With Host of the Humans and Earth podcast and founder of The School for Humans and Earth
Helen Claire Harmon, Ph.D.


Collaboration with Earth: How to Create Regenerations for the Planet and Yourself

Join Helen Claire Harmon, Ph.D. to learn 3 tools for building your creative contribution to well-being for people + planet + yourself. In this conversation with Lauren Galey, Helen discusses how to practice Wise Focus, Reverent Relationship to Yourself, and Reverent Relationship to Earth and her Beings. If you believe that things can be better here on Earth, and you’re tired of seeing more focus on problems than solutions, practicing Wise Focus and Reverent Relationship will take you to your next level. If you desire to contribute to greater well-being for all life on Earth, and you need affirmation that the compassionate vision you hold is valid and actionable, you’ll find it in this conversation with Helen Claire Harmon. We are creative beings who can repair the problems we have caused for one another and the Earth. We’re ready to enter into an era of Collaboration with Earth, co-creating flourishing for all life. You are here to contribute! Enjoy this conversation with Helen Claire Harmon to advance your clarity on your next steps and discover how your own life can improve as you step into your next-level contributions.

You may be feeling a calling to contribute to the world in a new way, or a way so big it intimidates you.

You sense that the way forward is a collaboration between you and other people, you and plants, you and animals, you and places, you and Earth.

Are you ready to move out of sorrow about environmental and human problems and into Informed Optimism, Collaboration with Earth, and regenerative action?

It’s time to imagine, and co-create, the joyful experience of life on a healthy planet with thriving people, plants, animals, and ecosystems.

Special Offer: Collaboration with Earth Course  & Personal Session


7 Sessions with Ebooks & Personal Session

Item 1: Collaboration with Earth: Support & Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service

Do you feel called to help Earth and humanity enter a new era of flourishing together? Enroll in Collaboration with Earth: Support and Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service to learn how to transform your heart-centered vision for the regeneration of life on Earth into sustainable actions that nourish you, other people, and life on our planet.

We are creative beings who can repair the problems we’ve caused for one another and the Earth. We’re ready for the joyful path of regenerative Collaboration with Earth.

This course is for you if:

  • You yearn to contribute to regeneration of the natural world and human well-being.
  • You believe we can co-create justice and well-being for all life, but you’re unsure how to proceed.
  • You wonder how your sense of calling can translate into practical actions.
  • You want to feel whole and supported as you offer your contribution to the world’s flourishing.

Your contribution may be focused on helping the natural world, on the human-nature connection, or primarily on human needs. You want to create more flourishing on this planet. And you want to do so in collaboration with nature, so you feel guided and held, and so your actions respect the wisdom and needs of the natural world along with those of people.

Through exploring the 7 Steps of Collaboration with Earth in this 7-week live course, you will attain confirmation that your compassionate vision is valid and actionable, and awareness of how to translate Wise Focus and Reverent Relationship into a Regenerative Vision. You’ll gain confidence in implementing your contribution to regenerating people + planet with Soulful Sovereignty and Support, not the burnout that can occur via an activist approach. You will also explore Sacred Collaboration with people, plants, animals, other-dimensional beings, and Earth herself in order to create Reverent Regenerative Outcomes.

This course supports you in collaborating with the natural world to nurture regeneration for yourself and all life on Earth.

The course is for you if:

  • you want to deepen your connection with the natural world and allow that connection to guide your contributions to well-being for people and the planet.
  • you are already engaged in contributing to Earth’s regeneration but you feel a higher level of contribution is trying to emerge through you.
  • you aren’t yet sure what your contribution is, but you are committed to identifying it and bringing it to life.

The course is designed for anyone who feels intimidated by your sense of calling, unsure what it is, or burnt out by contributions you’ve already made. In the model of Collaboration with Earth taught in this course, your contributions not only nurture the world, but nurture yourself. Your own well-being is part of what you tend through Collaboration with Earth. This course is based not on the model of the martyr-savior who is self-sacrificing, but on the model of Soulful Sovereignty and Support.

In this 7-week course, you’ll find encouragement, witnessing of your passion and sense of calling, and a supportive structure that will help you receive, integrate, and plan your Regenerative Contribution.

Each week we will deeply explore one of the 7 Steps of Collaboration with Earth. A course guidebook will support your progress through the course.

This 7-week course is a supportive space for you to find clarity about your desired outcomes and the actions that will create them. Your next steps emerge as you explore your inner guidance and connect deeply with the natural world.

Our spiritual and physical evolution are in partnership with Earth and her many life forms. We are ready to consciously remember this. How will you participate?

Find your way to offering a heart-based contribution to the regeneration of Earth’s and humanity’s well-being, with benefits to your own thriving. Welcome to Collaboration with Earth.

