Mastery Empowerment Course: Disengaging Defense Mechanisms Workshop with Christel Hughes2024-04-08T07:02:39-06:00

 Mastery Empowerment Course
With “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”
Christel Hughes

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Disengaging Defense Mechanisms Workshop

Disengaging Defense Mechanisms Workshop

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…From your aura, mind and body to Stop sabotaging habits + set you Free,
so you can be in greater levels of Love, Light and Inspiration

Featuring Metatron’s Cube with Christel Hughes, C.Ht.

Do you find yourself habitually thinking and acting in ways that don’t match you anymore? Or not taking any action at all on the things you really want to do? When you feel out of control due to a habit running you, or you become unconsciously reactive – that’s a big indication that you have a Defense, Control or Protective mechanism at play.

Defense mechanisms are damaging your life! Plain and simple, these are the intricately built sabotaging energetic structures that inhabit your aura and inhibit your mental and emotional energy from Creating wonderful experiences. These mechanisms are protective energy layers that build up as you go through life. They cause restriction in your body, emotional paralysis and mental fatigue. You’re not wired to be using up your energy in that way.

Instead, the energy is wanting to be channeled through your consciousness into beautiful creations. Defense mechanisms not only prevent you from flowing your True creative life force, but they actually break down your natural mechanisms for maintaining “strong states” of being your True self… your Higher Self. These mechanisms can last your whole lifetime if not taken care of and will wreak havoc in your aura…redirecting your precious energy Away from the Love that you deserve and what could truly make you happy and fulfilled.

A few examples of how Defense mechanisms might be running you:

– Procrastinating… despite wanting to get things done

– Rejecting love when it comes to you… despite wanting to be loved

– Obsessing over something that happened… despite wanting to just let it go

– OverReacting to something someone said…despite wanting to keep the Peace

It’s tough coming to terms with your crazy behavioral patterns…especially when you feel like you have no control over them. But there is a way to dis-engage these mechanisms so you can overcome your unhealthy habits.

There’s a deep and delicate removal process that requires precision and focus…to fully Dis-engage and delete these defense mechanisms.

Release unhealthy habits of Defense, Protection and Control

IMPORTANT: You cannot just rip out a defense mechanism — it’s not safe!

No matter how much you Hate your own behavior at times – continuing to do the same habits every day – you cannot just rip out the part of you that’s doing it or the mechanism being energetically engaged in the distasteful or often disgusting (to you) behavior.

Trust me, I’m a clinically trained Behaviorist (which covers the practical) and a Multi-sensory Intuitive (tapping into the mystical side) that can see deeply into your energetic systems, psyche and future purpose timeline. 20+ years ago my aura was ridden with many defense, control and protective mechanisms — I even rejected True love because of them, sabotaged a high paying and prosperous job and cut myself off from outside help that could have saved many years of hardship.

But since my Illumination Awakening…opening to my holographic clairvoyant abilities that allows me to ‘see beyond the veil’ of illusion projected from my mind, I’ve found the way to gently and effectively — Safely — remove the defense mechanism AND the part that runs it in your mind. Once we do this with precision and focus, you’ll be set free from the foundational structure contributing to your habitual behavior causing you misery.

Instead, you can be in greater levels of Soul Love, Light and Inspiration Because…you will be at Choice in your behavior! …No longer unconsciously overrun by an invisible disabling habit that you can’t control…but Free to be empowered in your choices!

It’s time to Dis-engage your defenses and come into Soul Love!

What’s included:


Live group, deep dive clearing call (Value: $399)


(Value: $108)

Holographically Prepare your energetic systems and body to receive Metatron’s cube high vibrational energies. This will be a meeting where you’ll be introduced to all of the elements (hidden and known) of creation.

Download the vibrational frequencies into your etheric body as a primer to receive layer after layer of energy that will begin to dissolve the mechanisms to remain in place and to be created in the first place.

You will be guided to the Golden Grid of Grace to set your intention to Strengthen and Restore your Full Being and Ignite your Soul Intelligence within for Soul Love.


Discover, Dis-engage and Delete the 3 Major Energetic Mechanisms including:


Over your lifetimes, you accumulate defense, protection and control mechanisms that block your connection with the Divine. These mechanisms become ingrained in your aura and impact your behavior daily as unhealthy habitual patterns. Most importantly they limit your illumination capacity to channel light and truth — which increases shadow thoughts, false identities and lower vibrational emotions…making it impossible to change your behavior — despite you wanting to change.

