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Maya Boston


Ready to do some deep inner work? Take an introspective journey to a deeper more meaningful place of existence; a life of balance and happiness, where you feel connected with your authentic self; where you can share your Divine gifts with humanity and the planet and just relax into being a happier version of you.

Join Maya for this transformative series where you will learn new perspectives and how to change areas of your life that will allow you to connect with a more authentic version of you. Take the first steps on your journey to Sovereignty! Sovereignty is the state of being where you are free from external controlling influences, a state of detachment. This doesn’t mean you have stopped feeling. Rather, you are viewing the events going on around you, and you are not reacting without first thinking about what is going on. You are in control of your emotions and you are choosing how you will respond. No one is pushing your buttons or pulling your heart strings.

Special Offer: Awakening Emanations: Fast Track Your Journey To An Authentic Version of You

Webinar Dates: Thursday June 24, Thursday July 1, Thursday July 8 4pm PT / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET / 11pm GMT

You will be joining Maya in a series of three 1 hour online classes to assist you to take your first steps into your Sovereignty. Each webinar will include a detailed description of the topic with practical tools to incorporate into your everyday life, Light Language Activations, a Guided Meditation and Gong Sound Journey track. You will receive a link to the recording of each class for you to download and review at your own leisure. Plus, you will receive an MP3 file of the Gong Sound Journey tracks used in each class, yours to keep forever!

Webinar 1 -Don’t Take Things Personally
Do you find yourself engaging in conflicts and dramas with others? Do you allow yourself to be dominated by situations or are you in charge of them?
In this online class you will learn techniques which will allow you to step back and respond from your centre, fully grounded with more confidence. Choose to act in charge of you, not to react in response to others.

Webinar 2 – Honouring
Our bodies, on all levels thrive on honesty and integrity. When we judge others, when we are critical of others or even of ourselves, it comes from a place of fear.
In this webinar you will write your own code of honour. You choose how you will treat yourself and others. You choose your values and principles that will guide you in life and in all relationships.

Webinar 3 – BFF
Self Love is a challenge for everyone and it’s also a life long journey. When we neglect ourselves emotionally, we not only become emotionally toxic, we bring that toxin into all of our relationships. Learn ways to bring a state of tranquillity, authenticity and harmony into your everyday life. It is not only essential for your immune system, but also for your emotional development.

At the end of the webinar series, Maya will create your very own 15 minute personal Gong Sound Journey track. The track will include a gong sound journey and Light Language codes and frequencies. This track is designed especially for you, to continue to support you beyond the webinar series. You will be able to download it to keep forever and listen to as many times as you feel you need to. The track will help you to maintain your raised frequency, use it whenever you feel depleted or need support after a challenging day, or listen to it in a continuous loop over night. The sounds and frequencies are soothing, nourishing and supportive on your journey to a better version of you.

Awakening Emanations 3 Part Webinar Series


About Maya Boston

Maya is a Transformation Guide, transitioning you from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness, assisting with connecting and maintaining your raised vibration and empowering you to step into your Sovereignty. She is a Gong Sound Journey Facilitator, Light Language Channel and Best-selling Author. Maya offers a 22 day mentoring program of transformation, shifting old patterns and behaviours through deep inner work and self-love practices, and with her Personal Gong Journey Tracks that open you to new perspectives and a better version of you.

Awakening Emanations 3 Part Webinar Series