Work Intimately with Each One – Mother Mary, Grandmother Unicorn & Grandfather Unicorn, Lady Nada & Lord Sananda are Stepping Forth. Each One will be held within an Alchemical Crystalline, Light Chamber with Integration Period.

This Course is a Mystery School / Temple Experience. In Your Divine Presence – Learn & Access the Ancient Wisdom. Be held within the Zen Gardens of the Ashram. Experience a Beautiful White Diamond Pillar – Accented with Rubies & Radiating a Golden Aura. Come & Receive the Shower of Purification & Bliss.


  • Journey to the Heart-Space = Heart-Portal Technologies.
  • Activate & Expand the Heart-Space & Heart-Well.
  • Develop & Enjoy Access to Heart-Portal Technologies.
  • Remember, Activate & Align with Your Divine Mission Blueprint.
  • Harness the Body’s Divine Light / Love Technologies & Sacred Sexuality.
  • Work with Mother Gaia’s Templates of Healing & Balance – for Lemuria & Atlantis.
  • Partner with Angel, Unicorn & Dragon Frequencies.
  • Experience a Guided Temple Journey & Energetic Activation with the Enlightened Ones.
  • Be Supported on Your Mission Blueprint Success!

In the 1-1 Activation SESSION:

  • Remember & Activate Your Unique Mission Blueprint.
  • Activate the Heart-Space & Light Body.
  • Journey with the Enlightened Ones, the Guides & Your Teams.
  • Alchemicalize & Heal Densities.
  • Be Intimately Supported on Your Journey of Success!

MISSION BLUEPRINT = 1 Live Mastery Empowerment Course:
– 1 Live Class Session = 2-Hours.
– Live + Replays Available.
– Online Portal, Diagrams, Support & Questions Answered.
– Open for Everyone.

What People Have To Say About Alissa Jane

Wow! All this is mind blowing in an out of this world way… Thank you for helping me see through the illusions of reality to the sacred spaces of the Divine. It’s so fantastic to be learning new ways of seeing and being.”
Missy, Maryland
Alissa has a strong intuition on what another person needs to accomplish positive change in their life. Being an empath, she knows how to deliver info in a kind and respectful manner. You know she cares about what she does and how it helps you. She welcomes feedback and will adjust her recommendations to fit your personality and your life.
Tree, Connecticut
This is one of the most special items you will ever buy from one the most exceptional sellers you will ever encounter. The whole transaction has been a gift.
Hilary, Virginia

About Alissa Jane

Alissa Jane is an Energy Guide, supporting the path of Ascension, Empowerment, Transformation & Conscious Creation. She is passionate about helping each one to Align with their Unique Soul Mission & Blueprint – Cultivating Energy Skills, Developing Intuitive Gifts & Quantum Leaps. Her Living Light team is full of Angels, Ascended Masters, Mothers & Enlightened Ones. As she tunes to the Higher Guidance Systems’ of Each Individual, Alissa creates a foundation & space for Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success to FLOW!

  • Beauty Specialist, Natural Care & Certified Reiki Master.
  • Passion Activator, Sacred Relationship & Alchemy.
  • Designer, Creator & Stylist for Body, Home & Spirit.

“My Soul Mission ~ is to Support & Activate beings on their path of Self-Empowerment, Magnificence & Creation – through Self Awakening. I am Passionate about feeling Great & having Awesome Experiences – Join me…”

Mastery Empowerment Course + 1-1 Activation Session


Mastery Empowerment Course: Remembering & Activating the Mission Blueprint

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