You hold these defense mechanisms like a Shell or casing around your body and inside the layers of your aura. We must discover, dis-engage and dismantle these mechanisms to Illuminate your heart for Soul Love.

Soul love is the capacity to intimately and energetically connect with the Divine, know our innate worth, deeply love, feel passionate and create on purpose. I know you want that, we all crave that experience in this lifetime!

Accessing Archangel Metatron + Metatron’s Cube

Archangel Metatron’s cube will do a deep clearing on your defense mechanisms, bioplasmic barriers, survival protocols, and protective barriers that keep the soul wall in place…decalcifying, clearing the karmic impact and opening for a greater flow and light infusion.

Metatron’s cube is called on by your soul to reconfigure your energetic structures to be able to consistently ‘hold’ your Soul’s consciousness and get to Unconditional Love within as a reflection of creation. Your Soul’s consciousness will arrive within Metatron’s cube – The embodiment of your Soul’s energy will gain you access to Infinite Intelligence and feeling worthy of being your Divine Eternal Being self.

***Do an Integrative Soul Technology clearing + integration on the persona that is the ‘owner’ of the mechanisms

Each mechanism has a unique way that it’s ‘anchored’ within your energy field and it maintains a connection with its primary ‘owner’ — an aspect of you that uses the mechanism to keep you safe, alive and within control.

It’s necessary to not only discover the mechanism, but to access the persona that uses it on a daily basis and then energetically dis-engage the deep attachment between the two. Then we can delete the energy structure from your aura.

  • Identify your persona that anchors your mechanism and take charge of this energy – coming back into authority over it to transform it
  • Shift the lower level belief responsible for the sabotaging behavior
  • Identify and transmute the primary emotion that keeps the mechanism in place like glue – so that you can let go of the old habits
  • Transform the aspect into one that is aligned with your Highest intention of accepting your Soul’s love
  • Fully integrate this New energy into your energy field and open to Soul Love Illuminating energy and Being your Sovereign Self

Bonus I item

5 Soul Love Illumination Sessions for a Strong & Healthy Aura

5 Downloadable Audio MP3s (Value $275)

5 Soul Love Illumination Sessions to recondition your Lesser than Love mindset and energetic blueprint so it transitions beyond the destructive cycle of barricading you.

There is a strong energetic container set at the 5th dimension to hold space for shifting the internal wounds, karmic injuries and ancestral tags. You’ll be anchoring in the Soul Love state of Being.

Soul Love Illumination session #1

Dismantling destructive Heart Barriers

Soul Love Illumination session #2

Clearing your Heart Scars

Soul Love Illumination session #3

Opening your Hand Chakras

Soul Love Illumination session #4

Attuning Heart to Hands

Soul Love Illumination session #5

Soul Love Embodiment & Entrainment

What People Have To Say

Hi Christel I just wanted to share that today after the session I felt and saw a large black snake like energy leave my body I had a huge emotional release. It felt very powerful.

I am so grateful for your wonderful work with AA Metatron. This is life changing.

Much Love and blessings

I want to thank you for bringing me back to life. Last Wednesday morning, I reached out to close a window at 4:00 a.m. There was a serious and deep “crack” in my neck that went straight through my skull. I am thrilled to report I have slept through the night every night for a week. I have not slept through the night in 25+years. My neck and jaw pain are gone.

I injured my neck in 2014 and my dentist damaged my jaw 3 years ago during a procedure. The perpetual fight or flight button has deactivated. I feel calm and peaceful and that has not happened for 20+ years. I am so excited that I am finding my way to the new me! I look forward to what you and Metatron will do next. I am ready!

Thank you Christel for the Metatron session. I’m really blown away how effective it was immediately. The next morning and days after I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace, beauty, and love all around me I’ve never had before. I’m making creative decisions in the moment I know are for the highest good and I’m loving people with more depth than I ever have without needing them to change anything. There’s a heightened sense of space for acceptance and no anxiety. I’m really grateful for this new way of being. Thank you!
Thank you Christel! I’m really enjoying this process. I feel lighter and I’ve noticed that I feel more confident.

About Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightening-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel’s work has broadened to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Energetic Transformation. The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

Disengaging Defense Mechanisms Workshop


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