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Colby Wilk

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You do not need to be “chosen,” a profit or a messiah to hear, sense and feel a connection to the Divine. Today in this call, you will learn energetic practices from Colby Wilk, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide that will bring you into heightened states of awareness. With over 20 years experience, Colby has crafted these practices to have an instant effect on your wellbeing. You will feel more connected to yourself, the Divine and the Earth. Colby will be taking LIVE questions from people who call in. He will read callers field and share the practice that will encourage greater wellbeing.

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Special Offer: Align with the Divine: The God Habits

Mastery Empowerment Course: Align with the Divine: The God Habits


2 Payment Option Available

Connect more immediately and deeply to the Divine within.  Take advantage of more than a decade of teachings embedded in these 36 short MP3 audio courses.  You’ll discover a new level of well-being by releasing limitations and leaving behind physical and emotional dysfunction.

In each of the 36 MP3s, you’ll get a transmission, activation, healing or energetic practices that can bring you to a new level of wellness and a more profound relationship with higher realms. Over 8 Hours of material!

With Colby’s Package you will:

  • Learn how to sense and direct your energy field to immediately adjust your attitude, mood, and perspective.
  • Learn how to operate your psychic anatomy to deepen your connection with the Earth, and easily protect yourself from unwanted energies.
  • Drop below thought, and know a peace that even long-time meditators rarely experience.
  • Surrender what you think you must have, and in return experience all of life loving you!
  • Learn to untether yourself from unhealthy relationships by directing your energy field.
  • Feel and know that you really are fundamentally connected to all of Life.
  • See beyond the veils of this reality to the truth of your being.
  • Open to greater prosperity by taking your place in the Everything.


Learn how to maximize your results with the God Habit

Item 1: Maximize Your Results

Colby gives you perspective on his work and provides guidance on how to get the most from each of the audio sessions. Then, starting even in this first session, you’ll begin to experience a more vibrant existence by bringing the Divine more deeply into your life.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Move into the most advantageous mind frame so that what is yours will come to you with greater ease.
  • Maximize your experience of all the many exercises to follow by entering

Enter the Matrix of the God Habit

Item 2: Enter the Matrix

Welcome to the God Habit matrix! In this second session you’ll be introduced to the energetic “classroom” of the God Habit course. A field is set up that safely contains each individual doing the course. This container is calibrated to make learning more effective, efficient and easy for each person. Learn how you can get the most out of the God Habit.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Enter into the sacred energetic container created for the express purpose of your optimal learning and integration.
  • Increase your energetic capacity through a Direct Activation.
  • Call in your Higher Self to oversee, supervise and pace your participation.

Master your attention with The God Habit and discover well being through intuitive psychih healing

Item 3: Mastering Your Attention

It sounds so easy to be positive, but as we all know, it can be challenging at times. You may have put a lot of effort into being affirming, and ended up feeling exasperated and defeated. You may have felt that negative thinking was impossible to escape.

You can now finally release your suffering! You have been enslaved by negative emotions for too long! In this session, you’ll learn to sense and direct your energy field to immediately adjust your attitude, mood and perspective. This is much more fundamental and powerful than the usual self-help strategy of “change your thinking to change your life”. You’ll learn to shift your energy field to easily change your thinking and mood without having to “think positively”!

In this session, you’ll open to body-based spiritual practices that allow your system to calm and your intuition to open. You’ll reap the rewards of improved health, greater vitality, and a greater sense of safety and security.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Return to your Still Point: You’ll learn to experience the peace that comes from placing your attention within your body. You’ll release trauma, and enter into greater well-being.
  • Experience the Sweet Spot: You’ll quiet down—and even silence—the negative voices in your head. You’ll learn how to place your attention to release negativity. Depression is banished with this one! Activation and Integration.
  • Breath Long: You’ll learn how to use your breath to calm your system. As you become more peaceful, your energy system can ground, open, and allow more power to flow through it. You’ll be able to cleanse your field of unwanted energies, wherever they may come from, and raise your personal vibration anytime, anywhere!
  • Strengthen your 6th and 7th Chakras: When higher levels of your system are excessively open, you may experience anxiety, depression, brain fog and an inability to act in the moment. Is your spiritual work damaging your body? You’ll learn how to be more considerate of your body by managing your 6th and 7th chakras to bring more balance and stillness into your system.
  • Experience Umbrella Click Out: Give up trying to protect yourself from unwanted astral energies and let your energy anatomy do it for you! You’ll experience the excitement of being consciously connected to your own true protection system! Activation and Integration.

Connect to the planel with Colby Wilk through The God Habit

Item 4: The Habit of Connecting to the Planet

We flow through all dimensions as an incarnating stream of consciousness. Beginning at the Source, our stream flows down through the dimensions to this physical plane, and then into even more dense planes of reality. In order for the entirety of your incarnational stream to work in harmony, it must be connected firmly into the physical dimensions of the Earth. We call the connection of an incarnational stream to this physical plane “grounding”. Grounding brings harmony to the entirety of the stream so that it can work together as one unit.

