Mastery Empowerment Course
With Consciousness Activator
Barbara Canals

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Join Barbara in Evolving into Crystal Consciousness


I hope you are well and finding yourself safe.

We are in such complicated times in this world and as humanity, it is so intense!

So much is happening out there, outside of our control;  and many of us are feeling so unsafe and being very triggered by our environment which at the same time is bringing up a lot of unresolved issues.

It seems to be that we are at a crossroads where the influx of energy coming into the planet is huge. When this massive amount of energy comes in it is as if our whole energy system needs to start purging. It can no longer sustain the ingrained conditioning which lies in our body and energy system, the memories of trauma, outdated beliefs, and lower vibrating patterning start showing up so that we can transmute these and keep evolving with the times.

At the same time, the environment we live in with so much uncertainty and chaos is triggering us and taking our attention away from ourselves and our wellbeing.

And every time we put our attention on the stuff that is happening out there I feel like we are losing our power, giving our energy away, and loosing our center, our core, our alignment, because we are putting our attention on the uncertainty and on things we can not manage … And where you put your attention, your energy goes.

I have been feeling this in my own energy system and learning a lot from it. There have been specific issues which I have given so much attention to and have sucked the energy out of me.

So I have had to pull all my energy back time and time again from so much that is going on. This by the way, I recommend for anyone who resonates doing as much as you can/need.

For us to release and transmute core cellular imprinting and come back to our center, align to our purpose and keep connected to Source/Spirit, I have created the Embody, Expand & Evolve Playgroup.

If you are ready to explore in a safe environment, let go of very core imprinting and to step into your Power and Sovereignty this playgroup is for you!

222 Codes Special Offers

Special Offer 1 Includes:

Embody, Expand & Evolve PlayShop

Video & Audio Download Available

Special Offer 1: Embody, Expand & Evolve PlayShop


2 Payment Option Available

Embody, Expand & Evolve PlayShop is an amazing group to power you into further grounding into your body, becoming more present and expanding you into your Divine potential.

It is a small group of 10 people during 7 days. We meet online 5 days were we process deep emotions and core issues and the other 2 days you will receive specific tasks and pointers to follow.

In each session we go down into the key root cause of whatever limiting energetics are ready to be released so that we can jump into another higher frequency. Every time uncovering more of the limiting layers in order to reach into the True Self / Essence.

In order to find the root cause of issues to be worked with I have a downloaded chart of emotional issues, fears, etc. and I use kinesiology (muscle testing) to really get clear on what is in the Highest Interest to be transmuted.

Once the core issues are pinpointed and explored from many different angles, we then start the processing to transmute the energy to a Higher Vibration making in Quantum Jump in our energy field and therefore our reality.

Throughout each session you will be re-wiring / re-coding your system, upgrading to a more Crystalline reality and expanding your energy system and frequency massively.

These groups are extremely beautiful and intimate, we discuss the lower vibrational emotions/root causes/realities and together with the assistance of the High Frequency Crystal Energy transmute them.

Join this sacred space to release the core old patterning and limitation and expand into your new Crystal Self.

Embody, Expand & Evolve Playshop



• Become Clear
• Simplify Your Life
• Release Limitation, Stuckness & Activate New Potentials
• Come Into Your Core: Become more Grounded, Centered and Present
• Activate & Receive Innate Knowledge, Gifts, Talents
• Come Into Greater Alignment with Higher Self / Spirit / Source Energy
• Clear, Expand & Fortify Your Energy System / Aura
• Manifest Higher & More Expanded Realities

Who is it for:

• Are you ready to clear your Body, Mind and Integrate Spirit
• Do you feel tired?
• Do you feel pulled in many different directions?
• Can you feel the patterns of the past and your baggage pulling on you?
• You are ready to dive deep into what energetic/emotional/mental/spiritual limitations you have
• You are ready to release conditioning
• You want to feel seen, heard, and take a place in the world

How it works:

• 7-day Group process
• 5 Light Language Energy Activations (group zoom calls)
• Exercises / Coaching to let go of things in the physical (body, environment, space)
• Exercises / Coaching to repattern your mind and system

A group comes together orchestrated magically the ‘Higher Powers’. Each person’s Higher Self guides them to be in a group and the people in the group have similar core issues.

So with each group, a general theme is worked on according to the greatest good for each one and for the whole.

As sessions evolve we transmute those issues to higher and higher vibration, releasing more of the trauma and energy that takes our power away and therefore integrating more of our Own Energy and coming into our full potential.

