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Meg Benedicte

If you are new to the Quantum Access technique, Meg created a visual guide on how to apply the activation steps with Metatron’s Cube sacred geometry. This short video is available to prepare for the global webcast.

2 Hour Audio Activation & Course

Special Offer: Communicate with Higher Self-Webinar Package

Open your Communication Channel with your Higher Self

Are you seeking more connection and communication with your Higher Self and Spirit Team?

The transition from living in ego control to Soul union can be frustrating at times. By remaining focused on your desire to become whole and complete, regardless of what is happening in the collective field, you can maintain the connection with your Higher Self. This connection eases the transition and allows you to disengage from fear and doubt whenever it appears and operate with more Love, Soul connection, and embodiment.

Discover how to open your communication channel!

In this Multi-Media Training Course, you will learn practical steps and Healing Protocols on how to:

  • Clear your chakra channel of density, trauma, and cellular memory, maintain coherence, balance polarities, access the Quantum Field of all possibilities
  • Heal and mend the bicameral brain, disable ego interference, build deeper spiritual connection and guidance, increase intuition.
  • Connect with your Higher Self, increase energy frequency, open the vertical flow of kundalini life force in your channel
  • Apply Healing Protocols to clear energetic blockages and limiting programming from the communication channel and psychic mind
  • Develop brainwave entrainment, activate the etheric neural network to your Higher Self
  • Activate the pineal stargate and 3rd Eye chakra, so you become a transmitter – receiver of light consciousness.
  • As you reach more accelerated energy frequencies, you start to live and breathe and perceive your interconnectivity with your Higher Self and the quantum field.

In the Quantum Access® Courses, Meg teaches step-by-step Protocols to accelerate Spiritual Awakening and Soul embodiment.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Communicate with Higher Self Course – Webinar Package includes:

  • Comprehensive Self-Study Course (detailed eBook, Healing Protocols Workbook, video training, and audio activations)
  • ‘Live’ Zoom Webinar training with Meg Benedicte

The Webinar will be on Wednesday, December 8th at 12pm PT. Webinar includes overview presentation, Q&A, and ‘Live’ Protocol Activations with Meg. The Zoom Webinar will be recorded in case you cannot attend the ‘Live’ show. Webinar Replay will be sent to all registrants after the show is completed.

Join the Advanced Training with Meg Benedicte – Available on all devices

Mastery Empowerment Course: Communicate with Higher Self Course-Webinar Package


About Meg Benedicte

Over the past three decades, Meg Benedicte has become a notable pioneer and international Master Healer in Quantum Healing and Spiritual Activations, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe.

Meg recognized her passion and gift for seeing beyond the physical world and into the subtle energies and patterns of the quantum holofield. As an international expert in Quantum Healing, Meg experienced a profound awakening in 1994 that activated her inherent template for performing and understanding the mechanics of Quantum Access® as a powerful Ascension Tool for transformation. It was during the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles that Meg experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation that opened her energy body to accept an angelic Soul Walk-In.

The Walk-In experience was life-transforming as Meg discovered through the guidance and wisdom of AA Metatron the magnitude of change possible when tapping into the Zero Point Field (vacuum dynamics) of the spinning Quantum Vortex, the source of creation for the Universe.

Drawing from three decades of extensive research and direct hands-on experience working closely with AA Metatron, Meg Benedicte has created an original and powerful healing modality, the distinctive proprietary process known as Quantum Access®. By activating AA Metatron’s sacred geometry, Metatron’s Cube and the Quantum Vortex, Meg can access unlimited quantum energy to transform the physical vessel into the home for Soul embodiment.

When applying the Quantum Access® method in private and group sessions, Meg has helped clients to quickly shift consciousness, unlock karma and remove energetic patterns so they can break free of time density, stuck trauma and clear ‘polarized systems’ that limit their human experience. By utilizing geometric relationships to wave interaction, she developed the powerful Quantum Access® Activations that are coded to bend space, access higher dimensions and open the chakra channel to the Higher Self.

Currently, Meg Benedicte is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences. To this end, she published her first book in 2009. In Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human, the author lays the foundation for understanding the Ascension Process with practical ideas for supporting personal transformation.

In the past two decades, Meg Benedicte expanded her personal appearances to larger groups in Conscious Expos, Ascension conferences, radio shows, podcasts and video Webinars, plus her monthly international global meditations. In 2010 Meg launched the much anticipated Alchemy Course, Zep Tepi, which uncovers the lost tradition of ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools to enhance the ascension process for her audience. In the pivotal year of 2020 she launched the Quantum Access® Academy to enhance an advanced Spiritual Practice.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Communicate with Higher Self Course-Webinar Package