With Empathic, Intuitive, Energy Medicine Healer and Alchemist
Jessica Frammin


Science is just starting to catch up to what Jessica has been sharing with her clients for the past two decades — that Joy doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you!

Research shows that joy triggers positive responses in the brain, circulatory system, and autonomic nervous system; it reduces the risk of heart disease; strengthens the immune system; lowers stress; relieves pain; improves achronic conditions; and increases longevity!

The secret is that this Magic Power isn’t something that exists outside of you. It’s inside you! Jessica will take you through a process to experience the frequency of this Magic Power of Joy that you are!

  • Learn how Joy can transform your entire life and how you can harness Joy to consciously create your own experience.
  • Learn how to use the Magic Power of Joy to connect with your Essential Self and with all that is.
  • Learn why being in vibrational resonance with Joy is key to manifesting the life, health, wealth, and relationships you truly desire and why it’s essential for Manifestation, Money, Magic, and Well-Being!

Special Offer: A.M.P. Up Your Joy

Offer 1 Includes:


You can listen to any of these MP3s at any time. They are all silent, which means there is no sound, only frequencies. This is incredibly powerful because certain frequencies penetrate deeply into the core of your energy system, clearing anything that doesn’t serve you and immersing and infusing you with the Divine Energies of Joy and Self-Love. Each time you ‘listen’, the frequencies work on deeper and deeper levels. Start with 1 MP3, in order, 1 X per day for the first 4 days; then you can play these MP3s on a loop in the background.

1. Return to Joy (Silent MP3)

This powerful MP3 will clear fear, worry, stress, and anxiety and help you to gently let go of all resistance to Joy and all of the thoughts, limiting beliefs, programs, and other blocks that keep Joy away (For example, “I don’t deserve to be happy”), and return to accepting Joy.

2. Creating Orgasmic Joy (Silent MP3)

Bathe your cells with the energy of orgasmic joy! In those energies, your body becomes totally and vibrantly alive. When your body has those energies, it can heal itself. And when you are those energies, it’s easier to receive. Often the money flows easily to you.

3. Make Space for Joy (Silent MP3)

Let’s clear out all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other energies you’ve been picking up from others and from world events to create space for more Joy.

4. Welcoming Joy (Silent MP3)

Loving yourself, loving your body, loving your life, loving Joy, embracing it all in a giant joy-hug of divine love. You may feel completely blissed out!

Warning: DO NOT listen to any of these MP3s while driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full attention!

Item 2: 8 WEEKS OF DAILY REMOTE HEALING – Beginning June 3rd

Jessica will send you Remote Healing Energies every single day for a full 8 weeks. That’s 57 days of powerful energy transmissions!

You don’t have to do anything! You don’t even have to focus on anything in particular! You only need to be open to receive the energy and trust that it is for your highest good.


You will receive an invitation to join the A.M.P. Up Your Joy: Activate the Magic Power of Joy” Private Facebook Group a safe and sacred space where you can share your experiences, ask Jessica questions, and reach out for help. When you share, it helps Jessica direct the remote energies with laser-like focus.

Bonus: Turn on Your Body (Silent MP3)

Get in touch with your body and “turn on” your joy and desire for life as if it were a light switch. Being in a state of happiness and bliss helps your body regenerate damaged tissues from inflammation. Jessica works with her intuition and various energies to help your body wake up. Who doesn’t want a happier body and a life filled with joy?

You can play this MP3 on a loop in the background.

Offer 2 Includes:

Includes Everything in Offer 1


ITEM 4: 8 Healing Session Sessions

Stream 8 power-packed 30-45-minute Group Healing Session

During these 8 powerful and transformational Group Sessions, Jessica will clear everything that keeps you from your Essential Self and from Joy, bring you back into the frequency of Joy, and infuse your body with Joy at a cellular level. Imagine how you’ll feel when every cell in your body and every particle in your energy field is jumping with Joy! These sessions will help you A.M.P. Up Your Joy to Activate the Magic Power of Joy in your life!

Group Session Schedule and Focus


Session 1:   Becoming Familiar with the Feeling of Joy

Session 2:  Creating Joy

Session 3:  Allowing Joy In

Session 4:  Connecting with the Joy Inside

Session 5:  Remembering Joy

Session 6:  Choosing Joy

Session 7:  Resonating with Joy

Session 8:  Harnessing Joy


Each Group Session will be recorded and sent to you via email. You will have lifetime access to all of these powerful group sessions, so you can listen to them any time. The energy work on the replays is just as powerful as that on the live calls.

OPTION 1: 30-Minute Private Session

Special Offer: $80* added on to either Offer 1 or Offer 2

Add a 30-Minute Private 1:1 Session to your purchase of either Package A or B for only $80 more! (That’s 20% off the regular session price!) The private Zoom session will be recorded and emailed to you.

