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Your ancestral heritage encompasses not just struggles and adversity but also a wealth of ancient wisdom and spiritual healing. This sacred legacy is ingrained within your blood and bones and has been passed down through generations. Your Ancestresses – mothers, grandmothers, and spirit aunties – who have found inner peace and healing now serve as your spiritual guides, ready to assist you in mending lineage wounds and uncovering the unique medicine inherited from your ancestry. These gifts are integral to fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: Awaken the Spiritual Wisdom of Your Ancestress

Awaken the Spiritual Wisdom of Your Ancestress

Mastery Empowerment Course: Awaken the Spiritual Wisdom of Your Ancestress


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On this four-week journey, you will discover and engage in spiritual rituals and practices that allow you to connect with your Ancestors. The live guided Ancestral Soul Journeys will give you the tools to heal from karmic fears and poverty stories.

Fears of not having enough experience, fear of failure, or even success can obstruct you from fulfilling your purpose, enjoying loving relationships, and sharing your unique gifts in the world. Suppose your Ancestors suffered poverty, the terror of scarcity, or the loss of property or a dwelling. In that case, the energy may still be within you, causing difficulty in attracting wealth and abundance.

Your life experiences are shaped by your fears, beliefs, mindset, inherited wounds, and cultural trauma.

This four-week Ancestress Story Healing journey will help you:

  • Clear Karmic Fear and Scarcity Wounds that were passed to you by your Ancestresses.
  • Connect with your Ancestress Guides and Healers.
  • Learn how your unique Ancestress Medicine can help you leave a legacy for your family and community.

When you clear Ancestral Fear and Poverty Wounds in your lineage and discover the magical medicine passed to you for thousands of generations, you will create a direct path to more success and abundance in your life and business

You have Ancestresses who were midwives, shamans, herbalists, intuits, and medicine women who used their voice and wisdom to shine their magic and medicine in the world so that their gifts and powers could fully nourish the earth.

These same wise Ancestresses are ready to help you clear the obstacles so you, too, can shine your magical light and unique lineage medicine in the world.

To fully profit from their wisdom, you must clear the family patterns, cultural trauma, and ancestral wounds.

Once cleared, you can begin connecting with them for guidance on anything you need and want.

In this program, you will:

  • Heal Karmic Fear and Poverty Stories passed to you from previous generations of women in your lineage.
  • Learn how to connect with your Ancestors to heal family wounds.
  • Learn how your unique Ancestress Medicine can help you fulfill your purpose.
  • Learn spiritual practices and rituals to connect with your Ancestresses for healing.
  • Learn how to create and use an ancestral altar to connect with your Ancestors.

Awaken the Spiritual Wisdom of Your Ancestresses Four Week Journey includes:

  • Powerful Ancestress Soul Journey Meditations channeled from the Ancestral Realm by Dr. MoNique. These high vibrational messages will help you clear your ancestral stories impacting your success.
  • Two – Live Ancestress Story Healing Journeys designed to help you release layers of Fear and Poverty stories from your lineage. (All sessions are recorded and available for replay.) You will connect with the Ancestors who are most aligned to help you.
  • During the live Story Healing Journey, the Ancestors will share Rituals and Practices to help create your own connection with your Ancestors for healing and guidance.
  • MoNique will open the line for wisdom seats and channeled personal messages and guidance from your Ancestors.
  • Weekly Journeys and Spiritual practices to help you heal Ancestral Wounds.
  • Weekly Ancestral Altar rituals and ceremonies to connect with your Ancestor Guides.
  • Weekly bonus healing meditations and spiritual practices.
  • The journey is April 26 – May 17
  • The Live Sessions are on Wednesdays, April 26 and May 10 at 1:00 PT/ 4:00 PM ET.
  • All sessions are recorded and available for replay.

About Dr. MoNique Hunt

Dr. MoNique is a spiritual teacher, ritualist, and mentor dedicated to helping healers bring their ancestral wisdom and skills to the present day. She is the founder of the Ancestress Legacy Warrior Practitioner Program and creator of Ancestress Story Healing, a unique system designed to help healers discover their unique Ancestress Medicine, release ancestral wounds, and fulfill their Soul’s purpose. With her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling and years of training with her Ancestors and spiritual teachers, Dr. MoNique is a leading authority in the field of Ancestor reverence. As a business intuitive, she empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to enrich their healing skills and leave a lasting legacy.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Awaken the Spiritual Wisdom of Your Ancestress


2 Payment Option Available