With creator of Energy Frequency Tuning
Charlotte Shanti

Watch This Introductory Course

Good Vibrations in 5D lightship City of Light

Join Charlotte Shanti in this special event where we enter 5D lighship City of Light. Here you will receive a demonstration of an Energy Frequency Tuning with the Andromedans. They will check your energy system and calibrate it through 5D lightship City of Light to finetune some of the frequencies your energy system consists of. We work with Andromeda Energy Frequency Tuning in many different ways to offer a helping hand to energies and frequencies that have lost their way to finding their authentic self again. The star beings in 5D lightship City of Light look forward to meeting you in the Good Vibrations NOW.

  • Experience a 5D lightship in the NOW
  • Integrate energies and frequencies in transmissions from starbeings
  • Receive 5D insight about Good Vibrations
  • Understand how to work with Energy Frequency Tuning to support your ascension to the Golden Age”

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course: 5D Energy Frequency Tuning

Learn from The Andromedans how to work with and deal with energies and frequencies that have come far away from their pure self.

Mastery Empowerment Course: 5D Energy Frequency Tuning


Activations are available for Download

Many people are still unsure how to alleviate their energy system of energies that do not serve them. The Andromedans will teach you how and heal your energy system at the same time.

You will work with many different energies and frequencies and techniques including alien implants termination and removal.


  • Healing traumas with Golden Child Energy
  • Inviting energies and frequencies to the sanatorium “Tibetan School” in lightship City of Light for recovery
  • Helping energies and frequencies to higher vibrations in the 13th dimension with the Arcturians
  • Educating your energy system to distinguish between biological energy and non-biological frequency.
  • Day to day energy system maintenance bouncing energies and learning from them at the same time.
  • Removing obstacles on your way with Golden Age Sri Ganesha
  • Clearing, Cleansing, and Charging Uncoded Crystals with Moon Goddess Selena from the Pleiades through the dimensions
  • Strengthening your energy system with innumerable nos 8.
  • Safely terminating and removing alien implants in a safe space inside 5D lightship City of Light
  • Andromeda Energy Frequency Tuning

All energies and frequencies will be met in 5D and offered a helping hand to regain their own power and ultimately be led into ONENESS and UNITY.

Receive the following

  • receive personal Andromeda healing, harmonization, activation, transformation through the transmission of energies and frequencies.
  • receive help from star beings to relieve your energy system of energies and frequencies that do not serve in your ascension process.
  • experience removal of alien implants in a safe space inside 5D lightship City of Light.
  • receive a high frequency crystal tool coded on remote by lightship City of Light working as Andromeda Energy Frequency Tuning in the 5D Golden Age energies and frequencies.

Charlotte Shanti has in collaboration with lightship City of Light created Energy Frequency Tuning, which is a new way to harmonize, balance, transform, heal, activate in the 5th dimension of the Golden Age. Charlotte Shanti works with telepathy, channelling and clairvoyance.

What People Have To Say About Charlotte

The 5D dimensions course has expanded my awareness of my being like no other course I have taken to date. It has allowed me to feel and sense more of my guides and beings of the light also my psychic gifts have opened for which I am grateful. Charlotte you are wonderful gentle facilitator of this material. I felt I entered into these dimensional realms with Ease and Grace. It feels very natural the way you teach. Thank you so much and Many Blessings!


It was an honor and pleasure to be part of the 20 dimensions program. Your work is a tremendous gift to all of us here on the earth, with heartfelt gratitude I am so thankful to have come across you and what you are sharing. I gained so much and such a sense of calm through each dimension – I could feel every cell within me vibrating and integrating through the layers.


Engaging with the dimensional system on a daily basis is being amazing for me to say the least. Plus I purchased the earth healing crystal tools awhile ago, and I clearly see and feel how powerful and effective the shifts they that occur as I use them. If I had two extra thumbs they would be included as I rise my two physical ones now for having them to use when doing earth work as well as body work. And I thank you richly for positioning yourself to share such an amazing life changing system for the ones who are ready to go deeper into the mystery with much more clarity.

Keith van Damm

Thank you so much Charlotte. I appreciate so very much the work you do. I got the Andromedans package and I enjoyed it very much…..oh my God!!! Incredible healing!

About Charlotte Shanti

Charlotte Shanti is creator of Energy Frequency Tuning where she explores how we may expand methods and modalities to include the dimensional system.

Charlotte Shanti resides in Denmark close to nature in a 160 year old school building in the outskirts of a nature reserve by the sea with her family and Border Collie.

She has always been spiritually curious and engaged in the question “Who am I”. This has led her on 16 travels to India and other spiritually highly vibrant places like Tibet, Greenland and Kauai, Hawai’i.

Since 2012 she has worked as a professional kinesiologist utilizing many different modalities with a particular focus on allergies and EHS (electromagnetic hyper sensitivity).

In 2014 she was involved in opening a portal to the Golden Child Energy, which led her to the ethereal community 5D lightship City of Light. With a new found passion for the dimensional system she began teaching her own courses integrating ascension spirituality and traditional kinesiology.

She is a professional kinesiologist & educator and member of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK) and has created her own courses “Coded Crystal Tools Ascension Balance”, “Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine” and “Pollen Allergy Test Kit”.

She also works as City of Light Golden Age Transformation Teacher and has created the course series Golden Age Master Class for anyone using muscle testing, dowsing or their intuition and wishing to level up to dimensional energies and frequencies as a practitioner.

Mastery Empowerment Course: 5D Energy Frequency Tuning