With Light Master and Cosmic Midwife for Cosmic Consciousness
Sabrina Di Nitto

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The Divine Heart is a fountain of eternal Love, Bliss and an infinite source of creational energy. At the same time, it is also a Cosmic Heart Portal when you allow yourself to dwell in your I AM. Your Cosmic Heart Portal attunes you to the cosmic realms and divine verses, allowing you to live here on Earth, thriving on divine resonances in tune with your soul.

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Special Offer: Divine Heart Alignment: no deviations.

Special Offer: Divine Heart Alignment: no deviations.


2 Payment Option Available

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Divine Heart Alignment, withdrawing your energies within and taking emotional responsibility as a sovereign light master.

In this webinar we will elaborate on

  • What the Divine Heart and its Cosmic essence is.
  • Why it asks you to align and live in Oneness.
  • How can you understand this from a cosmic, meta and quantum perspective.
  • What the impact is of a Divine Heart alignment or not, on you and your soul.
  • How you,as a sovereign light master, can withdraw your own energies within and take emotional responsibility and leave the human games as they are.
  • How it can be calmer within and cancel out the noises outside you.

Activation work:

Let’s call back your energy so you move in the sacred space of your heart to heal, to come to terms with who you are, where you are, where you are heading and mostly what you want. Where you can stop time for a moment to gather up yourself and realign to your divine heart. Here the silence allows you to remember your prima mater essences which enable you to create your life, to make shifts, and disentangle from what does not serve you any longer.

Being in this safe space, when the world outside of you is experiencing so much turmoil, is healing and powerful.

Being in your own breath for a while, your own heartbeat. It is as if you are in a wooden chalet, on your pilgrimage, mountain trail to destination. And, while you rest, you look out the window and see the world moving outside of you. You see it evolving and all that takes place and happens. You witness so much of insecurity, pain, and the games people play from that pain. At this very moment, now that you have arrived and are present in this space, you have the freedom to mend your heart and make choices and decisions that align with your true desires.

In this moment of new beginnings, the power is in your hands to decide the direction you want to go in.

1. Embrace your divine heart essence and the serene stillness within, and learn to allow rather than fear or walk away.

2. Release more of the outer energies, so you avoid getting caught up in the games they tempt you with.

3. Release patterns of loyalty based on old earth relationship patterns, which affect both the human and soul levels, hindering you to move at your own rhythm and frequency, and preventing you from progressing in your unique way on your soul path.

4. Explore the courage to be in your heart and with what lives within. When you open to these energies, you will feel a magnetic pull guiding you towards your heart.

5. Learn what it is to be emotionally responsible as a Sovereign Light Master.

About Sabrina Di Nitto

With her inner senses, Sabrina moves into the cosmic realms between form and formlessness. To guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery, Here, where the soul has its origin, she sculpts and weaves with the essences and filaments of worlds beyond thought and form.

She embodies twenty-five years of experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, healing, spiritual psychology, and awakened soul codes. Her experience spans cosmology, metaphysics, quantumphysics, ancient Urantia, and Cosmic mysteries.

Sabrina works as a Light Master and Cosmic Midwife for Cosmic consciousness. She practices Divine Human embodiment, Soul Alignment to the resonance of Oneness, the Divine Heart and Divine Light indwelling.

Sabrina Di Nitto and her new paradigm Mystery School The Divine Heart offer programs for the Sacred Architecture of your original soul codes, for Light building of your Cosmic Light vessel, and Cosmic Midwifing ever evolving cosmic consciousness, developing her and your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment, the Divine Human, and Self-Realization, the I AM.

It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to becoming a Self-Realized Light Master.

Special Offer: Divine Heart Alignment: no deviations.


2 Payment Option Available