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I love playing in the frequency and vibration of Divine Goddess. It allows me to really feel into my truth and the truth of creation within me. To play in this space, you first choose it then you open up your heart, body, and energy and raise your vibration to match, and reflect the qualities of Divine Goddess, Cosmic Mother, Divine Sacred Feminine.

However getting to this space is not always easy or direct. There are several paths to embodying your Goddess and living from this space of unconditional love. Where ever you are is perfect. Everything begins with a choice, ” I deserve to embody this beautiful part of me that is waiting to shine her brilliance to the world.” I choose to embrace this part of me that is unconditional love, compassion and loving kindness.” Then from where you are you begin your work toward alignment.

Your journey to embodying and embracing your radiance, power and magnificence allows you to heal at the multi-dimensional level, repair and active your Divine blueprint at the cellular level and DNA level as well as cleansing and repairing your chakras, auric field, Hara line and access portal.

Through this process you are reconnecting with the divine within you, your spirit, soul and Higher Self and cultivation a relationship of trust, faith, and surrender. You are also healing the physical body from spiritual interferences, and engaging the mental and emotional bodies by clearing, and healing emotional blockages, mental programs, and trauma. You are also inviting your inner child to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, and receive what she/he needs to heal the trauma that has held that part of stuck in that loop and pattern.

Enjoy these Purchase Options for Wealth Consciousness and Abundance

Option 1: Abundance Overflow and Sufficiency-Divine Goddess Nature!

Mastery Empowerment Course: Abundance Overflow and Sufficiency-Divine Goddess Nature!


2 Payment Option Available

I am excited to be on this journey with you. Prosperity is a magnetic energy, that flows without effort. The more in alignment your are, the more you will magnetize it toward you. Be prosperity and allow the energy to flow through you and all around you. Take the leap of faith and expand into new levels of wealth, abundance and possibilities. Trust yourself, allow and surrender with your heart wide open.

Healing Chamber: Step into your healing chamber to experience an energetic, spiritual, and physical upgrade. Your healing chamber is a place of light and love. A place where everything is possible for you.
As you listen, your guides will assist with releasing, removing and then bringing in the light and frequencies into the areas where you feel you need it most.

Amplify Abundance, Gratitude and Prosperity
Release the darkness and invite in more light with this gift from Maria. YOU can decide what tomorrow can be!

Balance Masculine and Feminine: Connect to cosmic forces of 100% pure light — the Healing, Creative power, strength, and vitality of Mother Earth to balance, heal and align your Divine Feminine and Masculine.
Maria guides you through a process that will assist you with maintaining a healthy balance between these energies, so you may access whatever you need when you need it.

Healing River: Healing River is a guided process and visualization. Experience the healing and intelligence of the water washing away the layers of your physical and emotional pain that are crippling you, holding you back, getting in the way of living a more fulfilled life.
As you listen, relax the mind, come into your heart, and surrender with an open heart. Let that which no longer serves you fall away, opening you up to receive the light that you are.

Includes 22 Powerful Mp3 which will be delivered to you inbox weekly

Abundance- Overflow and Sufficiency
Step into the Wealthy Goddess Within you who already knows affluence, opulence and true generational and legacy wealth. In this journey you are learning to embody and create your new reality from this powerful knowing, embracing and activating qualities within you that will attract and manifest more of what is already yours.
Be conscious and aware of your thoughts and what you are putting in the container. Bring in your purest intention and your greatest desires. Embody grace and ease. Surrender to your divine path, allow yourself to feel loved and adored by the divine.

I invite your energy into the sacred space. Your Higher Self and Divine team support you in your healing. The healing is done at the spirit and energetic level. When you listen to the audios, you integrate more at the conscious and subconscious level.
These high vibrational audios are embedded with celestial light language, sacred geometry, light tones, Christ Consciousness, Angelic and Galactic frequencies for your transformation, accelerated ascension and rapid vibrational alignment.

