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Mastery Empowerment Course: Drawing your Light Body (chakras) Accurately!!!


Mastery Empowerment Course: Drawing your Light Body (chakras) Accurately!!!

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A detailed mathematical instruction of the process of drawing your abstract body of time/possibilities/probabilities

Most diagrams and literature about the chakras or energy centers of the body portray them as amorphous glowing balls of light/energy but they actually have a very specific structure and form!

This course will teach you the exact harmonic proportions of the chakras and teach or demonstrate to you, using your own circle templates, how to draw the chakras.

  • become more familiar with your own non-physical energy presence
  • learn about how you integrate harmonically with the “gears” and spinning wheels of time in larger reality
  • gain insight into the inter-relationship between chakras or energy centers, as they perform their functions in your subtle body (similar to the heart/lungs working together)

Please note: the tuition for this class is $100, and the materials cost for this class is $75 You must order in advance, and you will receive: one set of 7 plastic laser-cut circles in the exact harmonic proportions I use in my own paintings and teach to others (sizes in inches) 12, 6, 4, 3, 2.4, 2, 1.7

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Mastery Empowerment Course: The Path of Light

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Path of Light

$$100002 Payment Plan Available

What is Light?

And What is it doing?

And how is it significant to your own journey and life context?

This innovative curriculum from Aurora blends objective materialist science (e.g. molecular chemistry, the states of matter) with pure insight in order to present an entirely new perspective on what are photons, what is light, how does light behave, and how this affects our ongoing transformation from matter-beings into light-beings.

Aurora shares new ways of diagramming the path of a photon, from a linear to a unity-consciousness perspective; animations of the convoluted folding of the fabric of time-space-consciousness, and how Light intelligence itself is directing activities such as photosynthesis and combustion (all of which involves and relates directly to YOU, as a multicellular biological organism here now)

In this powerful training with Aurora, you will discover:

  • learning in depth about the process molecules go through in order to bond or unbond, and how that liberates Light

  • comprehending heat as Light intelligence

  • the impossibility of perceiving a waveform before it is a “thing” (quantum conundrums that are solved by non linear language)

  • what happens to the body during the process of planetary ascension, or return to Light

Mastery Empowerment Course: Lessons and Advanced Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

Special Offer 2: Lessons & Advanced Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

$$197002 Payment Plan Available

Online Home-Study Video Course

Enjoy this course with Galactic Walk-In Aurora, who shares the basic concepts of genetic transformation:

*you have an energy field that surrounds your physicality
*it’s made of time/possibilities/probabilities
*it’s connected to and responds to the behavior and form of your DNA
*becoming a conscious shaper of DNA leads to master of one’s body and the events of one’s life and trajectory through time >>> health, longevity, true freedom.
If you’d like to study these teachings for your own journey, you’re invited to Aurora’s Online Home-Study Course below.

Item 1: Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans: A Course in Multidimensional Perceptions

Based upon the original artwork and ideas of Aurora, Galactic walk-in and visionary artist, this set of 20 recorded Lessons is intended to present the information necessary to transform your DNA into the higher dimensional shape called the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Beginning with specific information about the size, shape, and harmonic proportions of the chakras (or nonphysical energy centers of the body), and continuing on to describe the structure of time in the higher dimensions, Aurora then teaches about how the addition of a new dimension adds an additional degree of freedom and how that can expand your personal freedom.

The Lessons are in the format of a video whiteboard, where viewers see Aurora drawing and annotating images and diagrams taken from her original paintings and listen to her voice describing the concepts depicted visually.

A recorded lecture from previous semesters is included with the recorded Lessons, and students of this class will be invited to participate in monthly live videoconference lectures where they can ask questions and share their own insights about the material.

So, if you would like to learn new “dance steps” for your DNA and come dance at the “cosmic ball” I invite you to matriculate to Flying Rainbow Lasagne University and claim your birthright as a Full Spectrum Human!

Course Curriculum

  1. The Chakras (59:18)
  2. The Shape (…of Everything) (109:14)
  3. Time, Shape, and Awareness (57:42)
  4. Organic and Inorganic Beings (59:03)
  5. Meditation (29:39)
  6. The Physical and the Nonphysical Worlds (59:28)
  7. The Rainbow (57:30)
  8. The Indigo Chakra (59:22)
  9. The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and DNA (59:12)
  10. Practical Applications of the FRL
  11. The Flower of Life, Merkaba, and the FRL (87:39)
  12. Energetic Anatomy and The Sun (55:01)
  13. Sungazing, Kundalini, Intentional Timeline Shifting (30:06)
  14. Ascension (86:51)
  15. Intentional Use of Energy (29:09)
  16. The Death Journey (59:31)
  17. DMT and Cannabinoids (28:50)
  18. Galactic History (118:51)
  19. Understanding Nonduality (29:31)
  20. The FRL and the Future of Humanity (29:51)

Item 2: Advanced Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

Building upon the foundation concepts presented in Level 1 of the series, the Advanced Lessons continue the exploration into the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape, transformation of DNA and the time field, and Galactic History and the origins of artificial intelligence.

Course Curriculum

  1. the FRL and the Merkaba (89:00)
  2. Understanding the Time Vortex, the Path of Least Likelihood, and Ascended Mastery (51:01)
  3. Duality and Perception (58:29)
  4. Telepathy and the Functioning of the Higher Senses (58:26)
  5. the Origins of Solar Consciousness (58:35)
  6. The Sun, DNA, Light, and Interdimensional Ethics (58:30)
  7. Loving All Aspects of Self (57:30)
  8. Harmonics, Music, The Chakras, and the Solar System (57:52)
  9. the Sun’s Senses and the Human Endocannabinoid System (57:51)
  10. Planetary Ascension, Refinery of Light, Refinery of Personality Characteristics (59:21)
  11. The Unmaking of the Ego and Ascended Mastery (59:09)
  12. The “I am God” Circuit (59:00)
  13. Galactic History (advanced) (87:10)
  14. Longevity (29:54)
  15. cancer (58:45)
  16. Healthy and Unhealthy Sexuality (59:24)
  17. Energetic Hygiene (29:56)

About Aurora

Aurora is a Galatic walk-in who came into this world and into a human body in 2001, via a genetic portal she invented and named The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL).

For the past several decades, Aurora has used her creative energy to communicate the truth of that shape to humanity, through visual art, formal teaching, dance-movement, and also through music.

She has presented the FRL shape at math conferences, and also given FRL “performances” of the movements, as well as creating online multi-media performances of her original music and animations, and taught a formal online class for 7 years.

Most recently, Aurora released three new albums of original music: “Divine Propulsion System 1&2” and “Birth of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne”, and she continues to make new music every day.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Drawing your Light Body (chakras) Accurately!!!

$$175002 Payment Plan Available
  • Cost of class includes materials and shipping within the U.S.

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Path of Light

$$100002 Payment Plan Available

Lessons & Advanced Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans

$$197002 Payment Plan Available