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Council of Solar Rishi Lightbody Support

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Special Offer: Council of Solar Rishi Lightbody Support


We have support coming in from on high! The more intense the journey gets, the more magical too! The Soular Rishi are here to support us through the physical ascension process as Solar Cosmic Christed beings who have already experienced it long ago themselves. They present as stewards of the more intense solar activity, coming from a higher dimensional Sun where they live as Christed consciousness beings. They are here to show us ancient tools and technologies to support how we embody these frequencies as the solar activity of flares or CMEs continues to amplify.

Soular Rishi have been coming through now every major solar activation (aka flare, CME, geomagnetic storm etc) since the June eclipse this year. I have seen them as a council of 6 to 12 solar plasma beings which look like silhouettes of Shiva. They first came to me when my human mind was freaking out in response to the intensity of physical pain of the physical ascension process in April. They answered my call for help and began their lightcode downpour of intel for us all to thrive in the New Light.

They are relative in mission and energy signature to the Kin Ahau, the beings of Mayan cosmology who live in the 5d sun center to support the ascension of consciousness here on Gaia. They may even be the same group of enlightened Golden Soular beings, this is just how they presented to my consciousness when I was laying in the sun at the pool trying to alleviate the immense pain in my spine, bones, behind my eyes/sinus and molars with the warmth of the sun during the intense solar activity in April, 2021. The presented as silhouettes against a blazing golden solar plasma of the sun and have a generous, loving and supportive energy of lion heart courage, the pure joy of Christ consciousness. They are ancient, wise and have a fatherly affection for all of us on Earth.

The Soular Rishi have much wisdom to share with us and want to relay a powerful soothing to remind us that WE ARE FULLY SUPPORTED as we begin to experience the more rigorous physical experiences of the ascension process. This is the first time we are taking the body with if we so choose.
As such there are chemical reactions in the nervous system and brain when we begin to accelerate our frequency and the body starts to gradually expand in light. They physical body can start to react and wig out as this is all new.

In all mystical traditions the elders speak of the Death Urge, or the Death Codes. These are a totally normal part of the spiritual journey on a number of levels as we advance, and we will discuss this concept in more depth in class. In this instance the focus is supporting the physical body and keeping it calm, nourished, comfortable and happy. It is a new level of stewardship for our physical avatar/lightbody/merkaba as it absorbs more light and takes us through an amazing journey of expansion.

The most important information the Soular Rishi want us to know is that this Death Urge is a chemical reaction which can get kicked up within us as an automatic unconscious body response to such major influxes of light. This is a new experience for the physical body and as such can be very challenging on all levels. They always come through for us during the most intense physical activations, like midwives of the ascension to hold us at our most vulnerable and precious in expansion. Like the meticine men and women in sacred ceremony, these ancients are here to hold us as the old dies away. We can all remember to call upon them for support and to share wisdom too!

The key takeaway is not to let the limbic mind throw us into fear of death as the deathcodes arise. This is a chemical response of the death hormones leaching out of the 3rd eye, corpus callosum and hypothalamus. See it and let it leave you in stages as it arises. When our physical body is pelted with radiation from the sun during these spaceweather events and is in pain/aches/discomfort/heart pain/lethargy/headaches and more, when our mental and emotional bodies are processing loads of information downloads (think like the movie Lucy, seeing it all from “beginning” in fast forward to the now and beyond) ALL of this from within us as more intense quotients of light come in, our physical body/animal consciousness struggles to integrate/deal/process and not be immensely triggered by this.

The Solar Rishis say “Be not afraid, children, you were made for this.”

We were made for this!

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Activation ~Guided meditation to meet this highly evolved consciousness of pure plasma Soular Christ here to support physical ascension to avatar embodiment

  • Connection with them as allies ~The Soular Rishi want us to know we are supported in the physical ascension process, not to be afraid of the death codes as we transcend them, partner with them

  • Vedic & Sirian Solar Wisdom ~Here to share lightbody wisdom & codes with/through us

  • Solar charging pranic technology through breath, yoga

  • Lightcode prana or qi/chi embodiment: light of fire or flame/sun reflecting on water

  • Sun bathing & charging our light cells with atomic solar neutrinos

  • Eating Solar prana or qi/chi

  • Circulating golden prana in meditation/visualization/qi gong

  • Dhyana meditation ~Purifying body/mind/heart/fields/disease with sunlight & fire flame

This mastery empowerment course includes a beautiful e-book with activating imagery and details these codes and practices for your continual connection and expansion on your journey.

About Merissa Indigo

Merissa Indigo is a mother, mystic, codekeeper, gridkeeper and ascension wayshower here to support humanity during the Shifts into the Golden Age. Her true joy is the discovery of ancient wisdom to heal, integrate and expand personally which she then shares with the world to support the full restoration of our Divine DNA. She has studied many ancient traditions from East to West, Occult and so forth to consolidate ascension technology into simple systems for personal alchemy to share with you all.

She is part of the Holy order of the Marys, she is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Holy Womb Chakra facilitator, a member of the Fellowship of Isis and a Sophia Christ minister.

Special Offer: Council of Solar Rishi Lightbody Support