Value of Program: $300

Item 2: Mentoring Consult with Helen Claire Harmon

You yearn to restore Earth as a place where all life can thrive. Your heart tells you it’s possible for people, plants, animals, and ecosystems to heal and flourish together. But as a focused and ambitious person, you’re unsure whether it’s safe to follow your heart’s call. Can you base real-world leadership on your reverence for life? The answer is yes, and the time is now. You’re ready to partner with Earth in co-creative healing. I help you enact your soulful service. Through mentoring sessions with Helen Claire Harmon, Ph.D., you’ll gain:

  • Tools for clarifying your vision and choosing your path of action
  • Trust that your compassionate vision is valid & actionable
  • Strategies for connecting to Earth for insight & support
  • Awareness of how to be a healing presence while feeling grounded & whole during this time of tremendous change

Value: $150

Item 3: Guidance for The New Earth Co-Creator

Do you want to contribute to healing the human-Earth relationship on spiritual and practical levels yet you aren’t certain exactly how to step forward now? If you yearn to co-create regeneration with other people, nature, animals, spirit guides, and with Source itself, you are a New Earth co-creator. If you feel called to help humanity and Earth step into a new era of regeneration, you will find supportive next steps here. Guidance for the New Earth Co-Creator acknowledges your sensitivity, your growing inner clarity, and discomfort you may feel in your current life circumstances, and provides 7 Steps to Nourish Yourself and the New Earth.

Value: Free pdf

Item 4: A Guide to Informed Optimism: Things to Know and Explore to Feel Hopeful about the Human Future with Earth

It’s time to be aware that although our problems are serious, healing solutions are already in place. If you hear only the ‘bad news’ you might feel hopeless. But once you realize that all around the planet people are changing the human presence from damaging to restorative, you can feel inspired instead. This is Informed Optimism: being alert to the need for Earth’s restoration AND becoming excited about how much progress we’re already making, while discovering how you can participate.

Explore A Guide to Informed Optimism: Things to Know and Explore to Feel Hopeful about the Human Future with Earth to learn about:

  • 8 Global Movements that are restoring the human-Earth relationship, regenerating Earth’s systems, and creating jobs and well-being for people.
  • 8 initiatives with the potential to create enormous healing for people and the planet: Regenerative Food Production; Renewable Energy; Renewable and Regenerative Manufacturing; Regenerative Land Care; Education in, for, and about Nature; Spiritual and Religious Traditions Honoring the Life Community; Natural Wellness Approaches; and Communication with Earth’s Beings.
  • Informed Optimism Inquiry questions throughout the e-book help you consider how you feel as you learn about restorative solutions, how you would like to see them advance, and how you are attracted to participate.

Value: $7

Special Offer: Collaboration with Earth


What People Have To Say About Helen

Helen Claire has been a wonderful mentor and spiritual guide to me over our five sessions together. I came to her seeking a deeper nature connection after years of struggling to see how I fit into this grand being we call Earth. She is wonderful at both asking questions and offering her thoughts in a balanced and approachable manner. We have engaged in mindfulness practices together in a way that has been very grounding. Helen Claire has helped me discern how I can better connect to Earth and serve the Earth–from helping me uncover pieces of myself as a nature being, to the ways in which I am empowered to connect to nature anywhere, to really honing in on my personal values and how they connect to other portions of my life such as family, community, and career. She is an incredibly intuitive and wise woman, and I’m thankful for our sessions. -Victoria

With her keen intuition and vast knowledge, Helen Claire graciously offers wisdom via clear, easily absorbed, and actionable steps. I appreciate her always powerful, yet always gentle guidance toward a more healthful, more balanced approach to our own and the planet’s fullest flourishing! I encourage others to call on Helen Claire’s gifts as a mentor. You will be enriched, inspired, and restored! Holly A.

Helen Claire Harmon is a visionary who cares deeply about our planet and personal healing. She is always walking her talk with the highest integrity and is a passionate guide in service to the mutual healing of our planet and all beings. She inspires with her commitment to bringing a greater state of harmony to the issues affecting our planet and humanity in our world today. ~Deborah L.

I had never tried Flower Essence Therapy before working with Helen Claire, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had recently up-leveled my business and felt overwhelmed by my new responsibilities, which involved stepping into a leadership position. It was a very big leap for me, and I felt very anxious. Just weeks after starting Helen Claire’s first unique blend of flower essences, I felt calmer, more confident, and more at ease. I also noticed that I was able to tap into my creativity more easily, as well as be more productive than I’ve ever been. And not only were the essences unbelievably helpful, but Helen Claire radiates such a strong and supportive presence. She was like an anchor, stabilizing and encouraging me, while I underwent some really deep transformation. This transformation didn’t just impact my business. It impacted my whole life. ~ Rhoda Jordan

About Helen Claire Harmon

Helen Claire Harmon, Ph.D., is the host of the Humans and Earth podcast and founder of The School for Humans and Earth. She is a wayshower for the healing of the human-Earth relationship. The School for Humans and Earth offers courses and mentoring to support those who seek to renew human life on Earth, for the flourishing of both humanity and the natural world. Join us to clarify your compassionate vision and choose your path of action while you forge a mutually supportive relationship with Earth to benefit her well-being and yours. www. humansandearth.com

Special Offer: Collaboration with Earth