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90 Minute Audio Activation

Mastery Empowerment Course: 77 Sirius Gateway Activations with Meg Benedicte

Mastery Empowerment Course: 77 Sirius Gateway Activations with Meg Benedicte


2 Payment Option Available

Join International Quantum Healer and Ascension Activator, Meg Benedicte’ and Co-Host, Manette Mays on Sunday, July 7 for the 77 Sirius Gateway Activations. All Shows are recorded for replay later.

In numerology, 7 is the sign of the Alchemist, Merlin, the Spiritual Master. Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer – the 40 days when star Sirius (Dog Star) rises and sets with our sun between July 3 and August 11th. During this time the Sirian indigo light uplifts humanity and opens portals to the halcyon days of Lemuria, in preparation for 888 LionsGate in August.

Are you ready to jump into the next phase of your personal Ascension?  Travel to the Great Central Sun and step into the Crystal Stargate and visit your original galactic HomeStar, as Meg channels Metatron’s Ascension Activations. The show will include both personal and planetary healing, clearing and activations.

After registration you will be sent the LIVE Zoom Webinar Link & Passcode to attend the show and Replay URL to access the event recording when Zoom has it available.

If you are new to the Quantum Access technique, Meg created a visual guide on how to apply the activation steps with Metatron’s Cube sacred geometry. This short video is available to prepare for the global webcast.

The Global Activation Event is included with the Purchase of Meg's Spiritual Awakeing Package:

Join the Advanced Training with Meg Benedicte - Available on all devices

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Special Offer: 21 Day Master Class Spiritual Mentoring Package

Special Offer: 21 Day Master Class Spiritual Mentoring Package


2 Payment Option Available

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening, Activate Your Light Body, Transform the World!

Quantum Access® Spiritual Mentoring Package

21 Day Master Coaching Immersion

Will the changing times affect you, or will you affect the change? Are you Awakening to the planetary shift in consciousness? Are you tired of the constant stress and struggle of polarization?

It can wear you down, distract you, or derail your daily Spiritual Practice.

It can feel challenging to maintain inner calm and equilibrium while living in an intense chaos field.

Did you know that your human energy field is constantly responding to an invisible, vibrant force of creative power that can be tapped and utilized at any given moment?

And yet, your own energy field may feel heavy, blocked, stagnant, lacking coherence, disconnected from Soul.

You may lack focus, unable to meditate or manifest, feeling drained and lackluster, yearning for Spiritual guidance and wisdom.

Are you ready to go to the next level of your Spiritual Ascension in 2023?

Do you want to extract your energy from the collapsing Patriarchal Hierarchy power system and shift into the New Earth circular (Torus) operating system?

Are you yearning for more Soul connection? Are you ready to activate your Merkaba Torus Light Body?

Meg Benedicte created the 21 Day Webinar Series as a Master Class for those who are seeking additional Ascension tips, techniques, and Mentoring in a interactive group setting.

Meg has spent the past 29 years of her own Spiritual Awakening trying out and testing AA Metatron’s advanced method, Quantum Access®, a cutting-edge Alchemical Tool for spiritual activation, evolutionary transformation and Soul connection.

The Quantum Access® method of altering physical reality is the sacred tradition of Alchemy that was taught in the ancient Mystery Schools. Quantum Access® is the most effective, accelerated method to activate the energetic Light Body, open communication with Higher Self, enhance Soul embodiment, so you can live as a Divine Human.

In the 21 Day Master Class, you will:

  • Prepare for 2023 and the increasing global reset – become more grounded, stable, coherent
  • Learn why you need a Spiritual Practice during the current world changes and challenges
  • Explore the signs and symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
  • Learn about the global consciousness shift into the new circular operating system
  • Discover AA Metatron’s role during the Global Reset
  • Explore the difference between the collapsing Hierarchy and New Earth Community
  • Practice how to maintain zero point coherence and activate your Heart Crystal Stargate
  • Learn how to activate and maintain Soul’s Light Body in Daily Spiritual Practice & Protocols
  • Discover the quantum mechanics of vortex power and how it accelerates Ascension
  • Explore the quantum physics of Merkaba Torus and circular spiral of creation
  • Practice how to apply AA Metatron’s sacred geometry to activate the Resurrection Spiral, and more!