Recognize Your Relationship with Money and the Money Set Points
Recognize your relationship with money and the money set points that keep you stuck. Transform your relationship with money and move your money dial closer to 100% “having, receiving, allowing and attracting” and give yourself a raise. Release it all now!

Certainty and Radical Trust
When you reach the state of certainty, doubt creeps away. When you embody radical trust, you live in possibility. These are very powerful vibrations that exponentially support your manifestation and your ability to create your most ideal wealth reality. Reconnect to your true source of abundance, prosperity and wealth and allow this new flow of energy to become your reality.

Worthiness and Deservingness
The Goddess Nature is an absolute knowing that you are a precious gift to the world and a spark of pure source light individuated from Divine Creation. And in this knowing, you acknowledge that your kingdom is already within you and available to you. You can give yourself permission to fully embody your worthiness and deservingness.

Bathe in the Frequency of Forgiveness
Bring in the magic of loving kindness, compassion, and total self-acceptance. Give yourself a clean slate. Detach from the stories keeping you stuck and release grief, loss, blame, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, regret, and victimization. The Goddess is unconditional love, self-love, resilience, strength, and courage.

Debt Free
Debt is feeling unworthy of having money and wealth to support our life and desires. It also reflects your relationship with money. However, your debt vibration may come from your parents, society, your environment as well as other lifetimes. Indenture servitude, indebted, slavery, submission, suppression, manipulations, and control. These are not Goddess qualities. The Goddess recognizes your divine right inheritance, her DNA code of abundance and moves through time and space in her regal energy of overflow and more than enough.

Credit Worthy
This is about your value and the value you reflect out to the world. Credit worthiness relates to your credit and your credit-ability. If you feel unworthy, you are reflecting “I don’t deserve” and that manifest in your behavior and patterns toward money and the use of money which then directly affects you not receiving good interest on loans or credit cards or high limits as wells as being turned down for opportunities connected to money, like a job or a promotion. As you can see the pain and story about your credit affects you far more than it seems. This energy of unworthiness can manifest across different domains of your life as the world not cooperating or supporting you with your dreams. The Goddess knows her value and worth and she doesn’t let others determine it or diminish it.

Savvy Investor
This is about trusting yourself, trusting your intuition and trusting the decision you make and making decisions from your alignment instead of fear, doubt, and worry. And it is also about knowing that you deserve to have great investment. Letting go of the past failures, grief of loss, sadness connected to the loss of money, and or making decisions from greed, selfishness, lack or scarcity. The Goddess embodies is aligned with her decision. Every decision is an opportunity to grow and doesn’t look back or second guess herself. She is also heart centered, congruent with success and her divine right wealth and expects your investment to be successful because she was clear in her decision and intentions and trusted her guidance and intuition.

Wealth Builder
This is about permission to have more than enough. Permission, ability, capability and right to have, receive and hold more than enough, more than you’ll ever need, more than you can ever spend. It is also about feeling comfortable with money. Not feeling safe having wealth will block this and not feeling like you can maintain, grow it, or hold on to wealth can make it all vanish because you reject it. The Goddess knows her kingdom is already available to her, and it comes with riches, generational wealth, and true legacy wealth. She feels confident, stable, safe, comfortable, regal, and joyful as she feels the stability of her finances exponentially growing.

Wealth Creator
This is about the ability to own your gifts, talents and monetize them to create a sustainable lifestyle. At some point in your lifetimes owning gifts and brilliance may have been unsafe, not allowed, too much for others or manipulated and controlled by others. In this lifetime you may find it difficult to create for yourself, to monetize your gifts and may even feel indebted to others. You may feel victimized, unappreciated, unvalued, not honored, abused, disrespected, or diminished. You gave up your power and allowed others to own your gifts and place a value on it. That may show us as a struggling business, low wage, failed ventures, short on money at the end of the month, bad investments. The Goddess has healthy boundaries, she celebrates her gifts and abilities and honors herself for who she is. She knows and understands that she is a gift to the world, and she decides her value, worth. She has strong boundaries, easily says NO when a situation is not in her highest good and gives and receives in with healthy balance.