During your incredibly powerful 1:1 session with Jessica, she will clear energies that are not yours, dissolve energetic blocks to Joy, infuse your cells with the energy of Joy, and attune you to the frequencies of Divine Joy and Self-Love so that you can experience Joy from the inside out and create the life you desire!

 *PLEASE NOTE: Options 1 and 2 are only available with the purchase of either Package A or B and may not be purchased separately. The prices shown are in addition to the offered Package price.

OPTION 2: Three 30-Minute Private Sessions

Special Offer: $200* added on to either Offer 1 or Offer 2

Add three 30-Minute Private 1:1 Sessions to your purchase of either Package A or B! Pay for two 30-Minute Private 1:1 Sessions at the regular session price and get a third 30-Minute Private 1:1 Session FREE! (That’s an incredible 33.3% off the regular session price!)

 *PLEASE NOTE: Options 1 and 2 are only available with the purchase of either Package A or B and may not be purchased separately. The prices shown are in addition to the offered Package price.

Offer 1: MP3’s/Remote Healing/Facebook Group


Offer 2: 8 Live Zoom Group Sessions & Lifetime Access To Recordings + Offer 1


Option 1: 30-minute private session

  • *PLEASE NOTE: Options 1 and 2 are only available with the purchase of either Package A or B and may not be purchased separately.

Option 2: 3 30-minute private session

  • *PLEASE NOTE: Options 1 and 2 are only available with the purchase of either Package A or B and may not be purchased separately.

What People Have To Say About Jessica

The weekly sessions with Jessica have been so wonderful and I do feel that the healings and energy are setting the foundation for joy. I have experienced a powerful shift in my energy field as I feel that the energy of truth always sets us free from what is no longer serving us. Lot came out for clearing emotionally and as well focus on what I needed to take care of in my everyday life ..

 much love and I can’t wait to take this class with Ms Jessica again

Many blessings

~ Anna

By bringing joy through her work, Jessica’s transmissions have helped me discover and heal deep inherited toxic shame that has caused addictions in my family line by dissolving old religious and family programming. It took me two group sessions to resolve that issue. I feel more joy, self-acceptance and self-love. Subsequent work with Jessica has raised my health and wealth vibration. I would recommend Jessica work to everybody who would like to be more joyful and keep their vibration as high as possible

~ N

The Bad is Leaving and Only the Good is staying

Thank you so much Jessica.”

~ C.M.

“After a year and four months, my husband finally got a job

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!” 


“I was suffering from anxiety, stress and anger

After the session I have felt very good, felt calm and unusually open.

More open to show and talk about how I feel and not be angry at all like I use to

And the pain in my toe has disappeared completely!

Wish is sooo nice!

I can walk in heels again!

Thank you so much!”

Hanna, Ridgefield, CT

The Results of Jessica’s Magical New Program Are Even Better Than I Imagined!

I love Jessica Frammin’s new program, A.M.P. Up Your Joy: Activate the Magic Power of Joy! It’s a program that I would take over and over again!  It’s that Magical!

Every part of the program radiates Joy! The MP3s are both powerful and amazing. They’re gentle enough to play silently on a loop in the background, yet when I bring my conscious awareness to them and turn up the volume ever so slightly (so they are still largely, if not entirely, inaudible), the power is magnified tremendously and, even after using them for 8 weeks, they still put me in an altered state.

The remote energy is like being wrapped in a soft blanket. The support is priceless! You can literally feel yourself being brought back into the frequency of Joy!

The Group Sessions are wonderful! The focus is on bringing in Joy rather than on clearing or fixing challenges. Everyone asks for more Joy to address whatever is presenting for them at the moment, so the vibration is very high, which makes the Group Sessions not only very powerful, but a lot of fun!

I knew the program would be Magical, but the results are even better than I imagined! Incredibly, I find myself feeling Abundant for no particular reason. I am continually aware of a deep feeling of total Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Gratitude! I’m more connected to my Essential Self. I can quickly and easily clear anything that does come up and relax into Joy. And even physical pain is dissolving and vanishing!

I’ve been in several of Jessica’s programs, and I’ve had fabulous results from all of them, but A.M.P. Up Your Joy: Activate the Magic Power of Joy is my all-time favorite. I highly recommend it to everyone who is ready to experience the Power of Joy! The results will be even better than you can imagine!


About Jessica Frammin

I was born with this gift and have contributed it for a long time in various ways. To people, animals, and mother earth.

I am an empathic, intuitive, energy medicine healer and alchemist.

I have helped people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks and helped them to be free from both pain and body inflammation. Furthermore, it has helped people to sleep better and other important things.

I have also helped people to find themselves again and helped them find the joy of life again.

My life’s mission is to be at service to as many people as possible and to help people increase their quality of life.

To grow as a human being, to feel as good as possible, to be happier.

And I really love to contribute to the world and I do it with a great joy.