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Join us with Bonnie Serratore as she talks about past life and ancestral karma. We have all had hundreds if not thousands of past lives. In some lives we have experienced situations in which we have been active participants and some in which it seemed we did not have a choice. When these situations or interactions do not have a complete resolution, people’s energy can become entwined for eons. This can occur between individuals as well as through family lineages.

Bonnie will discuss how incidents from many lifetimes ago affect your current life and how clearing your karma can have astounding positive changes. She will talk about her ability to track personal and ancestral lines of karma across time and space to eliminate ancient pacts, promises, curses, and oaths. Where you once struggled to understand why you have such a difficult time accomplishing certain life goals, after having your karmic slate cleaned, you will now be able to effortlessly achieve what was once impossible.

Bonnie will be performing a live clearing so you can eliminate past life and ancestral karma at a DNA level for permanent, positive change in your physical, mental and spiritual systems. Have you done everything to shift a life-long pattern with little to no success? This clearing will bring more freedom to your present-day life than you ever thought possible.

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Offer 1: Karma Unraveled

includes five (5) full-length videos and a bonus audio: “Mom Energy Clearing,” “Father Energy Clearing” and “ Ancestral Beliefs,” “Clearing Karmic Loops,” “Clearing Past Life Trauma for the New Year,” and the MP3 “Clearing Your Karmic Box.”

Offer 1: Karma Unraveled

  • includes five (5) full-length videos and a bonus audio

2 Payment Option Available

Each video is available for you to watch over and over as you embody and embrace these teachings. These clearings will remove karmic debris from your individual past lives and your ancestral lines across all time and space. After, you will feel lighter, able to more easily achieve your goals, and have a sense of ancestral peace.

Item #1A: “Mom Energy Clearing” (Mp4 – 51 mins)

Your mother’s energy and her ancestral lines will be cleared from your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies.

Item #2A: “Father Energy Clearing” (Mp4 – 61 mins)

Your father’s energy and his ancestral lines will be cleared from your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies.

Item #3A: “Ancestral Beliefs” (Mp4 – 61 mins)
The majority of the Beliefs that you carry around do not belong to you! Traumas, beliefs, and programs from our ancestral line carry forth in the DNA and become imprinted into our energetic body, influencing our thoughts and beliefs today. We inherit beliefs from both past lives and our ancestral family, and these beliefs can hold you into patterns and structures that do not serve your highest good today.

When we unravel these ancient and outdated belief systems, we become liberated and more able to step into our authentic selves. Beliefs and ideas passed down from our ancestors can affect our lives even as we consciously work to clear our present situation. For example, ancestors who lived through times of famine or illness may have built up belief structures based on lack, scarcity and separation. These beliefs get imprinted onto your body and energy, causing you to experience these same issues of lack, because these beliefs are still inside of you!

Join Bonnie as she unwinds the Ancestral beliefs that are keeping you stuck, keeping you small, and keeping you tethered to old patterns!

Item #4A: “Clearing Karmic Loops” (Mp4 – 80 mins)

Whether you feel trapped by your karma or are trying to live a life of happiness and spiritual growth, it’s wise to understand your karmic cycles, discover how to break karmic patterns, and end unnecessary negative energy in your life.

Karmic loops are behaviors, emotions, thought forms or dynamics that are repetitive in your life. When you are caught up in a karmic loop no matter what you try to do to change you always end up in the same place/state, but each time the loop is triggered, the emotional charge from it becomes heavier and more troublesome.

There are many loops someone can fall into; toxic relationships, unavailable partners, betrayal, drama, abuse, health issues, and money problems to name a few. When you create karmic energy, the energy must return to you, in the same way when you toss a ball up in the air, it must come back down. In short, negative energy creates negative karma and positive energy creates positive karma.

If you want to break your karmic patterns, it’s helpful to begin living a more positive life and be more mindful of how you create your karma. In this powerful clearing, Bonnie will help you break your karmic patterns and loops, begin living a more positive life, and become more aware of how you create your karma every day.