However, those of us who have had a lot of trauma tend to be missing a true connection to ground. During stressful events, many people take refuge in the upper worlds to avoid being overwhelmed by fear. Trauma survivors tend to avoid their bodies since that is where unfelt feelings still reside. They may feel scattered, disassociated, and inappropriately angry because they are still being affected by events their bodies have not yet processed. They think being connected to the Earth and being in the body will be traumatic, but the opposite is true– being connected to the Earth can begin to bring a sense of safety. Connecting into the Earth offers the stability and safety of the now moment, and can help to heal the repeated patterns caused by trauma, self-neglect, negative thinking, and rage.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to

  • Experience the Still Point Tube: You’ll feel the benefits of being grounded without feeling trapped or stuck. You’ll experience the power of this psychic structure that immediately connects you to yourself and to the Earth.
  • Receive the Mother Of The World Blessing: At birth, many get a template informing them how to transition from the realm of spirit to the physical plane. A great golden ball of energy surrounds their bodies and instructs them how this really works. You’ll get blessed by the Mother of the World– perhaps for the first time– and receive assistance that can help you navigate this reality. Healing Activation.
  • Connect with the Grounding Poles: You have built-in structures in your energy field to help you ground. When you put attention on these grounding poles, you’ll experience how efficiently your system can clear out unwanted energies. Activation and Integration.
  • Walk to Calm: You’ll reduce pain, get deeper sleep, and relieve anxiety by being conscious of the energetic structures in and below your feet. Upgrade your ability to receive Earth energies.

Discover deeper state of calm with Colby Wilk through The God Habit

Item 5: The Habit of Staying Calm

Peace of mind is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy and productive life. Science tells us we can reduce stress and ward off many health concerns simply by calming the mind. Entering into a state of deep calm gives your body an opportunity to repair and heal itself. Too often in the self-development community, we seek heightened emotions of bliss, joy, and happiness instead of moving ourselves into deeper states of calm. Many have now begun to realize their bodies cannot stay in these positively heightened emotions for too long. The body eventually contracts and balances itself through negative emotions. You can now get off the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows! Give up on chasing after happiness, and enter into the deep, still waters of peace of mind.

In these sessions with Colby, you’ll enter into the space below thought. There is a void below thought. It is not empty; rather it is full, very full. In this void, you’ll truly experience yourself as you are, without your ideas of who you think you are.

You’ll discover that calm is not the absence of dissatisfaction or ill will, but the presence of generosity, peace, and gratitude. You’ll see beyond yourself and feel deeply connected to life, experiencing unconditional love for all beings.

You’ll be in a state of peace where your thinking is clearer, and your mind finds creative solutions to long-standing problems. You’ll get in touch with Wisdom, and learn to better navigate life. Your priorities will become clear, and you’ll have more distance from old, destructive thinking and impulses.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Contract Your Field and Gain Balance: When we are threatened physically or emotionally, we go on high alert and our field extends so that we can check for threats. But many of us have our fields stuck in a constant state of over-extension. This leaves us feeling anxious, on guard, and expecting the worse. In this session, you’ll learn to contract your energy field, and feel peace finally return. Activation and Integration.
  • Clear Your Astral Band: So often we feel bad because we have heavy energy in the outer layers of our field. Learn how to keep your Astral Band clear. As you clear heavy energy, your mood will improve and your own internal knowing will turn up.
  • Offer Your Pain to the Divine: Physical and emotional pain can get stuck in your system, but if you offer your pain to the Divine as a sacrifice, you can receive help to move it out while benefiting others. Rid yourself of ancient pain! Activation and Integration.
  • Clear your Own Field: This is like a salt scrub treatment for your energy field! Use this one the next time you pick up other people’s energy. You’ll clear unwanted energies fast!
  • Live Below Thought: When we live from compulsive, negative thinking, we limit the depth of Unity we are able to experience. With this practice, you’ll peel your attention away from ordinary ego-consciousness and back to your inner being. Experience the fullness of the space of nothingness, and enter into a zone that even veteran meditators rarely reach. You’ll know what peace of mind truly is, and walk away with greater unconditional love and generosity toward all beings.
  • Know that All is Truly Well: When you know, “All is well”, you move through life with greater ease. Experience your priorities become clearer as you descend deeper into peace.

Prioritize Love and discover greater joy with Colby Wilk through The God Habit

Item 6: The Habit of Prioritizing Love

Love is the doorway to healing, with the power to transform any situation or circumstance.

By prioritizing love in any situation, you make room for the extraordinary to occur. Through love, you’ll find it easy to release stress, indecision, worry, and adversity, and open a space for true healing and transformation. In this session, you’ll bring love into the foreground of consciousness, while blaming and judgment fade into the background. You’ll easily access the energy of Love in any situation. Small things will matter less, and forgiveness will come more easily to you. When you make love the priority, relationships heal and resentment fades.