The energy at the beginning is dense as we work with all the very ingrained imprinting and conditioning.

But soon enough we get to a very special point where the energy shifts so quickly that we are able to receive and relax into the energy, the safety and comfort of our Selves and Source.

Pricing: $288

7 Days Full Power Support
5 Group Online Sessions – with deep emotional process; release the blocks
2 Days of energetic support and integration
Exercises, coaching, and guidance for moving forward & activating your Highest Potential

Special Gift: Light Language Transmission Recording

Special Offer 2 Includes:

Integrating the Qualities of the Buddha (Crystal Consciousness)

Integrating The Qualities of the Buddha Energy Transmissions


Special Offer 2: Integrating the Qualities of the Buddha Energy Transmissions


2 Payment Option Available


3 AMAZING Energy Transmission Recordings to integrate the Qualities of the Buddha.

These recordings don’t only contain the Light Language Activations, but also a lot of information of where we are headed and who we are.

“If One Stays Stuck In One Idea Thinking It Is “True”, He/She Loses The Opportunity Of Knowing The Truth.” Buddha

As you might have been feeling, the energy is very strong – the Schumman resonance is vibrating very high – so a lot might be moving for you and you might be sensing unease.

This is your opportunity to reconnect to Divine Love, integrate your Essence and activate your Power. We come together to Balance and Align with our Deepest Truth for Ourselves and for Humanity.

Each transmission contains the coding to embody and remember on a cellular level the qualities of the Buddha within us. Throughout the sessions we will be going through a journey, clearing chakras, trauma in the body or in your energy field, and creating empowerment within.

The energy that you will open up to receive is Love-Intelligent and works with each person specifically to bring them back to Balance.

If you are called to this process you will bring into your body and consciousness the Buddha Consciousness (Crystal Consciousness).

For these sessions, there is nothing to prepare apart from having a glass of drinking water and receiving Yourself.

If you are open to receiving, a lot can change in very little time!!!
Join in these Sessions for your Evolution!


What People Have To Say About Barbara

The Embodiment & Evolution playkshop by Barbara was incredibly powerful. The sense of community with the members there helped me understand and comforted me that we’re all going through this together. The release and shift of energy was immediately present in my body. It was incredible. Prior to starting the workshop, I was going through a difficult time in my life where I had a hard time expressing myself. After the workshop, my energies were balanced and I felt in tune and connected with myself. I was able to tap into what I feel is my truth and be able to express it a lot more clearly. I am forever grateful to this workshop along with all that Barbara has helped me with

I came across Barbara by chance and felt immediately drawn to her. Following my intuition to book an appointment for AuraTransformation has been one of the best decisions. After AuraTransformation, I immediately felt more energy and a stronger sense/belief in self. For the majority of my life, I struggled with worthiness. After AuraTransformation, I didn’t get a job I was interviewing for and immediately whole-heartedly believed that it was not meant to be in my path. Before AuraTransformation, I would put myself down as if I wasn’t good enough for my job yet after AuraTransformation, I was able to identify the lesson not receiving the role taught me. Ultimately, preparing for interviewing for the role has exposed me to something else that’s meant to be on my path that I enjoy much more. Prior to AuraTransformation, I struggled with people physically affecting my energy. I would have heart palpitations and pits in my stomach from family members challenging me. I have been challenged by the same family members recently and can confirm I no longer feel any physical symptoms. It immediately feels liberating and I can’t believe it’s possible to feel this way. I feel overall happier and ultimately more confident with the person that I am. I feel the best when I am in nature now and make it a point to be outside as much as possible! I look forward to continuing the process and releasing all that does not serve me! Thank you for what you do, Barbara!

Barbara Canals is a pure source of Divine Love and Spirit. Her Light Language Transmissions speak directly to my heart and activate me on all levels. Her transmissions are full of multidimensional codes and frequencies from Spirit that are highly beneficial and bring about a sense of peace, clarity, and wellbeing within me. I very much appreciate Barbaras Light Language Transmissions for all that they do in assisting me to expand my consciousness and to bring about a greater balance in all that I do.

After learning about the AuraTransformation™ (AT) and the New Time Energy, I quickly knew that receiving an AT was right for me. However, when it came to choosing who I wanted to perform the AT, I knew immediately that it was Barbara Canals. Barbara has such a profound warmth and gentle nature about her that embodies the New Times Energy in an amazingly authentic and balanced way. Her commitment to bringing AT to the world was evident as she explained the AT process and answered all of my questions. Throughout the process, I felt both safe and protected. I am so honored to have received the AT through Barbara. She is a most auspicious being of the New Time Energy.


