With Singer, Performer, Healer
Rebecca Abraxas

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Chakra Revolution

Mastery Empowerment Course: Chakra Revolution


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Midlife offers us a brilliant awakening!

During that awakening, each of us has an opportunity to evolve our chakras- To Vibrate HIGHER and Embody the LIGHT more fully!

Without evolving the chakras it becomes challenging to get to the next phase of awakening – ASCENSION.

Modern Ascension is the embodiment of light frequencies in the body -into each cell. This is a big adjustment.

We are the forerunners for this evolutionary shift and this shift requires a new chakra map.

At Midlife many of us are ready to make this shift.

In this 4-hour course,

Raise your vibration, Learn to Stay In Joy Longer, & Embody your higher dimensional frequencies to evolve yourself and the Collective


The ‘Care For Your Awakening Midlife Body Through Sound’ Guide

What you can learn in this session.

  • Liberate yourself from stagnation and Density- Receive a Light Language Activation to Clear Chakras and Auric Field

  • Integrate Masculine and Feminine Energy into Wholeness By expanding the Shushumna/masculine & feminine energies

  • Let go of Frustrating resistance

    Evolve your chakra system, creating a new map for the chakras. so they can work FOR your awakening path,

  • Lasting Transformation- Learn  practices to use and take home with you

    Create change and shift that lasts

About Rebecca Abraxas

As a super shy and sickly little girl, if you told Rebecca Abraxas she was going to be a singer, performer, and healer, she would not have believed you. Rebecca went through many dark nights of the soul since she was a teen to find her confidence, her voice, and her higher self. Today, she helps others find those same exact things.

A seeker and a singer, Rebecca Abraxas, mom of two out-of-the-box teens, is grateful to be able to spend her days doing sound healing, teaching vocal awareness, and being a mentor for people on their awakening journey. Rebecca is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Voice Coach and Conscious Life Coach. Over the years she has put together these modalities and her experiences as a seeker and a singer to create her own unique awakening work she calls ‘Alignment Through Sound.’

Rebecca lives by the law of vibration and it has become the basis of all the work she offers. In addition, remembering one’s greatness is another important piece to Rebecca’s work. Her work supports others in knowing what they know.

Rebecca’s music, sound healing, voice coaching, and awakening mentoring are all callings in her life. Today, she is grateful to be a bridge for others to reclaim their joy, find their voice and have clarity with their own calling and awakening.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Chakra Revolution


2 Payment Option Available