Item #5A: “Clearing Past Life Trauma for the New Year” (Mp4 – 50 mins)

The number one issue people need help with is clearing the past life trauma that keeps them stuck in a loop of the same mistakes.

When we have suffered emotional pain in previous lives, that subconscious wounding can carry over, and we may be missing the vital information we need to be successful in our present life.

Start your year off right by joining this Group Energy Clearing. Bonnie will identify, isolate, and clear these toxic energies that you are dragging with you from life to life so you can start the new year with a fresh slate.

You must first clear up the past if you want a clear future.

Bonus #1A: “Clearing Your Karmic Box” (Mp3 – 23 mins)

Do emotions and worries weigh on your mind or interfere with your everyday life? If so, it might be time to clear your karmic box.

Your karmic box is where you hold and store karmic debts, both good and/or bad. This metaphysical box holds the karma for all your relationships and the people you’re connected to in this lifetime and past lives.

Your box is unique to you and holds a specific designated spot in your energy field. It needs to be nurtured and protected regularly. If not maintained, the contents can leak, overflow or malfunction. If your box is not in the correct place in your energy field or around your chakras, it can have a detrimental effect on your life.

This powerful container houses the karmic debt of your past and keeps safe the promise of your future. You may not know it’s there consciously, but you can feel the energy of this important box. You can experience the potent energy and imagine your box as anything you want it to be -a shoe box, jewelry box, even a special drawer.

In this clearing, Bonnie will clear your karmic box and adjust it to its optimal levels. By making room and cleaning up the section of your spirit life that holds the bad karma and focuses on the good karma, you will be able to align a past, plot a course for the future and live fully liberated in the present.

Offer 2: Ultimate Family Karma Clearing

Includes everything in Offer 1 PLUS five (5) full-length videos: “Are You Turning Into Your Parents?,” “Struggles With Mom” and “Struggles With Dad,” “Struggles With Siblings,” and “Family Expectations.”

Offer 2: Ultimate Family Karma Clearing

  • includes Offer 1 plus five (5) full-length videos

2 Payment Option Available

Item #1B: “Are Your Turning Into Your Parents” (Mp4 – 50 mins)

As we grow up, we get most of our identity, patterns and beliefs from our family of origin. They teach us their values, their beliefs, their morals, and their patterns, both healthy and unhealthy. Our caregivers have a huge impact on our sense of self early on, but a healthy sense of personal identity starts to come when we move away from what we were taught or told, and begin to make our own determinations and decisions about who we are and who we want to be. But what if the person you want to be is more a reflection of your parents’ shadow aspects?

So many times, our family members will say or do things, and we’ll tell ourselves “I will never say that if I have kids…” or “I do NOT want to grow up and be like my mother…”. What we are rejecting is the unconscious or shadow parts of our parents that they have projected onto us. Instead of understanding and unraveling these patterns, we reject and resist them. In this resistance, we never truly address the issue, and we may now find ourselves acting out these exact same unconscious shadow patterns that we have inherited.

When we do not address these underlying issues, these unconscious patterns can erupt without warning in times of stress or overwhelm. If you are someone whose parent had anger issues and would lash out at you as a child, you probably told yourself you would NEVER do that with your children. When you are stressed out, or tired, or already angry, you may find yourself yelling or lashing out at your kids, because you have bottled up your anger and resisted this inner part of yourself. Now you have to deal with the fallout of the anger, plus the guilt and shame over doing something you judged your own parents over.

In this clearing, we will begin to move away from the conclusions and patterns that you have been holding around your parents and how you relate to them. Let Bonnie clear away the judgments, reactions, and responses that you have towards yourself when you find yourself acting out these patterns. It’s time to let go of what your parents taught you and step into who you authentically are, with the freedom and grace!

Item #2B: “Struggles With Mom” (Mp4 – 80 mins)

Do you find yourself struggling with your relationship with your mom? Do you feel challenged and guilty by your own irritation with her? Do you try to be kind and loving but don’t always feel that way inside?

