Mastery Empowerment Course
With Consciousness Activator
Barbara Canals


Embodiment is the landing of Spirit/Higher Self in the body.

Embodiment is Key For Our Evolution because we need to be in our bodies, present and aware in order to deliver what we came to Earth to do. Embodiment is Taking Responsibility for Choosing to Be Here on Earth.

At the current moment in time, You Are More Needed than ever. It is your choice to release that which is no longer needed and bring in your potentials and gifts.

If you enjoy this video, you are invited to join Barbara in Energy Transmissions on Zoom, (recorded if you can’t join live).

Join Barbara in Evolving into Crystal Consciousness

Energy Transmission For Embodiment & Evolution

Coming Into Balance & Presence

During this intensive workshop, you will be receiving High-Frequency Balanced Energy and Light Language Transmissions to bring more of your Spirit into your body.
Through each transmission and in the space in between you will be releasing negative imprinting and making space for the New You to come in; a Higher Frequency which is really You.

As we work through transmuting different timelines you will be choosing New Realities – so we basically make Quantum Leaps, since we are changing our energetic fields/realities.

Give yourself to the process and allow for big Heart Openings and Transformations as you receive these High-Frequency Source Energies which recalibrate and bring you back to Balance.

  •  Release & Transmute Trauma, Negative Imprinting in Aura and Body, Patterns/Programming
  •  Embody Your Spirit Energy (Higher Self)
  •  Heart Opening & Transformation
  •  Coming into Balance
  •  Expand Your Consciousness
  •  Expand Your Reality/Energy Field – Make Quantum Leaps
  •  Crystal energy activations

Energy Transmissions Series

$222002 Payment Plan Available

About Barbara Canals

Barbara Canals is a Consciousness Activator; she works with the New Time Energies which are Love-Intelligent and Balanced (Neutral) energies.
She transmits these energies through the Languages of Light as a form of vibration and through AuraTransformation (a touch-based method to upgrade and Crystallise Auras, resulting in a massive consciousness expansion).

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, ready to carry out their Dharma, and live in Balance.

Energy Transmission Series

$222002 Payment Plan Available