You become brighter and you smile more often. The world seems friendlier and more beautiful and is more available to you. Love becomes you!

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Surrender What You Desire, and Get More Love: You’ll experience the release that happens when you let go of what you think you want, and receive what you truly want: more love. As you release your agendas, you’ll find a new sense of well-being. This is an energetic practice you can use any time to feel better! Activation and Integration.
  • Hold the Same Vibration in Your Heart that God Does: You’ll learn to feel about yourself the way God feels about you. This one will leave you glowing!
  • Open the Back of Your Heart Past The Keepers: You’ll open to receive more love despite past trauma and childhood programming. With Activation and Integration.
  • Allow Life to Love You: Let down your barriers and feel yourself open to trusting life to truly support you. You’ll feel the whole world become alive as you allow more love into your system.

Learn the art of holding onto yoursel with Colby Wilk through The God Habit

Item 7: The Habit of Holding Onto Yourself

Maybe you’ve wanted to merge with the Divine, to lose yourself completely and never emerge again as an individual. Many teachers and practices support this concept, but it never works.

To have a deeper, more profound relationship with your Divine, you must have a well-defined self. Just as in any relationship, some try to lose themselves and expect someone else to fulfill their needs.

In this session, you’ll gain insight on how to hold onto yourself while you commune with the Divine.

This makes a space for the Divine to freely and powerfully show up in your life.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Recognize your own Frequency: You’ll learn to recognize who you are in relationship to other people by learning your own signature frequency. Activation and Integration.
  • Say, ”No”: Are you in the habit of saying “Yes!” to others and “No!” to yourself? Many people would rather not disappoint others, so they quietly hide their needs from them and even from themselves. If you deny yourself to please others, you’ll lose your trust in your ability to take care of yourself. Self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and depression can follow. By awakening your ability to say “No!”, you’ll release yourself from people-pleasing, and upgrade your capacity for self-love.
  • Untether: Do you still feel connected to an ex-lover or past job? Are you having a hard time accepting and moving on? You may still be tethered to them on an energetic level. You’ll learn to shift your energy field to untether yourself from unhealthy connections to people, places and things!

Connecdt to the Everything with Colby Wilk through the God Habit

Item 8: The Habit of Connecting to the Everything

We have heard by now that we are all One. But how do we translate this concept into something that we can really feel? How can we have a tangible, real experience of being One with everything? Feeling at One with the Universe is not done through force of will, or making yourself believe something, but through a simple shift of attention into deeper, more fundamental levels of reality. The way to move into this safely is through your body.

In this session, you’ll connect with the Everything so that you know your place, and what is yours to do. You’ll see beyond the veils of this reality, and experience the soothing of egoic concerns of self-importance and critical self-judgment.

You’ll experience synchronicity as commonplace, and be filled with wonder and awe as you take your place in the Everything.

You’ll get energetic guidance on how to:

  • Contact Your Core: You’ll discover the main energetic structure in your body that connects you deep into the Earth, and bridges you to the upper dimensions. You’ll reap the benefits of spiritual connectivity: increased intuition, a sense of greater well being, and even improved physical strength. You’ll take your place as an intelligent bridge that connects the worlds! Activation and Integration.
  • Be A Key Ring: You’ll open to greater prosperity by releasing resentment, bitterness, addiction, and self-sabotage. Know yourself as part of the Everything.
  • Experience God’s release of Faith In You: You’ll be accelerated and activated to enter into a deeper relationship with your own divinity, by moving yourself out of your own way.
  • Soul Fibers: A web of light connects all things. Like a fiber optic network, this web transmits a tremendous variety of information between you and the Everything. In this advanced practice, you’ll experience this web of light extending out from you and back into you.
  • Closing and Final Transmission: Step out of the “God Habits” Matrix, and reintegrate back into your life with the skills of the God Habit at your disposal.

About Colby Wilk

Colby Wilk
Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide

Colby uses highly-developed intuitive skills to help you transform yourself. When you accept yourself and your divinity, well being arises. What was unhealable heals. What was unchangeable changes—sometimes instantly.

While a counselor and coach, Colby recognized that there was a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods that could shift what seemed unchangeable — the very core of a person. Colby assists his students and clients gain a greater connection to themselves and to higher realms. And not just for a moment, but in a profound, ongoing way.

With compassion and humor, Colby partners with you to help you take your own heroic journey into self mastery.

What Colby offers is not a miracle, although at times it is miraculous.

Colby earned his Masters from NYU and his Bachelors from SUNY Albany, graduating Cum Laude, He has training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Core Energetics, Reiki, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra Qigong and has studied with Linda Caesara and Pat Fields.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Align with the Divine: The God Habits


2 Payment Option Available