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Charlotte Shanti

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You are hereby cordially invited to join us on a 5D guided tour where we explore Lightship City of Light Scandinavia. Here we will meet starbeings corresponding to the group of participants either live or on replay. We meet in the NOW. Maybe we will meet The Andromedans, The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, The Sirians or… the list is endless. We are excited to welcome you and look forward to meeting you.

Lightship City of Light is a 5th dimension ethereal community working together with Golden Child Energy to promote collaboration, openness and “what you are”.

Inside lightship City of Light starbeings meet to collaborate and exchange knowledge in order to offer humanity and earth the finest energies and frequencies.

Lightship City of Light bring ascension activations with methods that have not been available to us for a long time. The combination of knowledge from different traditions coming from many places in the universe and parallel universes creates a synergy effect and new unique forms of working with energies and frequencies emerge.

Lightship City of Light use coded crystal tools to transmit energies and frequencies. A technology we know from Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals have inherent beings that have an extremely high ability to hold and convey complex energy patterns. When you place a coded crystal tool on the body, geometric patterns are transmitted that correspond to the energy or frequency that is being worked with. The body responds to these geometric patterns and begins to transmit them and copy them into the cells and into the organs. This means that the change at some point reaches the physical body. This kind of balancing is very gentle and at the same time incredibly powerful.

City of Light maintains the Golden Light Network. Through this network City of Light collaborates with many other lightships and ethereal communities such as

o Lightship City of Light Mount Waialeale, Hawai’i
o Lightship City of Light Machu Picchu, Peru
o Mountain Lightship, South Africa
o Andromeda Galaxy
o Galactic Federation of Light
o Universal Federation of Light
o Golden Age Atlantis
o Golden Age Lemuria
o Portals and communities that City of Light Scandinavia is called upon to collaborate with
Welcome to lightship City of Light! The city is open for you.


Enjoy this Special Offer

Mastery Empowerment Course: Multi Dimensional Synchronization with The Andromedans Bundle

Mastery Empowerment Course: 5D Activation & Multi Dimensional Synchronization Bundle


2 Payment Option Available

The Special Offer bundle is suitable for all energy systems working in 5D or wishing to work in 5D. You will get a

  1. Multi-dimensional Synchronization with The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Tuning. Duration 1 hour video replay.
  2. The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Bouncer & Golden Age Christ healing. Duration 30 mins. video replay.

Special Offer #2: 5D Activations of 20 Dimensions Course with Lightship City of Light Live & Replay + Her Latest Mastery Empowerment Course

Special Offer #2: 5D Activations of 20 Dimensions Course + Her Latest Mastery Empowerment Course



Activate your 5D 20 dimensions in your Golden Age energy system

This zoom live & replay series of 5 meetings is for anyone who wishes to develop their crystalline energy system with the energies and frequencies of the 20 dimensions. You will receive high frequency 5D healing which will bring you further on your ascension.

Become multi-dimensional

The purpose of this course is to become multi-dimensional and thus aware of your true origin and life purpose on earth. Many experience an acceptance of their life task on earth and a greater understanding of themselves and other beings when they become multi-dimensional.

Through the work and balancing with the coded crystal tool from lightship City of Light, your Merkaba (light body vessel) is upgraded to the 5th dimension version, so that it is completely tuned to the energy frequency of the Golden Age, after which you can move freely in your multi dimensionsal reality.

In this course you will

  • travel through all 20 dimensions one by one – from Gaia in iron core of earth to the Pleiades, Lyra, the Andromeda Galaxy, Arcturus and many other faraway places.
  • receive personal POWER healing, harmonization, activation, transformation through the transmission of energies and frequencies from each dimension.
  • receive completely new in-depth information about each dimension for conscious use in your Ascension process.
  • understand how all these distant macro cosmos places actually also exist in your micro cosmos body, organs, cells and energy system.
  • receive a high frequency crystal tool coded on remote by the City of Light to balance your dimensional system in the 5D Golden Age energies and frequencies.

Charlotte Shanti has in collaboration with lightship City of Light created Energy Frequency Tuning, which is a new way to harmonize, balance, transform, heal, activate in the 5th dimension of the Golden Age. Charlotte Shanti works with telepathy, channelling and clairvoyance.

Practical information

The 5 live zoom meetings in English each have a duration of 2.5 hours. The activations will be available on replay.

It will be possible to purchase selected high frequency coded crystal tools at a special price in connection with the meetings, but they are not mandatory. They are for additional personal work before and after each ascension meeting.


Special offer 2 contains

  • 5D activations of 20 dimensions course with lightship City of Light live & replay
  • Multi-dimensional Syncronization with The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Tuning. Duration 1 hour video replay.
  • The Andromedans offering you Energy Frequency Bouncer & Golden Age Christ healing. Duration 30 mins. video replay.

“It was an honor and pleasure to be part of the 20 dimensions program. Your work is a tremendous gift to all of us here on the earth, with heartfelt gratitude I am so thankful to have come across you and what you are sharing. I gained so much and such a sense of calm through each dimension – I could feel every cell within me vibrating and integrating through the layers.”

What People Have To Say About Charlotte

Charlotte Shanti is a very skilled channeler of The City og Light energies. I have tried many of her healings, and the energies and her channellings are always very accurate. I simply LOVE to be guided by them. My body and soul always resonnate highly and I give my deepest recommendation to Charlotte Shanti and her work with The City og Light. They are indeed UNIQUE

Inia Shastina

This exercise I am looking forward to repeating several times. The guidance and frequency that Shanti embodies here is soothing, loving, peaceful and compelling. I had a real encounter with the Andromedans that brought med new insight and healing

Anneli Lindeborgh, Deep Roots

This beautiful meditation is very powerful. I connected with the Andromedans and felt their soft energy. There were several of them greeting me and the energy frequency tuning is gentle and deep. When the meditation finished, I felt and saw in my mind’s eye that they enjoyed our meeting as much as I did. I highly recommend this meditation!

Linda Löwebeck

About Charlotte Shanti

Charlotte Shanti is creator of Energy Frequency Tuning where she explores how we may expand methods and modalities to include the dimensional system. Energy Frequency Tuning is a new direction that emphasizes supporting the many people who in these years transform energies and frequencies in the 3rd and 4th dimension to the 5th dimension and higher, and the many children born today in a higher dimension than 3rd and 4th dimension.

She works as City of Light Golden Age Transformation Teacher and has created the course Golden Age Master Class for anyone using muscle testing or dowsing wishing to level up to dimensional energies and frequencies.

She resides in Denmark close to nature in a 160 year old school building in the outskirts of a nature reserve by the sea with her family and Border Collie.

She has always been spiritually curious and engaged in the question “Who am I”. This has led her on 16 travels to India and other spiritually highly vibrant places like Tibet, Greenland and Kauai, Hawai’i.

Since 2012 she has worked as a professional kinesiologist utilizing many different modalities with a particular focus on allergies and EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).

In 2014 she was involved in opening a portal to the Golden Child Energy, which led her to the ethereal community City of Light. With a new found passion for the dimensional system she began teaching her own courses integrating ascension spirituality and traditional kinesiology.

Since 2017 she is an Instructor in Danish Kinesiologists and has been teaching her own kinesiology courses “Pollen Allergy Test Kit”, “Coded Crystal Tools Ascension Balance” and “Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine”.

Special Offer #1: 5D Activation & Multi Dimensional Synchronization Bundle


Special Offer #2: 5D Activations of 20 Dimensions Course + Her Latest Mastery Empowerment Course