This is about balance, connection, clarity, focus, congruency, integrity, groundedness and happiness. When you are aligned you feel balanced, happy, and congruent. Alignment is essential in the creative process, manifesting process, transformation process, ascension process and living a happy, joyful, and blissful life. When you put in effort, work hard and hustle, you often work from the energy of fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of judgement, fear of success, though you may get some results, they may be limited or not sustainable. When you are out of alignment, you feel unhappy, tired, exhausted, moody, overwhelmed, foggy, and even frustrated. The Goddess lives in alignment. This is who she is. She is connected in mind, body spirit and enjoys the overflow of energy, clarity, focus, and enthusiasm to fully experience her life. Grounded, present, and her spirit fully in your body.

Appreciation and Gratitude
This is a daily practice that becomes second nature. To live a high vibrational life, you first have to choose the high vibration, then practice being and then embody it daily. You are a master manifestor and the universe will bring to you that which currently resonates with your vibration. Stop trying to fix your life. Stop judging what is “wrong” with your life. Stop analyzing why your life is not working. Start focusing on gratitude, and appreciation simply for waking up in the morning and seeing the sunlight. The Wealthy Goddess honors, adores, respects, appreciates and has deep gratitude because she knows who she is. She knows that the keys to her kingdom are within her. And she knows she has all the tools necessary to unlock and manifest her wealthy, prosperous kingdom. She takes time every day to honor, appreciate and express Gratitude to the Divine nature within her.

Your New Wealth Code: Healing, Repairing and Activation of Root, Sacral and Power Center
In the previous weeks you cleared, released layers, brought this into alignment. Integrated mind, body and spirit and this week we take it up a notch. We go quantum and amplify the embodiment of the Goddess within you. For the last 11 weeks you practiced living by the wealthy codes and embodying the Divine Goddess that creates more ease and flow. On week 12, we restore your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras, align them with the vibration of the Wealthy Goddess Codes and we turn up your manifesting ability and attractability factor. So, you may attract more money, wealth, prosperity than ever before. The Goddess is certain that she can have, receive, or create any reality she desires because she knows and is connected to the Divine creator within her and she draws from her true Source to create, and manifest even those things that feel impossible. The Goddess will activate this code within you with light language, sacred geometry, and sound therapy.

Live a Life of Empowerment as the Mighty Creator That You Are
Take responsibility for your life, Let go of the resistance, be intentional, embrace the willingness and desire to change. Be clear on your vision, focus your attention on what you desire and take guided action. Let go of the confusion, the overwhelm, avoidance, secondary gains, and secondary benefits. Clear the need for significance, approval, and acceptance. Release the benefits of the negative pay off, secondary gain, hidden agendas and reclaim your power. Empower your victim, embrace your inner child, and befriend your ego.

Raise Your Emotional IQ
Expand your capacity for self-awareness, develop resilience, mastery over your emotions, greater confidence, health, and leadership. Heal your inner child from pain, hurt, grief, and anger. Delete subconscious programs of hopelessness, helplessness, not being enough, powerlessness, victimization, self-punishment, and self-sabotage.

Passion and Purpose
Doing what truly makes you happy, nourishes your soul, brings you joy and fulfillment and it lives beyond you. When you are aligned with your purpose are more intentional, feel more inspired, motivated, capable, and driven. It is an excitement, enthusiasm, vibrant energy that moves your forward. When you are aligned with your purpose you are unwavering, uncompromised, resolved with balance and healthy boundaries. Let go of confusion, fears, not being enough, unworthiness, undeservingness, avoidance, procrastination, living small, and not knowing.