Moms are significant in the foundation of our lives. Throughout various life stages though, we may feel interference in our maternal relationship with mom.

Address these struggles with Bonnie and unleash the love that you really do feel for your mom.

Item #3B: “Struggles With Dad” (Mp4 – 90 mins)

When you think of Dad, how does it feel? Are you filled with joy, happiness and peace? Most everyone has dad issues. These issues interfere in all of your relationships whether you know it or not. Unravel the limiting debilitating struggles with your father and open your heart to deeper connections in all your relationships.

Item #4B: “Struggles With Siblings” (Mp4 – 80 mins)

There are many issues between siblings. Sometimes we are caretaking and trying to protect our sibling(s), some of us had to be the parent to our sibling(s), or they to us, or we were rivals, or we were best friends. There could be jealousy, undermining, competition, fighting, anger, or even hatred. We could be taking on our sibling’s pain, dysfunction, or feelings of being responsible for their well-being or their emotions. No matter what your issues are with your sibling(s) this clearing will help to alleviate the dissension, worry, and stress connected to siblings.

Item #5B: “Family Expectations” (Mp4 – 50 mins)

When you think about spending time with your family, how do you normally show up? Do you feel like you can participate in family gatherings or events and be totally open and allow your true self to shine through? Or do you find yourself participating in the same patterns, falling into the same old roles, and replaying the same dramas time after time? Many of us feel like we are expected to be a certain way around our families and feel like we don’t even have a choice about it.

For most of us, creating the idea of who we are and how we show up in the world is one of the main goals of becoming an independent adult. In order to do that, many of us have rejected patterns or roles we felt forced into as we matured. We may have grown up as the scapegoat of the family and dedicated our adult lives to being independent and free from others’ stories, yet when we come back home we find ourselves right back in those roles once again.

We may start to resent or resist even spending time with our families because every time we participate in these predefined roles, we feel our sense of self threatened. We resent the idea that others aren’t able to see, appreciate, or respect our growth. We may feel like we have made progress in our self-improvement only to take 3 steps backward after a weekend with our family. Childhood patterns of sibling rivalry, conflict avoidance or provocation, codependency, care taking, and self-sabotage will often take center stage in these interactions, sidelining the new patterns of independence, self-respect, and self-acceptance you may have been cultivating.

Oftentimes it feels near impossible to honor the new self in the face of all the people who helped us co-create patterns we’ve been trying our whole lives to unravel. These family expectations can be linked to trauma patterns, old beliefs from childhood in this life or past lives, and subconscious wounding around abandonment, rejection, belonging, and survival. Imagine a life where you can totally honor who you are NOW, hold space and loving acceptance for your family, and create a new dynamic that honors all parties equally. Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore as we shed family expectations and open the space for more authentic and loving connection!

About Bonnie Serratore

Bonnie Serratore is an expert energy clearer, master tracker, and Spiritual Accelerator… meaning she helps people accelerate (or speed up) their personal healing, growth, and spiritual development.

Bonnie accelerates the liberation of our authentic, true, and Divine self. She does so by removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space which interfere with the expression of our Divine self.

Everything Bonnie Serratore knows she has learned through direct experience in her own life as well as from working with her clients and students. She has not studied or trained with any teachers, living or dead, and does not use spirit guides or any trance inducing tools – she relies on nothing but her own inner knowing and the energy of the white light of creation.

Although she was born with these abilities, she has developed her intimate connection with herself and the light through her profound personal experiences. Adding in her connection with the Divine, she lived alone in the deserts of Arizona for four years speaking to almost no one. There she expanded her skills and burned through much of her own interference and ego.

Bonnie has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies, and offers her gifts of seeing and energy clearing to humanity.

Offer 1: Karma Unraveled

  • includes five (5) full-length videos and a bonus audio

2 Payment Option Available

Offer 2: Ultimate Family Karma Clearing

  • includes Offer 1 plus five (5) full-length videos

2 Payment Option Available