In this 21 Day Mentoring Package, Meg will assist your Spiritual Awakening with practical steps and Protocols to accelerate your personal transformation!

Course includes 21 Day Protocols Guidebook to supercharge your

Spiritual Practice!

By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics, ancient Mystery School knowledge and Metatronian technology, I have developed the Quantum Access® Webinar Series for your personal transformation.

For 21 Days, Meg Benedicte will share with you practical steps for multi-dimensional Ascension Activations, Intentions and Self-Care Protocols with the most advanced tool in existence. During the Spiritual Mentoring Webinar Series, I will teach you my proprietary Quantum Access® Protocols to improve your personal health, wellbeing and Spiritual connection.

Spiritual Awakening Master Class Package

Join Meg in an Interactive 21 Day Master Class Immersion on how to support and advance your personal Spiritual Awakening in 2023! Experience powerful quantum healing Protocols. Learn from a Master Healer how to apply universal wisdom and alchemical techniques that take you to the next level of your evolution.

Are you ready to activate your multi-dimensional Merkaba Torus, your Soul’s Light Body. In this Webinar, Meg will teach you how to clear the layers of density, stuck trauma, and memory from the Chakra Centers and Channel, so you can ascend into higher dimensional access. By activating the Resurrection Spiral of Metatron’s Cube, you can eliminate time barriers, release incongruent energy outwards and integrate Soul energy inwards.

Package Includes: Quantum Access® m3p Audio Activations:

Item 1: Quantum Access® Activation – Resurrection Spiral

International Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte will share with you the first step in becoming Quantum Beings…you need to increase your energy frequency and open your Chakra Channel! Learn how to activate the Resurrection Spiral in your own energy body. Quantum Access® is the most powerful tool in existence to accelerate your personal Ascension.

Item 2: Quantum Access® Activation – Zero Point Coherence

You are establishing zero point balance and coherence in the body, heart and mind with Infinity loops. As the divine Soul Light frequencies pulses in zero point energy at the crosspoint of the Infinities in the heart and mind, it pushes up and out all negative polarized forces out of physical, emotional and mental bodies. Apply the Quantum Vortex spin momentum to release and clear energies out of your biofield. All energy that is removed is propelled by the Quantum Vortex into Source Light for transmutation.

Item 3: Quantum Access® Activation – Light Body Merkaba Torus

Soul Light Body includes the 12 Chakra Channel, the Heart Crystal, the double star tetrahedron Merkabic geometric template, the earthly Akashic Records and Soul Blueprint within the human energy field. The galactic Soul Light Body is designed to sustain and support the embodiment of divine Soul presence…preparing the gradual transfiguration into a crystalline Light Body, the vessel for eventual completion with earthly mission and transition to original Soul Homestar.

Item 4: Special Bonus Meditation – Quantum Access® Protocols for Spiritual Awakening

Comprehensive Meditation of all Activation Protocols for your daily spiritual practice.

21 Day Spiritual Practice Guide

Item 5: 21 Day Inspiration Cards

Building a Spiritual Practice requires dedication, commitment, getting quiet and checking inwards, plus daily repetition. Meg shares her 21 Spiritual Guide to support your progress. Each Day will focus on a valuable Spiritual Awareness, Intention or Protocol Activation.

Quantum Access® Protocols Workbooks:

Quantum Access® Protocols to work with in your Spiritual Practice. Learn how to ground and contain your personal energy field. Steps on how to work with crystalline Light infusion, open your Chakra Pillar, clear trauma and much more!

Item 6: Spiritual Practice Protocols Workbook Days 1-7

Item 7: Spiritual Practice Protocols Workbook Days 8-14

Item 8: Spiritual Practice Protocols Workbook Days 15-21

Quantum Access® Video Webinar Training:

Join Quantum Healer and New Earth Wayshower, Meg Benedicte, in a 3 Week Zoom Webinar intensive on Accelerating Spiritual Awakening.  All three Video Webinars include Training segment, interactive Q&A segment, plus ‘Live’ Quantum Access® Protocols and Activations with Meg in the Quantum Vortex. Video Courses run 2 – 3 hours.

