with Sacred Architect

Catherine O’Connor

Enjoy a Quantum Conversation with Catherine


In this experiential conversation, we tune into your soul and access the experience of your multidimensionality as a Cosmic-Divine being. By switching on codes within your DNA you will be assisted to come into resonance with your Cosmic Self; creating space for greater levels of awareness. We will hold space as these higher forms of consciousness assist you to deepen into a fuller state of realization of your Soul Truth.

Your life is a reflection of your Soul and multidimensionality is an access point to expanding into a greater level of Truth and a Soul led life. This natural state of being brings a greater level of consciousness, so you can action higher plane ways of being, making choices that are in alignment to your Soul Truth.

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Activate your Cosmic Soul

A 45-60 min one-on-one channeled transmission

Activate your Cosmic Soul


2 Payment Option Available

In this one on one activation you will; activate at the level of your DNA your Souls cosmic dimensions, bringing you into greater resonance with the fullness of who you are, so you may align your life to serve your next-level potential.

This may also include clearing blocks from present and past lives to assist you to step fully into these dimensions and turn on your access to these planes of consciousness.

This may be for you if you are feeling:

  • Stuck (feel like a deer caught in a car’s lamps)
  • Frightened (of losing love or not having love, being seen, not being seen, standing out, being hurt… )
  • Frustrated (you put in the effort… and the results don’t match up)
  • Seeking spiritual guidance (you have come a long way but have a sense that your next right step requires you to be with a fellow guide)
  • Alone (you are a light worker who has been on this path for a long time but you are a little isolated)
  • Angry (feeling like the world is not quite as you anticipated)
  • Wanting to contribute at the level you know you are here to, but not wanting to burn out (over give or under give)

So you can:

  • Be sovereign
  • Have ownership over your life
  • Strengthen heart love to yourself and others
  • Make aligned choices
  • Be empowered
  • Come into deeper resonance with your True Self (Soul Truth)
  • Have confidence
  • Know and Speak your Truth
  • Release limiting thoughts preventing you from being autonomous
  • Clear unprocessed emotions blocking you from fully embracing your magnificent self

About Catherine O’Connor

Catherine, initiated into the Lineage of Thoth; is a Sacred Architect, scribe of Infinite Knowledge, and Divinator of Love Magic. She is the founder of Divine Temple; A spiritual business; co-creating nourishing Temple spaces and evolutionary programs so you may align to Soul Truth and incarnate your spiritual essence creating a meaningful life that feels and looks like you.

Working with beings in light, she gently aligns you to your soul’s deepest desires energetically activating your multidimensional consciousness. Your connection to Source and the Earth Star anchors as Catherine and her team hold Divine space so you may calibrate to that which is true for you.

Activate your Cosmic Soul


2 Payment Option Available