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With Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy
Deanna Hansen

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Fascia Decompression – The Missing Link in Healing



The fascia system is the body’s communication and support system for the cells. If supported lifelong, the body can undergo tremendous stress and maintain its vibrancy and vitality. However, if conscious awarenesses isn’t applied through proper breathing and postural awareness, gravity and external/internal forces manipulate the fascia, causing a winding down of the body which is seen as aging.

With the aging body, adhesions develop between the layers of fascia to create stability to the body to maintain its balance, however this comes with a consequence of blocking flow to and from cells. Pain, aging and disease result when cells aren’t properly fed and clean. The great news is that through fascia decompression techniques, adhesions can melt and flow can be restored, thereby awakening cells previously blocked from life.

We will be discussing this process and sharing the amazing benefits of activating the conscious diaphragmatic breath; a key component to fascia decompression. We will discuss how this impacts everything from chronic pain, trauma, issues with managing a healthy size and shape, detoxification and how to even reverse the negative effects of time.

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The world is waking up to the importance of making your fascia system healthy.

Why is it important to learn about the fascia system and care for it?

When it comes down to health, the fascia system is in control of pretty well everything… let me explain.

Fascia is the connective tissue that hold every one of our cells together. Due to surgery, injury and unconscious posture & breathing, restriction in our body form and adhere to anything in the way – including bone. These adhesions will pull the body out of alignment blocking cells from blood and oxygen flow, resulting in:

  • Pain – eventually chronic
  • Inflammation and stagnancy of flow
  • Size gain
  • Energy loss
  • Loss of mobility and freedom of movement
  • Poor posture
  • Compromised efficiency of your systems
  • The list goes on…

What makes it so hard for people to gain control of their fascia system comes down to not having the correct tools to release the fascia and a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to use the tools correctly.

Fascia can hold the body out of alignment with a force of up to 2000lbs per square inch. Stretching, massage and rolling are only scraping the surface of what is actually going on underneath.

Block Therapy focuses on releasing the fascia all the way to the bone – where issues are stored. We do not use force – we need to persuade the tissue to release. Forceful actions can cause tearing of the tissue. This results in injury – and consequently can cause a build up of scar tissue.

The Block Therapy system is the most effective self care technique to soften and release tissue to promote blood and oxygen flow to cells.

The Block Therapy Starter Package

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  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions

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Block Therapy Sampler Program

Are you looking to experience what it’s like to decompress your fascia before you dive into Block Therapy? The Sampler Program consists of 9 videos where we share some of the basic principles of Block Therapy, using a rolled-up towel as the tool. This will give you an understanding of fascia decompression and how significant it is to work in your fascia for on-going health and wellness.
We share some of the positions to open the flow to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as some strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment. You will gain an understanding of Block Therapy with this program, which may engage you to want to explore the deeper connections that are made with the practice.

What People Have To Say About Block Therapy

Amazing. Please try this. It is worth every penny. It is interesting and shows you your body in a whole different light. You start looking at others differently.

D Rai., Block Therapy Enthusiast

Block Therapy is amazing! I think I can quite confidently say it had changed my life. Until lately there has been little information on fascia and how it affects the body. Once you understand what fascia is and how it can restrict the body you will have a better idea of why block therapy is so effective. The best way to see if it works is to actually try it. You will be amazed.

Dawn Z., Block Therapy Enthusiast
Best self-care tool I’ve ever used, and I’ve pretty much tried everything out there since 1974 or so (and doing yoga since 1966!) The block(s) and diaphragmatic breathing are miracle workers!
Coral C., Block Therapy Member

About Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen is the Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, a bodywork practice that is therapy, exercise and meditation all in one.

Deanna’s work benefits people of all ages, as well as any condition. Focusing on the fascia system, her work teaches people to melt through adhesions and scar tissue, ultimately awakening cells previously blocked from blood and oxygen. From those with debilitating issues to the elite athlete, this work can be modified to address any situation.

Deanna has developed an online teacher-training program – Block Therapy University – so people around the world can teach in their communities and empower others to become their own health advocates. There are currently over 220 people globally, either certified or going through the process.

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