Vibrational Resonance
High vibration resonance acts like a heat signature that goes out and finds matches. It awakens other vibrational resonance and attracts it toward you. To ensure that you are attracting good things into your life, you need to align your mindset, your emotions, and your behavior with the things you desire. You need to increase your value, self-worth, self- love, self-respect, gratitude, abundance receptivity, joy and unconditional love. To be able to hold high frequencies, clear and repair your auric field, light body of pain, trauma, lower stuck emotions, and spiritual interferences.

Prosperity Mindset
You are aligned with your value and self-worth; you are recognizing that Abundance is infinite. You know that abundance is your divine right, and you accept it as your divine gift which you carry in your DNA. You honor that you are an individuation of the universe expressing itself in you, embracing that Abundance comes from an infinite Source. You accept your divine right, claim your divine inheritance, and enjoy an enlightened relationship with money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Enhance Your Capacity and Ability to Receive and Give
Receive and give in a balanced way that honors you and your souls mission. Heal and open up your Heart Chakra to joyfully receive and participate in the law of reciprocity. Clear blocks on your hand Chakras to be able to hold on to money and have it serve and support you.

What People Have To Say About Maria

Hey Maria I just wanted to give you an update. I just got a client show paid me more than I’ve made in the last seven month. I feel I am more consistently embodying wealth consciousness.


Maria I am just so grateful. I had been struggling to get clients for over 5 months now and just in this short time working with you I have 3 new clients. I see things turning around and feel much more confident.


Wow! Another win! Woohoo! We had our annual awards ceremony at work today and I received an award and a check for$1600 for making it into the Executive Club for sales production! I was totally taken by surprise! Being in sales I should have known! LoL Yes to Abundance! Yes to Prosperity! Yes to Receiving! Thanks and gratitude to the Divine!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Option 2:  The Wealthy Goddess Code 2.0 and More – Plus Option 1

4 Live Calls, 3 Replays and the Abundance Overflow and Sufficiency-Divine Goddess Nature Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Wealthy Goddess Code 2.0 and More


2 Payment Option Available

Join Maria for 4 Live Healings and Powerful High Frequency Transmissions with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Goddesses, and the Galactic Beings for an incredible experience and super charge your Ascension.

Come together on each of these calls to work with your Divine team and address the most important and impactful issue you are facing in this time which will give you the greatest breakthrough and help you leap into your next most successful timeline. We will identify the root cause, transmute the limitations, integrate the lessons, and embody new frequencies to improve your life.

In this powerful and transformative series, Maria will guide you through the practices and actionable steps that will reprogram the mind, heal your core wounds, and repair your energetic body.

Bring yourself back into wholeness and raise your vibration so that you may hold the frequency of infinite abundance, wealth, and prosperity and finally create your fulfilled life.

Note: Calls are recorded and available for replay.

Reprogram Your Mind

Call Replay

Work with the Arcturian Council of light to restore your divine intelligence.

Release self-sabotage, self-punishment, Procrastinating, Fear based, behaviors.

Release any layers to seeing your life as a successful, abundant, and joyful reality, reprogramming current limiting beliefs, and Past life programming. Clearing spiritual interferences that create filters, illusions, and confusion.

Learn to speak the language of the subconscious so that it can easily accept new positive, empowering, amplifying, and abundant ideas and suggestions that will help you manifest more of what you truly desire in your life.

Restructure Your DNA

Call Replay

Work with the Pleidians, Christ consciousness, Light language, and Sacred Universal codes to repair, replace and activate your spiritual and physical DNA to access the gifts, wealth and life you desire. Feel happier as you embody the mighty creator that you are.

Heal ancestral trauma and belief systems, Past life trauma/ karma, Spiritual Interferences, Negative intergalactic interferences. Remove implants and sabotaging energies from your DNA. Experience more light, more peace, more compassion, more unconditional love and Abundance.