Item 9: Webinar Video Class #1

Item 10: Webinar Video Class #2

Item 11: Webinar Video Class #3

If you are new to the Quantum Access® technique, Meg Benedicte created a visual guide explaining how to apply the activation steps with Metatron’s Cube. This short video is available to prepare you for the ‘Live’ Activations.

What People Have To Say About Meg

Meg Benedicte is on the cutting edge of consciousness and divine awakenings. She continues to astound me with her deep understanding of the Universe and the NEW tools she continually brings to the evolution of human awareness.

Repeatedly, people who take part in her practices and programs report back to us incredible changes, transformations and awakenings. Meg opens up new dimensions of healing, transformation and prosperity for others with seeming ease. Many times for those who have previously been unable to awaken, heal or transform!

She is a true master of this work and I recommend her for anyone who is interested not only deep transformation but a paradigm shifting understanding their reality. She will open you up to an infinite and all-loving ‘You’ …so get ready!

Darius M. Barazandeh, Best Selling Transformational Teacher and Host

Meg’s talk was perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever experienced online, in terms of tangible, flesh-level resonance and vibrational heft. Many of the energy masters do their work, in my perception, on more subtle levels, so it was very satisfying to have strong and sustained field activation that moved instantly into the physicality of my body (and beyond). Reminds me (longingly) of my many hours in TaiChi class, and now Meg’s imagery and intention makes the evocation of this beautiful energy direct and immediate.

Jeneth Blackert, Founder of New Wealth Experience Telesummits
May I take this opportunity to say that your activations have completely changed who I am in this timeline. The upgrades have been enormous and I am most grateful. My Master’s Thesis (Integrative Medicine) was on Quantum physics and healing. You are giving me a lived experience of it. I have had a healing practice for 40 years and this body of work elevates everything else out there. All my clients notice the upgrades too Meg. You have broken the “glass Ceiling” for me! Last activation I had the experience of being pure light. Really looking forward to more.
Nessa , Vision Wolf

About Meg Benedicte

Over the past three decades, Meg Benedicte has become a notable pioneer and international Master Healer in Quantum Healing and Spiritual Activations, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe.

Meg recognized her passion and gift for seeing beyond the physical world and into the subtle energies and patterns of the quantum holofield. As an international expert in Quantum Healing, Meg experienced a profound awakening in 1994 that activated her inherent template for performing and understanding the mechanics of Quantum Access® as a powerful Ascension Tool for transformation. It was during the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles that Meg experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation that opened her energy body to accept an angelic Soul Walk-In.

The Walk-In experience was life-transforming as Meg discovered through the guidance and wisdom of AA Metatron the magnitude of change possible when tapping into the Zero Point Field (vacuum dynamics) of the spinning Quantum Vortex, the source of creation for the Universe.

Drawing from three decades of extensive research and direct hands-on experience working closely with AA Metatron, Meg Benedicte has created an original and powerful healing modality, the distinctive proprietary process known as Quantum Access®. By activating AA Metatron’s sacred geometry, Metatron’s Cube and the Quantum Vortex, Meg can access unlimited quantum energy to transform the physical vessel into the home for Soul embodiment.

When applying the Quantum Access® method in private and group sessions, Meg has helped clients to quickly shift consciousness, unlock karma and remove energetic patterns so they can break free of time density, stuck trauma and clear ‘polarized systems’ that limit their human experience. By utilizing geometric relationships to wave interaction, she developed the powerful Quantum Access® Activations that are coded to bend space, access higher dimensions and open the chakra channel to the Higher Self.

Currently, Meg Benedicte is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences. To this end, she published her first book in 2009. In Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human, the author lays the foundation for understanding the Ascension Process with practical ideas for supporting personal transformation.

In the past two decades, Meg Benedicte expanded her personal appearances to larger groups in Conscious Expos, Ascension conferences, radio shows, podcasts and video Webinars, plus her monthly international global meditations. In 2010 Meg launched the much anticipated Alchemy Course, Zep Tepi, which uncovers the lost tradition of ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools to enhance the ascension process for her audience. In the pivotal year of 2020 she launched the Quantum Access® Academy to enhance an advanced Spiritual Practice.

Special Offer: 21 Day Master Class Spiritual Mentoring Package


2 Payment Option Available

Special Offer: 21 Day Master Class Spiritual Mentoring Package


2 Payment Option Available