Firstly – I want to shout out to Barbara who is a beautiful & gifted soul.
I feel very grateful to have been connected to her this year – it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I think words and phrases probably best express how I am feeling now – 1 month in:

* The need to be connected to nature and appreciating it in a whole new way
* A deeper connection to music. Essential oils are also my new best friend!
* Increased clarity & more focused
* Increased intuition & inner knowing
* Increased confidence & belief in myself
* Quieter mind – this is a revelation!
* Stress levels reduced & a feeling of calm
* Firmer boundaries & no guilt surrounding them
* Judgement for the most part has gone – for myself & others
* A baseline feeling of joy every day
* Reacting to things in the moment, rather than letting feelings fester
* This year has been full of triggers for me, but now I am able to notice them & move through them quickly.
* My manifestation skills seem to be working too!

The most noticeable shift for me is not needing to practice Vedic mediation twice a day. Since the Summer the second mediation in the day was so important for me, to let go of any triggers and to reconnect to myself. As soon as I had AT, the need for this went away. As long as I am clearing throughout the day, I feel balanced.

I also no longer need outside guidance for my healing and decision making. This is incredibly empowering for me, as I have spent so many years of my life ’searching’ for answers from outside sources. I can’t recommend Barbara enough. I am so excited for things to continue to unfold for me…

When Barbara transmits her link to high-vibrational Light Beings, translating this energy into languages and sounds it takes me to a blissful, safe place where I feel my soul belongs …. it fills my whole being with deep unconditional love … I find myself shedding tears of immense gratitude. Thank you Barbara for sharing your connection with us and passing on this incredible energy

Barbara’s transmissions are a very special experience she channels such a powerful energy, you can feel it getting into you, you can see colours and shapes or your body shakes liberating old blockages, you can also feel your chakras getting in tone, but nothing I can say can compare to the actual experience it’s just magical.

Barbara’s energy work has been such a gift, especially at this time. It’s so powerful and has helped me feel such a sense of well-being throughout my journey of healing over the past few weeks. It’s helped me elevate my energy while I process what is happening, to connect with my emotions and upgrade to a higher level of self acceptance and release of what doesn’t match my newfound understanding. While working with her, I’ve found myself getting out of my own way so that I can consciously heal. Very grateful to have found her.

At first when I experienced Barbara’s meditation, I was unsure of what to expect. I went in blindly, not knowing anything about light language. I enjoyed her intro because Barbara is authentic and truly wants to help us. As her meditative sounds flooded my ears, my initial reaction was to question it because it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. But I figured I was already in the moment committed, so I might as well be open to whatever happens. I relaxed and just allowed the sounds to surround me. After a few moments, I felt strong tingling energy moving throughout my body and all thoughts left my mind. I felt like I was in a deep meditative state, conscious yet elsewhere. Then suddenly the session was over, and this relaxed state continued. That was the first time in years that I felt not in my head but instead I was just being, calmly, happily, naturally. It was like I was a child again carefree, with no worries and with trust in the universe. And this is how I felt even after weeks of being bombarded with terrifying news of the coronavirus, and I also had just experienced deep family loss. I am so grateful Barbara is sharing her gifts with the world. We need more people like her right now.

Thank for holding space with your New Earth gathering. As well as inviting in the angels and healing activations with your Language of Light. When you shared your vocals I immediately felt the presence of angels heightened and encircling bringing me a wonderful sense of peace and familiarity; a sense of being home. I could feel some toning forming in my throat but didn’t come out. So I continued to be in gratitude and allow myself to receive the gifts you were channelling and incredibly I felt and saw violet light cascading all around. And I thought, ‘ This is good. Very good for all present and all people’s, all animals and all of the earth.’ I acknowledged St. Germain and archangel Zadkiel and the violet light began to swirl and I felt ancestors and more ascended masters. I felt wonderful energy all around. I was very content wishing to remain in that meditation space

About Barbara Canals

Barbara Canals is a Consciousness Activator; she works with the New Time Energies which are Love-Intelligent and Balanced (Neutral) energies.
She transmits these energies through the Languages of Light as a form of vibration and through AuraTransformation (a touch-based method to upgrade and Crystallise Auras, resulting in a massive consciousness expansion).

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, ready to carry out their Dharma, and live in Balance.

Special Offer 1: Embody, Expand & Evolve PlayShop


Special Offer 2: Integrating the Qualities of the Buddha Energy Transmissions