Raise Your Vibration

Call Replay

Work with your Divine team and galactic council of light to clear Negative attachments, hexes, curses, black magic, witchcraft, domination, suppression, control, and possession. Release trauma and core wounds of hurt, pain, resentment, anger, regret, guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

Align mind, energy, and body with higher consciousness. Accept the Divine within you. Radiate Self-love, unconditional love, Divine love and loving kindness. Vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love and be a vessel for healing and transformation.

The Wealthy Goddess Code 2.0

4 Live Group Calls with Processes, Activations, and Practical Tools to Upgrade, Uplevel, and Get All Your Questions Answered!

This program integrates different aspects of the Wealthy Goddess Codes, as it moves you through the expansion of wealth helping amplify your ability to receive, accept, attract, and embody higher levels and aspects of the Wealthy Goddess.

Work with and be mentored by Isis, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Shakti, and Lakshmi. Experience their Goddess Nature, Abundance and Prosperity through these calls.

You explore labels, identities, and definitions of Wealth to activate your wealth codes.

These live calls will help you break through money and wealth paradigms, stories, agreements, contracts, fears, and decisions about having wealth that you accepted, at the spirit, soul or subconscious level in this lifetime, parallel lives and past lives that are blocking you from creating the kind of wealth you desire.

Note: Calls are recorded and available for replay.

Abundant Goddess

Monday, June 29th, 2023 11:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm GMT

Here you have your training wheels. Abundance is a state of mind and a choice. The more you choose abundance the more relaxed you feel about money. Being abundant is like a muscle that you flex and the more you flex it or practice it the more naturally abundant you become. Thus, the more you practice and choose it, it becomes the vibration you embody. Abundance will bring you more of what is holding your attention. With abundance, you will want to observe your language, your thoughts and the stories that have your attention, because abundance attracts those things that resonate with your vibration. Be very intentional and focus your attention on the things you desire, not the things you don’t want or what is not working.

Prosperous Goddess

Monday, July 17, 2023 11:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm GMT

Prosperity is a state of consciousness where you have now broken through doubt and have a strong level of certainty and trust in the knowing that you will always be provided for. You more easily embody abundance, and it is overflowing in all other areas of your life. Your life is now working. Prosperity Consciousness allows you to feel more certain about life, your endeavors, opportunities, your purpose, mission and venturing into the unknown. You feel happy, inspired and deeply grateful about the legacy you are creating and your relationship with Source. You are in a state of constant flow.

Opulent Goddess

Monday July 24th , 2023 11:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm GMT

She is wealthy and luxurious. She enjoys a wealthy and luxurious life and is very comfortable having large amounts of wealth and wealthy assets. Her focus is living a full life, enjoying her wealth and all the opportunities wealth brings. Travel, Real Estate, Investments, Legacy Wealth and Philanthropy.

Affluent Goddess

Monday, July 31, 2023 11:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Mountain / 1:00pm Central / 2:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm GMT

In the vibration of affluence, you are no longer thinking of holding the vibration of abundance or prosperity because you have mastered it and both abundance and prosperity are overflowing. The affluent Goddess is very comfortable with a great deal of money. She feels wealthy, supported, and has a great relationship with money. She easily attracts more money and has passive wealth building strategies.

About Maria Martinez

I am a Human Potential Activator, Money Energy Alchemist, Multi-dimensional Quantum Healer, Intuitive Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast, Radio and TV Host. My passion is to help women unlock their full potential to fully express their divine extraordinary code and share it with the world while creating a successful business, work life balance and living their best life. Wealth, Health and Love are already available to us and I love bridging the magic of the 5D and the currently reality of the 3D to recreate and design your most extraordinary life.

My specialties are Healing the unexplained, facilitating higher state of wealth consciousness to super charge your manifesting power and helping you access your supernatural gifts and monetize them and healing your relationships with self and others.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Abundance Overflow and Sufficiency-Divine Goddess Nature!


2 Payment Option Available

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Wealthy Goddess Code 2.0 and More


2 Payment Option Available